Official Visit from Ukraine to The Netherlands: June 7-8, 2006

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Margriet looks really nice!
Did anyone find out which Tiara Maxima wore yesterday? :confused:
Amber26 said:
My guess.......Maxima and WA are going to Thailand. They are there from the 12th of june. Maybe they are on there way to Thailand.
You could be quite right there. ;)

Her_Majesty said:
Did anyone find out which Tiara Maxima wore yesterday?
Mabel's wedding tiara is still our best guess...
It's a real pity that no one of the photographers came to the brilliant thought that maybe we wanted to see some jewels! :(
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It's so nice to see Margriet being given such a prominent role for this visit from Ukraine. Today she got to escort the president around & last night she had the most visible tiara. Good for her!
Maxima's tiara: I think it is a 'construction' of the sapphire tiara, because she wore the sapphire broche too. Last month Beatrix worn the sapphire jewels in Latvia!

Margriet's tiara is this tiara: (image from seegerpress)
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Such a beautiful tiara! How do these royals know what tiara's to wear and borrow from other royals?
The Oranje Nassau jewel collection has been put in a Family Foundation headed by the Queen. Her sister and daughters in law can choose from the collection as long as they do not outshine Her Majesty herself!

Collection of Dutch Royal Jewels:
More pictures of Magriet and the president in the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam.


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There are still no pictures of the ladies heads from the diner on the first night?
Well, good people, I hate to rain on anybody's parade but that thinge on Maxima looks like some kind of party toy from K Mart. They need to take those gorgeous dimonds and do something with them. As for the present arrangement it should be sent over to the worst royal jewels thread where it could be properly appreciated. Gorgeous Woman, hideous tiara. Cheers.
Well, Princess Máxima is by far the 'Crown Princess' with the biggest variety in diademes. Some of them are beauties, some of them are not.

- The diamond stars diademe
- The diademe from Princess Juliana's aquamarine parure
- Queen Anna Paulovna's pavolnik diademe (without the upright pearls)
- The diamond sun-rays monture from Queen Emma's grand parure of diamonds and sapphires
- The bandeau with the large rose-cut heirloom diamonds
- Queen Wilhelmina's triangular motif diamond diademe
- The diademe from Queen Emma's Mellerio-parure with diamonds and rubies
- The diademe from the Emerald Parure (with the emeralds replaced by diamonds and the prongs replaced by upright pearls)

and other fabulous jewelry like the Mellerio diamonds and rubies collier, various pearl colliers with and without diamond clasps, bracelets and brooches from the 'Peacock Parure', aquamarine jewelry, turquoise jewelry, diamond cresents jewelry with orange citrine stones, sapphire jewelry, etc. etc.

And she still has to wear the grand items of the House.
And you mean to tell with all that "stuff" (my God, what a brazen word to describe such an Ali Baba's cave) she chose to weat that horror? What in the world was the good woman thinking. but thanks so much for the info. I will plan to move to the Netherlands tomorrow after I have figured out how to break into the Duchess of Glouchester's bank vault and drool over her goodies. I will then move on to the well guarded and secured treasury of the House of Orange-Nassau, having taken nothing from the Good and Drop Dead Gorgeous Duchess, of course, and no doubt be found in a state of either exstacy and drooling over the incredible marvels or in a rage with a hammer smashing some of the plug ugly jewelry in the treasure troves of the HOuse of Orange-Nassau. I would of course never be so vulgar as to attempt to steal any of it. There certain things as gentleman just does not do. The Dutch, being the kindly and tolerant people that they are, would merely commit me to a home where I belong and I would be happy. Cheers.
Thomas this dutchman would applaud you smashing that triangular horror that Maxima is wearing on the picture you are referring to (which was however not during the Ukranian banquet as she was wearing a sunray motive tiara and Margriet wore the triangular necklace on a frame).
As a necklace it is quite nice though, so just ruin the tiara-frame.
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