Norwegian Centenary Celebration 2005

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I agree Martha looks wonderful. I actually even like the dress MM is wearing, albeit a little sober but I guess she she heard us when we said to use a little color--she is wearing red heels with absurd looking bows on the side, which are definately not my choice.
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pdas1201 said:
I agree with Martha looks wonderful. I actually even like the dress MM is wearing, albeit a little sober but I guess she she heard us when we said to use a little color--she is wearing red heels with absurd looking bows on the side, which are definately not my choice.

i agree with you!

i like her dress and red shoes :eek: but she needs match that dresses!

and i like Princess Martha-Louise's dresses looks nice!

Sara Boyce
those red shoes are just not nice... probably they are viktor and rolf's... like the ones mabel uses all the time
i got news from BBC check it out!

Norway marks its '100th birthday'

By Lars Bevanger
BBC News, Oslo

Today's Norway is one the world's richest nations

Norway is celebrating 100 years of independence from Sweden.

A unilateral decision by Norway's parliament to scrap the rule of the Swedish king in 1905 provoked military build-ups in both countries.

But the Swedish-Norwegian union in the end dissolved peacefully - through a referendum in Norway.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has called what happened between the two Scandinavian neighbours an example to aspire to in today's world.

He told a Swedish newspaper the centennial was an inspiring occasion for all who work in the cause of peace, underlining the importance for both sides in a conflict to compromise.

Democracy prevailed

In 1905 Norway did enjoy a degree of autonomy, but the king and foreign policymakers sat in neighbouring Sweden.

When the Norwegian parliament unilaterally voted to disregard the king, some forces in Sweden called for armed intervention.

Norway answered by reinforcing its defences along the Swedish border but - despite strong nationalist sentiments in both countries - democracy prevailed. After negotiations both countries agreed to let the Norwegian people decide for themselves through a referendum whether they wanted full independence. Today the only animosity between the two countries seems to be found on the football pitch or during the Eurovision song contest where there can be only one winning team.
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Very Beautiful Picture of the whole Norwegian Family:) and a gorgeous picture of Martha Louise
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The King got alot of applause when he was back on the job yesterday in Oslo concert building and according to he was very moved.

Some smal pictures from VG

From UKpress


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Ahhhh, it's wonderful !!!!! Thanks to all of you for these pics !:)
The concert UKPRESS
Märtha Louise looked so beautiful I think, even though the dress seems to almost swamp her. Mette-Marits dress is from Day/Birger, dont know about the coat. I dont understand the choice of shoes (its alittle Alice in Wonderland but not as bad as Mabels), allthough I see what she is trying to do, but if you are going to have one assesory stand out it is better that it is the purse IMO. I like her hairstyle.


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Smilla said:
Wow the royal family's wearing period costume at Drammen Theatre shows that these guys have a sense of humour and can enter into the spirit of things. I can't imagine anybody else (except perhaps the Danish royals) wearing period costumes at all. The things the Norwegian royals do are really impressive.

Hrm. We do also see the Swedish royals in their costumes often, a recent example would be during their National Day I believe on Monday. (06/06/05)
btw. I love love love what Princesses Mette-Marit and Martha Louise wore. Though, I'm not too sure if I would've gone with the red shoes, I like how they look, but probably wouldn't have chosen a pair in that color.
Thank you for all the pictures of the concert Larzen! :)

I love Ari's pyschedelic tie!

And Mette-Marit was very elegantly turned out, as were all the royal ladies!
It seems that all members of the norwegian family choose Golden shades for their clothes , very beautiful and very good choice ...they look elegant :)
I loved MM's look: very elegant, well-fitting, lovely color dress and coat, and I like the shoes! A nice bold color to spark up the outfit. Though maybe it would have been better with a red purse to match?
I like the makeup, really like her hair, jewellry.

Martha Lousie looks matronly - the outfit is too big and ill-fitting, and the cut is not flattering. I know she's post-pregnancy, but then maybe she should choose an outfit with a more flattering cut. I do like the Spring-y yellow color. She usually brings a lot of style and elan to the royal scene but this outfit was not one of her better choices IMO.
Märtha is beautiful but I think she would be much prettier with long hair ...
Märtha Louise at the concert. Dpa pictures from my photobucket account.

I think mette-marit looked so elegant. The coat, the dress and those shoes just made the outfit. It's a shame there was not a picture of the dress withouth the coat because that looked so beautiful!


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Anita said:
Märtha is beautiful but I think she would be much prettier with long hair ...

I actually think the opposite, I think short hair suits her.
Commemorative coins

Just found some photos of collectors coins issued for the centenniary. They are in silver and gold, and are issued in a limited number. They have been issued from 2003 untill 2005, and have different engravings on them, that is the three kings are the same :)

1) 2003 - Different leaves - worth 1500 NOK
2) 2004 - Looks like oil drops - worth 1500 NOK
3) 2005 - Computer language - worth 1500 NOK
4) 2003 - A paved road and some trees - worth 100 NOK
5) 2004 - An oil platform - worth 100 NOK
6) 2005 - Something technical - worth 100 NOK

They can be used to pay with, and the sum behind each of them is how much you get in the usual money in Norway.


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Photos from the Palace centenniary exhibition

Every summer parts of the Royal Palace is opened to the public. There is also exhibitions there for the public to see. This year the exhibition is about the centenniary and the little family of three who arrived in Oslo in November 1905. The article is in Norwegian, but at the bottom of the page there are some photos which are very nice. Enjoy!
Some more from the concert

From colourpress


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Another photo of British Royals with Norwegian Royals at a a Dinner/Reception for the Opening of Queen Maud's Exihibition, i think it has not been posted before as i have never seen it.

And some other photos also have not been posted in TRF-The Princess Royal and Queen Sonja seem having really much fun:
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HMQueenElizabethII said:
Another photo of British Royals with Norwegian Royals at a a Dinner/Reception for the Opening of Queen Maud's Exihibition, i think it has not been posted before as i have never seen it.
Wow! I hve never seen that picture! Any morre from that event?
And is Tim and Sophie close?
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The King, the Queen and the Crown Prince to Denmark.

After an invitation from HM Queen Margrethe II and HRH the Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark, TM the King and the Queen, and HRH the Crown Prince an official visit to Denmark 7. and 8. November 2005. The visit is part of marking that it is 100 years since the dissolvement of the union and that Danish Prince Carl came to Norway as King Haakon VII.

I suppose it is too close to Mette-Marit's due date for her to take the trip.
all the pictures are fab!!! MM looks so lovely ,thanks for posting them
also I havent seen the maud exhibition pictures before ( well not with ann greeting them ) also dont know weather it is the right time for this but I went to see "Queen Maud exhibition in london" , its fab ! she had such a small waist!!!
Larzen said:
Here is the highligths from the Norwegian visit to Denmark, it does not seem to include a gala dinner but most likely the theatre vist will be white tie.
8 of November

A visit to King Haakons church
*pouts* In the latest newsletter from King Haakons Church, it says that the arrangement will be invitation only, because of space and safety.

I get that, the Norwegian colony in Copenhagen is huge and the Church isn't *that* large. Doubt I'll get an invitation, hence the pouting.

Ah, will have to bring a camera over to catch them somehow. :D And I've seen them before.
Further discussion on the visit to Denmark, will take place in this thread, created for the occasion.

Have fun, and behave.
I dont know why but the visit to the UK is more nearer than the visit to Denmark but there has been no information of the visit yet.Has anyone seen any information yet?
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