Norway's National Day, May 17: 2003 - 2024

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English version of the Royal House press release:

Happy Constitution Day! - The Royal House of Norway

After two years without children's parades and many of the other traditions that usually fill the celebration of 17th of May, greeting the children's parade had a special significance this year.

The schools of Høybråten and Slemdal headed the Oslo parade. This great honour traditionally goes to schools celebrating anniversaries, and Høybråten and Slemdal are both 100 years old in 2022.

Just before the first part of the children's parade reached the Palace Square, both the Royal anthem and the National anthem of Norway sounded - and then the children entered into the square. A record breaking 130 schools attended this year.



It was King Haakon and Queen Maud who introduced the custom of greeting the children’s parade from the Palace Balcony in 1906. The custom has been upheld ever since. The only exceptions were in 1910, when the Royal Family was in England for the funeral of Queen Maud’s father, King Edward VII, during World War II from 1940 to 1944, and during the corona pandemic from 2020-2021.

I wish Prince Sverre Magnus would have worn a bunad as well.
This year:

17 May 2023: Children's parade in Asker and Oslo
The Crown Prince's family greets the children's parade in Asker from the stairs at Skaugum from 08.15. True to tradition, the Royal Family greets the children's parade in Oslo from the Castle Balcony from 10.30am.

Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra is this year a graduating student at Elvebakken upper secondary school and is celebrating graduation time with her peers. The princess therefore has no official program this day.
The Palace announced today, May 16, that following his latest infection and hospital stay, it's been decided that King Harald can attend the National Day celebration tomorrow, that is he will appear on the Palace balcony as usual:

** kongehuset: Hans Majestet Kongen friskmeldt til 17. mai **

His Majesty King Harald has been declared healthy from 17 May and will be present on the Palace Balcony to greet the children's train.
Always great to see bunad :bang:

SM is so tall now, even taller than Haakon! I always think he mainly resembles Olav but I also see Harald now.

Where is Ingrid-Alexandra?

You might read the reply from fellow poster in this page ?
The King looks pleased to be able to share this day with the public. Could anyone explain the significance of the ribbons worn by the royal family?
Yay, Harald! ❤️

It looks like it was cold today.

Thanks! So it is simply a traditional way to deck oneself out for National Day for those who do not want to go as far as wearing a bunad.

Still I was expecting her to attend in her red graduation outfit together with her classmates in the parade...!:ermm:

Perhaps they are too busy partying. ;)

An American tourist was arrested for flying a drone over the Royal Palace on National Day.
Perhaps they are too busy partying. ;)

Remove the "perhaps" and I think you've got it. :cool: The Palace's statement of "Ingrid Alexandra is graduating and with her classmates" is a very polite way of saying the same thing.

She'll be back next year. And Sverre Magnus will be absent with his classmates when he graduates, not that he is as excitedly followed as his sister.

Constitution Day​

Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess, and Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra greet the children's parade in Asker outside Skaugum estate (08:15).

Constitution Day​

Their Majesties The King and Queen, Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess, and Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra greet the children's parade in Oslo from the palace balcony (10:30)

Prince Sverre Magnus is graduating and like his sister last year he is celebrating/partying with his classmates and not listed attending, though nothing has been said about it like it was last year.
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The celebrations have started at Skaugum this morning and for the balcony appearance in Oslo later today, Princess Ingrid Alexandra appeared in uniform:

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As expected, Magnus is not participating as he is in his 'Russ' period.
What a treat to see Ingrid-Alexandra in uniform. I wasn't expecting that since Harald and Haakon are not usually in uniform. She looks great! With Alexandra on her name tag.
Apparently Ingrid-Alexandra got special permission to use her sunglasses while in uniform
" Historian Trond Norén Isaksen believes, according to Aftenposten, that it is the first time since 1959 that a royal is wearing a uniform on the palace balcony on 17 May.
- The current King Harald wore a uniform for several years in the late 1950s. Once when he served military service and once when he went to the Military Academy. Crown Prince Haakon never did it, says Isaksen.
Communications manager Guri Ofstad Varpe at the Palace informs VG that the princess has received special permission to wear sunglasses with her uniform - something that is not usually allowed.
- This adaptation of the outfit has been approved by the Chief of the Army, writes Varpe in a message."
It’s interesting that Ingrid chose (?) to wear it, then, and her father didn’t.

With all her hair back (+shades), she either looks much more like her mom… or like King Olav. Lol.
She also has the Askerbunad she got for her confirmation, Asker is where Skaugum is situated:
She has worn this during the first covid national day:

When she born she got Vest Agder bunads for her whole life, where her mother is from, she has worn atleast two as a child but I dont think we have seen her with a grown up version yet

For her 18th her grandmother gave her bunad from Rogaland. Like she has and Mette-Marits first, she has not worn it:

And from Oslo she got an Oslo suit which is not really a bunad, not worn yet.

So she has plenty to choose from….
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