Norway's National Day, May 17: 2003 - 2024

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Great, marian, these pics are precious like gold!!!
Marius looks great - and the 2 little ones and "Milly" so cute!
The family is on the balcony, Sonja in red, not quite sure why she needs her handbag on the balcony :confused:

Why "shouldn´t she?
1. Handkerchiefs, Sunglasses, candy... whatever.
2. it completes every lady´s outfit!
Why "shouldn´t she?
1. Handkerchiefs, Sunglasses, candy... whatever.
2. it completes every lady´s outfit!
Indeed. And they are standing on the balcony for quite a while. So you never now what you'll possibly need. ;)
Lovely pix ! How Milly Kakao has grown ! Lovely family and so good looking !
It´s always a pleasure to see this family. Marius is practically a young man and the two little ones are gorgeous. Also it was great to see Milly Kakao taking part in the event!
Great family!!

More pictures from daylife
Norway National Day May 17 2011 - News, photos, topics, and quotes

another cute picture 1 - Picture 2

Sverre Magnus playing with Mette-Marit's hat ;)
Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3

I read in previous threads about the National day that only the members of the Royal House attend on the balcony. Now I found pictures of Sverre Magnus there as well. Has he been there in the last years?
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Lovely family!!! Marius very handsome, the kids are sooo cute and Milly Kakao is a very well behave dog!
First time Sverre has been on the balcony ! I am happy to see him there
I love this family, the kids are so cute, I like the way they get to act like normal kids. Sverre cracks me up, he is such a boy. I also love the way Marius is included with the Crown Prince family since he is, he just isn't of royal blood.
I really like that they changed protocol and Sverre is on the Balcony, first it won't be so lonely for I-A and it makes SM feel special too!!
I loved all the pictures. Can´t get enough of them. What a lovely family!
Norwegian royal family wonderful, noble, sweet family
National Day 2012

First pictures of the Crown Prince Family greeting the Children's Parade in Asker outside Skaugum Estate in the morning.
Everybody is there :)
Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3 - Picture 4

Lille Sverre Magnus mtte holde mammas hnd - Kjendis
Google Translation
Google Translation

It was the first time that Ingrid Alexandra took part in the children's parade with her school class.
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