Noble Marriages Announcements 2014

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Don Neri Benedetto Corsini, who will turn 34 (or 35?) in twenty five days [son of Don Lorenzo Stefano Corsini (b.1946) & his wife Sandra, nee Capacciolo] married Chiara Federica Mariani (b.1983) on 5 July.

Source: Corsini
Count Joseph von Schaesberg (b.21 September 1979) [son of late Count Karl von Schaesberg (1934-2003) & his wife Monica, nee Freiin von Canstein (b.1939)] married religiously Sophia Luise Leopold in Jochberg, Tirol (Austria) on 30 August.


Francesco Prince Ruspoli, Prince di Cerveteri, who turned 48 eleven days ago [oldest of five children of late Alessandro Prince Ruspoli, Prince di Cerveteri (1924-2005) and only one by his second wife, Nancy de Girard de Charbonniere (b.1939)] married, as his second wife Angelica Camilla Consolata Wanda Maria Visconti (b.1973) in Ozzano on 20 September 2014; two months and nine days later their first child, Alessandro, was born.
Prince Francesco has been previously maried to Beth O'Rourke; this marriage was childless.


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Count Johannes von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg, who will turn 40 the day after tomorrow [son of late Count Eberhard von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg (1940-2013) & his wife Johanna nee Countess von Harrach zu Rohrau und Thannhausen (b.1944)] married Ursula Daghofer in Rohrau four days after his 39th birthday.

Honourable Charles Douglas Douglas-Hamilton (b.1979) [son of James Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, Lord Selkirk of Douglas (b.1942) & his wife Priscilla, nee Buchan (b.1949)] married Katherine Elizabeth Fry (b.1980) [daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Alan Fry (b.1951) & his wife Elizabeth, nee Woolmore] on 1 March.

Charles Douglas is the second of four sons and first one who marries.

Source: Hamilton
Patrick Guinness (b. 1981), son of Marina Guinness (b. 1957), the daughter of Princess Marie Gabriele of Urach (1932-1989) and her husband the Honourable Desmond Guinness (b. 1932), by Stewart Copeland, married Michelle Lynn Bristol (b. 1987) on July 12 last year.

Patrick is the eldest of three and first to marry. His maternal half-siblings Violet (b. 1987) and Finbar (b. 1992) are still single.

Descendants of Prince Honor? III of Monaco
Michelle Bristol and Patrick Guinness' Wedding Website
Count Stefan Christopher von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.19 January 1990) [daughter of Count Christoph von Habsburg-Lotringen (b.1957) & his first wife, Elizabeth Ann Popejoy (b.1967)] married Nathalie Corder on 18 October 2014.

Sources: Tuscany
Descendants of Duke Carlo III of Parma
Count Tristan Lannes de Montebello (b.24 November 1983) [son of Count Henry Joseph Lannes de Montebello (b.1946) & his wife Beatrice, nee de Vigneral (b.1958)] married Gratiane de Moustier in Los Angeles on 19 April 2014.

Source: Lannes de Montebello

Prince Andre Obolensky (b.15 August 1975)
[youngest of late Prince Michel Obolensky (1926-1995) & second by his second wife, Felicitas Jorchel (b.1939)] married, as his second wife, Freiin Louise von Hoyningen-Huene (b.1986) in Tutzing on 30 August 2014.

He was previously married, from 2004 to 2006, to Maria de la Concepcion Coton de Monteverde Cuervo (b.1981); this marriage was childless.

Source: Obolensky

Count Geoffoy de Rouge (b.14 July 1975)
[son of late Count Michel de Rouge (1938-2007) & his wife Denise, nee Quatrebarbes (b.1939)] married Laure Favel on 5 July 2014.

Source: Roug?
Richard Carl McMasters III (b.1998) [son of Stephanie Michelle de Borbon (b.1968) {herself only child of Gonzalo Borbon y Dampierre (1937-2000) {{son of Infant Jaime of Spain, Duke of Segovia (1908-1975) & his first wife Emanuela de Dampierre (1913-2012}} by Sandra Lee Landry (b.1937)} & her husband Richard Carl McMasters II (b.1972)] married Nikki Harrington last year.

Source: Descendants of King Alfonso XII of Spain
Count Louis d'Harcourt (b.10 October 1989) [oldest of four children of Count Bruno d'Harcourt (b.1958) & his wife Aleth, nee Deher (b.1965)] married Marguerite Hamy on 26 July.

Count Emmanuel d'Harcourt (b. 1988) [second of three children and older son of Count Jean-Charles d'Harcourt (b.1957) & his wife Laure, nee Mouchet de Battefort de Laubespin (b.1959)] married Adelaide Roulleaux Dugage on 5 July.

Source for both:

Flora Louise Gordon-Lennox (b.1983) [only child of David Henry Charles Gordon-Lennox (b.1935) & his wife Elisabeth, nee Stirling (b.1942)] married Nicholas Desmond Vigors on 14 June.

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Hugo Davout d'Auerstaedt (b.4 September 1984) [son of Emmanuel Davout d'Auerstaedt (b.1949) & his wife Adeline, nee Le Vert (b.1954)] married Victoire Boudet on 28 June 2014.

Source: Davout d'Auerstaedt
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