Noble Marriages Announcements 2012

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Victoria Margaret Gabler (b.1978) [only daughter of Caroline Lewis (b.1956) {herself daughter of Countess Rosa of Solms-Baruth (1925-2008) & her first husband, Alfred Neville Lewis (1895-1972)} by her first husband....Gabler] married Dean Williams last year.

Source: Descendants of Queen Victoria's siblings
Prince Stephan of Lobkowicz (b.1981) [son of Prince Prokop of Lobkowicz (b.1944) & his wife Susan, nee Shields (b.1948)] married Amanda Ash in Edmonton, Canada, on 7 January 2012.

Stephan is second of three children and second one who marries; his older sister Michelle (b.1978) married Vish Khanna in 2007.
His brother Mark (b.1982) is still single.

Sources: Netty's Royalty Page Genealogical News 2012

Countess Oda of Solms-Laubach (b.21 June 1941) married religiously in Darmstadt (Germany) Heinz Helmut Pest (b.5 May 1931) on 6 January 2012.
They married civilly in Muhltal on 22 November 1994.
Her first husband (from 1964 to 1972) was Hartmut Machholtz (b.1940).

Sources: Netty's Royalty Page Genealogical News 2012
Jaime Codorniu y Alvarez de Toledo (b.1985) [son of Vittoria Eugenia Alvarez de Toledo y Marone Cinzano, Marquess of Casa Loring (b.1961) & her husband Alfonso Codorniu y Aguilar (b.1954)] married Maria Nieto y Barbadillo in 2012.

Jaime is oldest of three children, only son and first child who marries.
He has two sisters: Ana (b.1987) & Carla (b.1990).

Source: Descendants of King Alfonso XII of Spain
Charles Bernard Gordon-Lennox (b.18 June 1970) [youngest of three sons of Bernard Charles Gordon-Lennox (b.1932) & his wife Sally, nee Warner] married, as his second wife, Sarah Caroline McVittie, on 5 May 2012.

His first marriage, to Susannah Clare Hastings, lasted from 2000 to 2006, ended in divorce and was childless.

Source: Richmond, Lennox & Gordon
Emilia Zorilla Hess [oldest of three children and only daughter of Angelika Hess (b.1955) {herself daughter of Princess Maria Adelgunda of Hohenzollern (1921-2006) & her second husband Werner Hess (1907-?)} & her husband Carlos Zorrilla (b.1952)] married Francisco Rodriguez Cantu in 2012.

Source: Descendants of King Maximilian I Josef of Bavaria
Guillemette de Durfort-Civrac (b.22 June 1983) [second of five daughters of Hubert de Durfort-Civrac (b.1950) & his wife Ghislaine, nee Houdetot (b.1956)] married Geoffroy de La Grandiere in Le Bec-Hellouin on 29 September 2012.

Guillemette is third daughter who marries; on 2 July the same year her younger sister Marguerite (b.1984) married Edward d'Amat; her oldest sister Philippine (b.1982) is married to Guillaume du Cauze de nazelle (b.1980) since 2005.Her youngest sisters Nina (b.1987) & Sybille (b.1996) are single.Source: Durfort
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