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26 January: Louis-Dorsan Jolly and Countess Elisabeth de Marchant et d'Ansembourg.
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03 February: Lord Charles Montagu Douglas Scott (of the Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry) and Flora Summerfield.

21 February: Prince Dimitri Galitzine and Alexandra Pollitt.
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08 March: Amaury L'Olivier and Countess Anne-Sophie d'Oultremont.
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05 April: Prince Nicolas Sapieha-Kodeński and Camille Kumps.
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09 May: The Honourable Charles Astor (of the Barons Astor of Hever) and Princess Eliane de Merode.
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07 July: Count Amaury de Lannoy and Astrid d'Harcourt.
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24 August: Lord Ronald Graham (of the Dukes of Montrose) and Florence Mary Arbuthnott.

26 August: Lucien Thynne (of the Marquesses of Bath) and Chloe Honeyman.
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06 September: Jonkheer Corentin de Sejournet de Rameignies and Diane Querton.
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11 October: Alexandre de Pret Roose de Calesberg and Countess Cecile de Liedekerke-Beaufort.
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22 November: Jonkheer Arnaud Goethals and Stéphanie du Bois de Bounam de Ryckholt.
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06 December: Count Corentin d'Ursel and Marine Kervyn d'Oud Mooreghem.
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Grand Harvey Dudson and Baroness Josina von dem Bussche-Ippenburg genannt von Kessell.

Count Georg von Waldburg zu Zeil und Hohenems and Julia Ahrens.
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George Beaumont (b.1985) [great-grandson of Princess May of Teck, who became Lady May Cambridge in 1917 (1906-1994) & her husband, Sir Henry Abel Smith (1900-1993)] got engaged to Katherine Fitzpatrick (b.1986) this year.

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
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The engagement was announced between Countess Elisabeth de Marchant et d'Ansembourg (b.1992) [daughter of Count Charles-Antoine de Marchant et d'Ansembourg (b.1967) & his wife Marie, nee Jonkvrouv Gilles de Pelichy (b.1968)] & Louis-Dorsan Jolly (b.1986) [son of Ferdinand Jolly (b.1959) & his wife Stephanie, nee Baroness Villefagne de Sorinnes (b.1960)] on 26 January.

Elisabeth is the oldest of four children, only daughter and first one who marries.
Louis-Dorsan is second of five children and second one who marries; his older brother Christophe (b.1985) is married to Marie-Amandine de Faille de Leverghem (b.1986). They have a daughter Capucine.

Descendants of Th?odore Mosselman du Chenoy
Ferdinand Jolly, * 1959 |
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Lord Charles Montagu Douglas Scott is engaged to Flora Summerfield.
The Times/Nobiliana.
Baroness Josina von dem Bussche-Ippenburg genannt von Kessell (b.1979) [daughter of Duchess Elisabeth Christine of Mecklenburg (b.1947) & her former husband Alhard, Count von dem Bussche-Ippenburg genannt von Kessell (b.1947)] got engaged to Grant Harvey Dudson (b.1980) this year.

Josina is second of three children and last one who marries.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Prince Dimitri Galitzine got engaged to Miss Alexandra Pollitt on 21 February 2016.

Prince Dimitri, 25, is the fifth child and eldest son of Prince Peter Galitzine and of his wife, Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria (granddaughter of the last Austrian Emperor Karl I and of his wife, Empress Zita).

Royal Musings: Galitzine-Pollitt engagement
The engagement was announced between Countess Anne-Sophie of Oultremont (b.22 July 1987) [one of the younger twin-daughters of Count Guibert d'Oultremont (b.1956) & his wife Marie, nee Powis de Tenbossche (b.1958)] & Amaury L'Olivier [son of Jean-Pierre L'Olivier & his wife] on 8 March.

Ingrid is third child who marries; her older sisters: twins Ingrid & Charlotte (b.19 August 1984) are married to, respectively, Diego Watelet & Jean-Phillippe Humblet. Her twin sister Alexandra is single.

The engagement was announced between Prince Nicolas Sapieha-Kodeński (b.7 January 1986) [maternal second cousin of Queen Mathilde of Belgium; son of Prince Stephan Sapieha-Kodeński (b.1956) & his wife Nicole, nee Jacqumont (b.1956)] & Camille Kumps [daughter of Francois Kumps & his wife (name unknown) nee Georlette] on 5 April.

His only sister Raphaelle (b.1982) is married to Jonkheer Cedric David since 2010.

The Honourable Charles Astor (*1990), son and heir apparent of John Astor, 3rd Baron Astor of Hever (*1946) and his wife the Hon. Elizabeth Mackintosh (*1950), got engaged this year to Princess Eliane de Merode (*1990), daughter of Prince Léonel de Merode (*1951) and his wife Countess Régine de Liedekerke (*1955).

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The engagement was announced between Jonkheer Geoffroy Goethals (b.1988) [son of Jonkvrouw Cécile d'Udekem d'Acoz (b.1965) & her husband Jonkheer Jean-Louis Goethals (b.1963)] & Delphine Kemlin [daughter of Gregoire Kemlin & his wife..., nee Tarbe de Saint-Hardouin] on 31 May.

Geoffroy is the oldest of four children and first one who marries.

Descendants of Baron Jacques Albert d'Udekem d'Acoz
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie has a reason to joy; one of her brothers Oliver has just become a father for the third time, the other one has got just engaged!

The engagement of Count Amaury de Lannoy (b.20 November 1971)
[fifth of eight children of Count Philippe de Lannoy (b.1922) & his late wife Alix, nee della Faille de Leverghem (1941-2012)] & Countess Astrid d'Harcourt (b.8 June 1985) [oldest of three children and only daughter of Count Jean-Charles d'Harcourt (b.1957) & his wife Laure, nee Bouchet de Battefort de Laubespin (b.1959)] was announced on 7 July.

Astrid's brother Emmanuel (b.1988) & his wife Adelaide Roulleaux Dugage celebrated second wedding anniversary two days ago; her other brother Armand (b.1992) is single.
From Amaury's siblings only Gaelle (b.1970) is unmarried.

Amaury, comte de Lannoy, * 1971 |
Astrid d' Harcourt, * 1985 |

Jonkheer Charles-Louis de Potesta (b.1985) [second of three children and only son of Princess Sophie von Hohenberg (b.1960) {herself daughter of Duke Franz-Ferdinand von Hohenberg (1927-1977) and his wife Elisabeth, née Princess of Luxembourg (1922-2011)} & her husband Jean-Louis de Potesta (b.1951) {himself son of baron Charles de Potesta and his first wife Nicole, née de Gaiffier d’Hestroy}] got engaged to Cecily Weinberger (b.1988) this year.

Charles-Louis is the second child who marries; his older sister Eleonore (b.1984) married Diego Fernandez de Cordova y Cervero (b.1979) in 2012: they have a son Rfael (b.2013)
His younger sister Elisabeth (b.1988) is single.

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Is Amaury´s birthdate correct? Paul Theroff´s royal site lists him as born in 1971.
I copied a message about Olivier's new baby and I forgot to correct the number. Sorry.
Countess Gaëlle de Lannoy is unmarried because she's a member of a religious order, though I'm not sure if she's a nun.
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