Noble Births Announcements 2012

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Who are these people? I recognize name Van Cutsem but no others. Are they for the most part people who descend from houses no longer recognized by the countries in which they live? For the most part I can't even figure out what country that live in. Yes, in a few cases, I can surmise, as Aldenburg sound like a German name. Would that be like a very rich person in America having a child, like Bill Gates?
The Douglas, Dukes of Hamilton etc are Scottish aristocracy. Many of the others are German, Italian. Nobilty of those countries, socially if not legally recognised.
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Marie Sophie von Itzenplitz (b.1975) [daughter of Princess Marie Stephanie of Lippe (b.1949) & her first husband, Nikolaus von Itzenplitz (b.1943)] & her husband Frank Walzel had their second child this year.
Sex and name is unknown.

A sibling for Marie Luise (b.2009)

Source: Descendants of Count Karl of Lippe-Biesterfeld
Alexia Helene Jordan (b.29 August 1973) [daughter of Elisabeth Pellegrino (b.1948) {herself daughter of Princess Jelena Koutchobey de Beauharnais (1928-1980) & her husband Pierre Pellegrino (1917-1995)} & her husband Fabrice Jordan (b.1945)] & her husband Nicolas de Skowronski (b. 4 September1973) [son of Marek Skowroński (b.1936) & his wife Claude, nee Riedmatten (b.1936)] had their third child, Adrienne, on 24 July.

A sister for Victoria (21-10-2008) & Roman (10-5-2010)

Sources: Victoria de Skowronska h. Skowro
Roman de Skowronski h. Skowro
Adrien de Skowronska h. Skowro
Descendants of King Maximilian I Josef of Bavaria
Princess Antonia of Salm-Salm (b.5 December 1987) [daughter of Prince Michael of Salm-Salm (b.1953) & his wife Philippa, nee Countess of Castell-Castell (b.1952)] & her husband, Baron Clemens Emmanuel von Mirbach, who will turn 32 in 18 days, had their first child this year.

Name and sex unknown. It's seventh grandchild for maternal grandparents.
Two sisters of young mamma, Cecily (b.1989) and Marie-Anna (b.1986) married recently

Sources:Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
Salm-Salm, Salm-Horstmar, Salm-Kyrburg

Baron Henrik Ramel (b.1982) [third of four children and youngest son of Otto, Baron Ramel (b.1950) {himself son of Countess Madeleine Douglas (b.1927) & her late husband Hans, Baron Ramel (1925-2009)} & his wife Eva, nee Ohlsson (b.1949)] & his wife Katarina, nee Sivander (b.1981) had their first child, Hedvig, this year.

Source: Descendants of Grand Duke Ludwig I of Baden
Cristobal Mendez de Vigo y Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (b.1972) [youngest of three children of Princess Monika of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (b.1939) & her husband Jaime Mendez de Vigo y del Arco (b.1933)] & his wife Tatiana, nee de Salinas y Harnden (b.1975) had their fourth child, Cristian, this year.

A brother for Jaime Leonardo (b.2004), Maria Pia (b.2005) & Mateo Pablo (b.2008)

He is fourteenth grandchild of his paternal grandparents.

Source: Descendants of Count Felice Rignon
Princess Amalia von Altenburg (b.13 January 1979) [daughter of Prince Franz Josef von Altenburg (b.1941) & his wife Christa, nee Baroness von Haerldt (b.1945)] & her husband Fabio Coutinho Geraldo (b.1970) had their first child this year.
This is mother's parents' debut as grandparents.

Sources: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Another noble births for this year:

Sir John David James Darlymple, 14th Earl of Stair (b.1961) [son of Lady Davina Katherine Bowes-Lyon (b.1930) {herself daughter of Honourable Sir David Bowes-Lyon (1902-1961, maternal uncle of QEII) & his wife Rachel Pauline, nee Spender Clay (d. 1996)}& her late husband, Sir John Aymer Darlymple, 13th Earl of Stair (1906-1996)] & his wife, Honourable Emily Mary Julia Stonor (b.1969) had their second child, Lady Elizabeth Alice Mary (called Lily).
A sister for John James Thomas (called Jack) Viscount Darlymple (b.2008)

Source: Descendants of Sir Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne

Ana-Tuva Nilert (b.1978) [daughter of Jan Nilert (b.1950) {himself son of Catharina Bernadotte, Countess of Wisborg (b.1926) & her late former husband, Tore Nilert (1915-1997)} & his wife Pia, nee Bergstrom (b.1951)] & her husband John Adrian Lindsay (b.1971) had their second son.
A brother for Myles (b.2010)

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau

Constantin Laan (b.1974) [oldest of three sons of Isabelle de Witt (b.1949) {herself seventh of ten children of Princess Clothilde Napoleon (1912-1996) & her husband, Serge de Witt (1891-1990)} & her husband Remmert Laan (b.1942)] & his current wife Gaelle, nee Fisson-Jaubert d'Aubry de Puymorin had their first child, Clementine.
By his first wife Damasia Stocker Rakolczay (b.1973) Constantin didn't have children. Clementine is also his parents' first grandchild.

Source: Descendants of King Louis Philippe I of the French (first part)

Duchess of Alba is a great-grandma again!

Javier Martinez de Irujo y Hohenlohe-Langenburg (b. January 1981) [younger of two sons of Alfonso Martinez de Irujo y Fitzjames-Stuart, Duke of Aliaga (b.1950) & his former wife Maria, nee Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (b.1957)] & his wife Asela, nee Perez Becerril had their first child, Asela, in Madrid.

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Prince Philippe de Ligne (b.29 May 1977) [oldest of three children and only son of Prince Wauthier de Ligne (b.1952) & his wife Regine, nee Countess de Renesse (b.1955)] & his wife Laetitia, nee Jonkvrouw Rolin (b.12 January 1981) had their second child, Alienor, on 2 July.

A sister for Jean-Charles (11-6-2010)

Sources: Ligne
Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau

For Philippe's parents it will be a doubly happy year, giving that their younger daughter, Elisabeth-Eleonore (b.1983) also became a mother of little Marguerite (her fourth child)
Baron Louis de Geer of Finspang (b.1988) [youngest of three children and only son of Madeleine von Arbin (b.1955) {herself youngest of five children of Dagmar Bernadotte, Countess of Wisborg (b.1916) & her late husband, Nils-Magnus von Arbin (1910-1985)} & her former husband, Baron Gerard de Geer of Finspang (b.1954)] & his girlfriend Josefin Bakos (b.1982) had a son, Edward, this year.

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau

Niels van de Roemer [son of Adrianus van de Roemer (b.1952) {himself son of Countess Eleonore of Erbach-Furstenau (b.1927) & her late husband, Nicolaas Gerardus van de Roemer (1922-1961)} & his wife Eva-Maria, nee Stams (b.1951)] & his wife Susanne, nee Weckbach had their first child, Henri, this year.


Christofer Steffanowski (b.1983) [son of Countess Desiree of Castell-Castell (b.1960) & her first husband Klaus Steffanowski (b.1956)] & his wife had their first child, a daughter, this year.

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A joy has come to future Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg after the death of her mother: she became an aunt again!

Her older brother Christian de Lannoy (b.11 February 1968) & his wife Luisa, nee Moreno de Porras-Isla-Fdez had their second child, Ignace, sometime this year.

A brother for Teresa (b.2010)

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Second cousin of the Duchess of Brabant, Maite Sapieha-Kodeńska who will turn 31 in nine days [daughter of Alexander Sapieha-Kodeński (b.1953) & his wife Patricia, nee Jonkvrouw van Innis (b.1956)] & her husband Raphael Delville (b.1980) had their second child, Charles, this year.

A brother for Lily (b.2009)


Young mamma's
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Prince Maciej Radziwill (b.26 August 1984) [second of eight children and oldest son of Prince Konstanty Radziwill (b.1958) & his wife Joanna, nee Dąbrowska (b.1958)] & his wife Anna, née Zelazna (b.30 March 1983) [daughter of Krzysztof Żelazny (b.1953) & his late wife Grażyna, nee Staręga (1958-2000)] had their first child, Apolonia Maria, at Warsaw on 1 October.


Por Prince Konstanty and his wife Apolonia Maria is fourth granddaughter; their firstborn daughter Maria Anna (b.30 January 1983) & her husband Dominik Rońda (b.4 April 1979) have three daughters: Joanna Grażyna (18-11-2006), Aniela Gabriela (16-10-2008) and Helena (5-7-2011)

Poor young mother...she lost her own mother so early...
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Katharine Paravicini (nee Acland), wife of Jack V.R. Paravicini (b 1981), gave birth to a daughter, Violet Loveday Elizabeth, 22 October, 2012, Jack Paravicini is a son of John C.R. (Jonny) Paravicini (b 1952), of Ibworth, Hampshire, by his wife the former ____Phillimore, and Katharine is a daughter of Mr Peter Acland, of Virginia, USA, and Mrs Amanda Acland, of Gittisham, Devon.

Jack Paravcini is a grandson of Colonel Vincent Paravicini by his wife the former Jacqueline Christine Swinnerton Dyer (b posthumously 1918), scion of the Swinnerton Dyer Baronets (cr 1678).

Peerage News
Count Ferdinand von Kageneck (b.1978) [oldest of three children of late Count Peter von Kageneck (1941-2009) {himself son of Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria (1913-2005) & her husband, Count Franz Joseph von Kageneck (1913-1941); his twin brother Michael died recently} & his wife Birgitte, nee von Sivers (b.1947)] & his wife Nina, nee Beranek had their second child, Nicholas, this year.

A brother for Maximilian (b.2010)

Source:Descendants of King Louis Philippe I of the French (second part)

Wilhelm Sebastian Lithander (b.1974) [younger of two sons of Princess Xenia of Prussia (1949-1992) & her husband Per Edvard Lithander (1945-2010)] & his wife Tiana, nee Bischoff (b.1973) had their second child, Ebba Viktoria, this year.

A sister for Steen Edvard (b.2010)

Source: Descendants of German Emperor Wilhelm I

Casimiro Paolo San Martino d'Aglie (b.1985) [oldest of four children of Nicolo San Martino d'Aglie, Marquess of Fontanetto di San Germano (b.1948, nephew of Queen Paola of Belgium) & his wife Anna Maria, nee Gazzana Priaroggia (b.1956)] & his wife Olga Maria, nee Perez Sastre (b.1985) had their first child, Nicolo, this year.

It's young father's parents' first grandchild.

Source: Descendants of Count Felice Rignon

All from Hein's Royal Genealogy Page

Count Dirk von Platen Hallermund (b.18 April 1970) [son of late Count Hans Georg von Platen Hallermund (1931-2004) & his wife, Inge Jotza (.1939)] & his wife Berit had their first child, Leonard, in Berlin, on 24 September.

Sources: Paul Theroff Files - An Online Gotha - Platen Hallermund Genealogical News 2012

Sarah de Ponton d'Amécourt [daughter of Jacqueline de Rohan-Chabot (b.1951) and her husband Jean, Count de Ponton d'Amécourt (b.1955)] and her husband Erwan Dupuy had a son, Hadrien, on 1 November.

Count Pierre de La Rochefoucauld (b.17 May 1977) [son of Count Jacques de La Rochefoucauld (b.1950) and his wife Beatrice née Gilli (b.1952)] and his wife, Alix Marie Jacqueline née van der Kemp (b.19 August 1976) had their third child, Isabeau, at Paris on 5 October.

A brother for Jacques-Olivier (27-4-2006) & Philippe (13-4-2008)

Source for both: Paul Theroff Files - Royal News - Section III
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Henrietta M Ferrier (née Burnell-Nugent) wife of Nicholas O.C. Ferrier, gave birh to a son, Frederick Henry Campbell, 19 Oct, 2012, a brother for William and Hugh. Nicholas Ferrier is the son of Mr and Mrs Andrew Ferrier, & Henrietta is a dau of Vice-Admiral Sir James Michael Burnell-Nugent (b 19 Nov 1949), sometime Second Sea Lord and C-in-C Home Command and Flag Aide-de-Camp to The Queen, of Sheepham, Devon, by his wife the former Henrietta Mary Woods. Henrietta is a granddaughter maternally of the Rt Rev Robin Woods, KCMG, KCVO (1914-97), sometime Dean of Windsor and Domestic Chaplain to HM The Queen, and later Bishop of Worcester, by his wife the former Henrietta ("Etta") Marian Wilson (d 8 Feb 2005, aged 88).
Peerage News
Jonkheer Aymeric Francqui (b.1980) [second of three children and only son of Jonkvrouw Birgitte d'Udekem d'Acoz (b.1953) & her husband, Jonkheer Patrick Francqui (b.1951)] & his wife Guenola, nee Jonkvrouw de Lhoneux (b.1982) had their second daughter, Ysaure, this year.

A sister for Josephine (b.2011).

For her paternal grandparents she is third grandchild; their firstborn daughter Gwendoline (b.1977) & her husband, Count Frederic von Oberndorff (b.1977) have a son Lazare (b.2011); their youngest daughter Coralie (b.1986) is still single.

Source: Descendants of Baron Albert d'Udekem d'Acoz

Baron Stephan von Erffa (b.1974) [son of Duchess Altburg of Oldenburg (b.1938) & her husband, Baron Rudiger von Erffa (b.1936)] & his wife Helene Elizabeth, nee Eck von Schanzenbach (b.1973) had their third child.

A sibling for Philippa (b.2005) & Cecilia (b.2007).

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
Hereditary Count Ignaz of Toerring-Jettenbach (b.30 March 1966) [son of Hans Veit, Count of Toerring-Jettenbach (b.1935) & his wife Henriette, nee Princess of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (b.1938)] & his wife Robinia, née Mentasti-Granelli (b.13 January 1976) had their fifth daughter, Maximiliana Marina Nicola Maria-Rosa Viviana, at Munich on 7 December.

A sister for Floriana (5-3-2005), Georgiana (11-7-2006), Elisabeth (18-6-2008) & Elena (28-12-2008)

Source: Toerring-Jettenbach

Augustin de Béthune-Hesdigneul, Marquis de Béthune (b.27 June 1984) [son of Henri, Prince de Béthune-Hesdigneul (b.1945) & his wife Agnes, née van der Straeten (b.1948)] and his wife Aglaë, née de Roquefeuil (b.24 March 1985) had their second child, Maximilien Louis Hortens Marie-Ghislain, at Versailles on 3 December.

A brother for Eugenie (18-6-2011)

Source: Bethune
Three months before the death of Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld his family experienced a great joy:

His youngest child and only son, Count Jean Artus Guillaume
de La Rochefoucauld, who turned 45 thirteen days ago & his wife Rana nee Saba had their second child, Audrey, on 5 February.

A sister for Margaux (4-8-2008)

Source: La Rochefoucauld

Louis Adrien Olivier des Cars (b.3 February 1974) [son of Jean Marie, Count des Cars (b.1943) & his wife Monique, nee Bezaguet (b.1943)] & his wife Celine, nee Benedettini (b.18 May 1973) had their second daughter, Josephine, on 2 August.

A sister for Hortense (22-8-2010)


Prince Bernard Murat (b.20 January 1959) [youngest of five children of late Prince Jean Louis Murat (1920-2004) & his late wife Isabelle, nee d'Harcourt (1927-1993)] & his wife Svetlana, nee Rojkova (b.16 May 1970) has their third son, Dimitri, this year.

A brother for Guillaume (b.2004) and Vladimir (b.2008)


Count Bela Esterhazy (b.1 April 1978) [son of Pal, Count Esterhazy, Baron zu Galantha (b.1942) & his wife Christa, nee Hohn (b.1945)] & his wife Sophie, nee Pasquali, Nobile di Campostellato (b.30 May 1980) had their second son, Tibor Daniel Lajos Bela Pal Maximilian Maria Hubertus, in Vienna on 3 March.

A brother for Imre Anatol Gian Bela Pal Maximilian Maria Hubertus (17-7-2009)


Rafael Medina y Abascal, Duke of Feria (b.23 September 1978) [older son of late Rafael Medina y Fernandez de Cordoba, Duke of Feria, Marquess of Villalba (1942-2001) & his former wife, Natividad Abascal y Romero-Toro (b.1943)] & his wife Laura, nee Vecino Acha (b.1979) had their first children, twins Rafael and Laura, in Madrid on 26 November.


Henry John Trenchard Russell (b.1977) [son of Honourable John Hugo Trenchard Russell (b.1950) {himself son of John Hugo Russell, 3rd Lord Ampthill (1896-1973) & his last wife, Adeline Mary Constance Hone (d.2004, aged 94} & his first wife, Susanna Helen Meriam] & his wife Louise, nee Brightman had their third child, Ileana, this year.

A sister for Alexandra Elizabeth Susanna (b.2009) and William (b.2010)


Hugo Charles Gordon-Lennox (b.14 May 1980) [younger son of Sir Andrew Charles Gordon-Lennox (b.1948) & his wife Julia, nee Morrison] & his wife Miranda, nee Leather had their first child, Freya Julia, on 12 July.

Jemima & Willa, twin daughters of his older brother, Simon Charles (b.1978) & his wife Camilla, nee Moss, will turn two in 16 days.


Count Frederic Wilhelm Jacob of Limburg-Stirum (b.23 October 1974) [son of Count Franz Gisbert of Limburg-Stirum (b.1943) & his wife Marianna, nee von Julin (b.1943)] & his wife Helene, nee Rosenlew (b.1982) had their first child, Ellen Lovisa Elisabeth, this year.


Count Gabriel Szechenyi (b.30 August 1973) [son of Count Gabriel Szechenyi (b.1943) & his first wife, Agnes de Regis de Gatimel (b.1950)] & his wife Amelie, nee de Hemptinne (b.28 August 1977) had their first child, Maxime, on 25 May.

Count Gregory Michael Szechenyi (b.14 January 1982) [son of Count Matthias Szechenyi (b.1944) & his current wife Frances, nee Hardy (b.1948)] & his wife Lindsey, nee Ascher had their second daughter, Liza Grey, this year.

A sister for Vada (b.2009)

Source for both:

Henry Phillip Terence Stopford (b.1953) [oldest son of Honourable Terence Victor Stopford (1918-1998) & his wife, Sheila Adele Page (d.1994)] & his current wife Elizabeth Anne, nee Porcher had their second daughter together, Charlotte Anne Louise, this year.

A sister for Georgina Catherine Adele (b.2010); half-sister for Phillip Christian Andrew (b.1983), Susannah Frances Adele (b.1985) and Alexandra Frances Ileare (b.1991) - children from her father's first marriage to Michelle Susan Lobo.

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Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee (b.20 August 1971) [younger son of Count Maximilian von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee (b.1935) & his wife Henriette, nee von Habermann (b.1937)] & his wife Alexandra Luise, née von Poser und Groß-Naedlitz (b.18 July 1972) had their second daughter, Martha Elisabeth Maria Walburga Luise, at Berlin on 1 January.

A sister for Helena Maria Walburga Luise Celestina (18-3-2009)

For her paternal grandparents the little one is their fifth grandchild; their older son Christoph (b.1961) & his wife Viktoria, nee Freiin von Rosenberg (b.1969) have three children: Juliane (b.2001), Amelie (b.2002) and Moritz (b.2005).

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Ginevra Elkann (b.1980) [daughter of MArgherita Agnelli (b.1955) & her first husband Alain Elkann (b.1949)] & her husband Don Giovanni Gaetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona dei duchi di Laurenzana (b.1973) had their second son, Pietro, at Rome on 31 October.

A brother for Giacomo (15-8-2009)

Source: Royal News of 2012, Section III
Countess Ingrid d'Oultremont (b.19 August 1984) [daughter of Count Guibert d'Oultremont (b.1956) & his wife, Marie des Barons Powis de Tenbossche (b.1958)] & her husband Diego Watelet (b.2 November 1984) had a son, Augustin, on 23 November.

Source: Le Site du Carnet Mondain : Carnet du jour

Countess Laure d'Oultremont (b.23 May 1978) [oldest of three daughters of Count Alexis d'Oultremont (b.1951) & his wife Marie, nee Countess de Marchant d'Ansembourg (b.1956)] & her husband Regis d'Hondt (b.1969) had a son, Oscar, on 28 August.

Source: Le Site du Carnet Mondain : Carnet du jour

Countess Laetitia de Lannoy (b.1981)
[younger daughter of Count Michel de Lannoy (b.1951) & his wife Catherine, nee Lagasse de Locht (b.1953)] & her husband Richard Fernandez (b.1966) had a daughter, Sienna, on 18 September.

Source: Le Site du Carnet Mondain : Carnet du jour

Countess Sophie d'Aspremont Lynden (b.1987) [daughter of Count Jean-Charles d'Aspremont Lynden (b.1957) & his wife Dominique, nee Jonkvrouw Lamarche] & her husband, Baron Ferdinand de Marrmol (b.1986) had a son Theodore, on 17 May.


Countess Marie Bernadette Kornis de Goncz-Ruszka (b.1978) [oldest of seven children of Princess Maria Theresa of Bavaria (b.1956) & her husband, Count Tamas Kornis de Goncz-Ruszka (b.1949)] & her husband Klaus Fischer-Stabauer (b.1979) had their fifth child, Cecilia, this year.

A sister for Antonius (b.2003), Clarissa (b.2007), Cornelius (b.2008) & Franziska (b.2009).

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New descendant of Carlo and Letizia Bonaparte:

Arthur Colonna-Walewski, born on 5 July in Santiago, Chile, son of Francois Yves Ghislain Colonna-Walewski (b.23 March 1972) [himself son of late Florian Colonna-Walewski (1935-2003) & his wife Patricia de Vogue (b.1939)] & his wife Karen, nee Sorensen (b.17 September 1970), a brother of Filippe (8-10-2009)

Source: Bonaparte descendants

Prince Carl Christian von Wrede (b.6 November 1972) [son of Carl Friedrich, Prince von Wrede (b.1942) & his first wife Ingeborg, nee Hamberger (b.1944)] & his wife Kathalina, nee Countess Bethlen de Bethlen (b.20 September 1975) had their third child, Balint, sometime this year.

A sibling for Alicia Claire Eugenie Sophie (7-12-2007) & Carl Nikolaus (b. about 2010).

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Amelia Beaumont (b.1983) [great-granddaughter of Princess May of Teck, who became Lady May Cambridge in 1917 (1906-1994) & her husband, Sir Henry Abel Smith (1900-1993)] & her husband Simon Murray (b.1974) had their first and second children, twins Matilda and Archibald, last year.

It was a debut as grandparents for young mamma's parents: Katherine Abel Smith (b.1961) & her former husband, Honourable Hubert Beaumont (b.1956)

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau

Francisco Ortiz y de Bismarck-Schonhausen (b.1978) [only son of Countess Gunilla von Bismarck-Schonhausen (b.1949) & her former husband, Luis Ortiz y Moreno (b.1944)] & his wife Elisabeth Veronica, nee Dutu y Muzas had their first child, Francisco, last year.

Source: Descendants of Otto von Bismarck and Johanna von Puttkamer
I update my post:

Cavaliere Don Nicolo Manno (b.1977) [a son of Archduchess Alice of Austria (b.1941) & her husband Don Vittorio, Baron Manno (b.1938) & his wife Manon Sibylle, nee Duflos had their second son, Paolo, last year.

A brother for Arturo (b.2009).

It's his parents sixth grandchild; his only sister,Donna Domitilla & her husband Pierre-Emmanuel Derriks (b.1973) have four children: Felicie (b.1998), Ombeline (b.2000), Fleur (b.2003) & Corentin (b.2005).
Their oldest child, Leopoldo, died as a baby in 1971.

Source: Descendants of Duke Carlo III of Parma
Countess Christina von Seefried auf Buttenheim (b.1980) [second of three children and younger daughter of Count Ferdinand Otto von Seefried auf Buttenheim (b.1944) & his wife Monique, nee Brouillet (b.1950)] & her husband Jean-Martin de Wendel (b.1978) had their second child, Marc, last year.

A brother for Claire (b.2010).

The baby is third grandchild for his maternal grandparents; their oldest daughter Valerie (b.1978) & her husband Joseph Welles Henderson have a son, Joseph jr. (b.2009).
Their son Paul (b.1982) is still single.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria

Nicolas von Malaise (b.1962) [oldest son of Countess Madeleine of Douglas (b.1939) by her first husband, Christoph von Malaise (b.1933)] & his wife Kirsty, nee Staines (b.1974) had their first child, Matthias, last year.

He is fourth grandchild for his paternal grandparents; Nicolas' younger brother Dominik (b.1964) & his wife Susanna, nee Lumsden have three children: Louis (b.1997), Leo (b.1999) & Maia (b.2002).
Their maternal half-brother Rupert Denham (b.1975) [by Countess Madeleine second husband, John Denham (b.1929)] is single.
Countess Madeleine's last husband was Sir Raymond Hoffenberg (1923-2007).

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A triple joy of grandparenthood has come last year to Emmanuel Suchet, Duke of Albufèra & his wife Elisabeth, née de Fontanges:

Their older son, Armand Suchet, Marquis of Albufèra (b.25 October 1976) & his wife Laetitia, née de Benoist de Gentissart (b.13 September 1983) had their first child, Eugénie, at London on 11 December.

Their younger son, Guillaume Suchet d’Albufèra (b.14 March 1979) & his wife Anne-Hortense, née Douence (b.31 May 1981) had their first child, Honorine, at Soissons on 31 December.

Their firstborn daughter, Pauline Suchet d’Albufèra (b.10 December 1974) & her husband, Count Alexandre de Chavagnac (b.25 May 1970) had a son, Constantin, at Paris on 24 November.

Their only child who is still single, is their youngest daughter, Marie-Zenaide (b.29 September 1985)

Source: Royal News of 2012, Section III
Countess Marie-Therese von Meran, nee Countess von Blanckenstein (b.1929), widow of Count Rudolf von Meran (1917-1982) has become a grandmother for the 31st time!

Happy parents are her eleventh child and sixth daughter, Countess Hemma von Meran (b.1965) & her husband Bernhard Gappmaier (b.1960) who had their seventh child, Teresita, sometime last year.

A sister for Kilian (b.1995), Andreas-Maria (b.1996), Assunta (b.1997), Clara (b.2000), Thomas (b.2004) and Clemens (b.2005).

Source: Descendants of King Maximilian I Josef of Bavaria
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