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Princess Anna Maria Radziwiłł (b.1983) [oldest of eight children of Prince Konstanty Mikołaj Radziwiłł (b.1958) & his wife Joanna Małgorzata, nee Dąbrowska (b.1959)]& her husband, Dominik Rońda (b.1979) had their third daughter, Helena on 5 August.

Sister for Joanna Grażyna (18-11-2006) & Aniela Gabriela (16-10-2008)

Source: Helena Ro

Prince Christophe Światopełk-Czetwertyński (b.1971) [oldest of three sons of Prince Seweryn Andrzej Światopełk-Czetwertyński (b.1941) & his wife Denise, nee Elie (b.1949)] & his wife Elżbieta, nee Morawska (b.1972) [daughter of Wacław Morawski (b.1947) & his late former wife, Elżbieta, nee Laskownicka (1951-1992)] had their third son, Sebastian Władysław on 27 July.

Brother for Stefan Seweryn Wacław (27-2-2006) & Stanisław Sebastian Wacław (1-3-2008)

Source: Sebastian W
Four great-grandchildren of the recently dead Therese, Baroness de Kerchove d'Exaerde were born this year!:

And Happy grandparents are:
Her oldest daughter Solange (b.1950) & her husband, Jonkheer Stephane de Potter d'Indoye (b.1947):
The oldest of their four daughters, Jonkvrouw Marie de Potter d'Indoye (b.1979) & her husband, Jonkheer Olivier Waucquez (b.1977) had their second son, Gatien.
A brother for Dorsan (b.2010)

Happy double grandparents:
Her second daughter, Regine (b.1952) & her husband, Benoit Eeckhout (b.1951):
The oldest of their three children and only daughter, Laurence Eeckhout (b.1978) & her husband, Frederic Goyens de Heusch (b.1977) had their third son, Theodore.
A brother for Adrien (b.2007) & Tristan (b.2009)

Also their older son, Francois-Xavier Eeckhout (b.1981) & his wife Elisabeth, nee Nieuwenhuys (b.1982) had their first child, Hortense.

Happy grandparents are also Baroness Therese's only son, Jean-Francois, Baron de Kerchove d'Exaerde (b.1953) & his former wife, Claire Merzbach (b.1957):
Their son, Jonkheer Charles-Albert de Kerchove d'Exaerde (b.1981) & his wife Adelaide, nee Peeters (b.1981) had their second child, Francois.
A brother for Isaline (b.2009)

Source: Descendants of Baron Albert d'Udekem d'Acoz
Alexander Reichsritter von Miller zu Aichholz and his wife Michaela, née Gräfin von Schönburg Glauchau had their second son and second child Clemens-August on July 10th 2011.
A brother for Vincenz (20-8-2009)

Source: Stig on Nobiliana BAN 2011
Alexander Montstuart, 19th Baron Elphinstone (b.1980) [great grandson of Lady Mary Bowes Lyon, maternal aunt of QEII (1883-1961), who married Sydney Herbert Elphinstone, 16th Baron Elphinstone (1869-1955)] & his wife Nicola Jane, nee Hall had their second child, Honourable Jago ALexander Elphinstone, this year.

A brother for Honourable Isla Elizabeth (b.2008)

Source: Descendants of Sir Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
Baron Philipp von Kap-Herr (b.1970) [older son of Princess Eleonore of Hohenlohe-Jastberg (b.1940) & her late husband, Baron Peter von Kap-Herr (1934-2008)] & his wife Felicitas-Benedicta, nee Kraehe had their second child, Karl, this year.

A brother for Philippa (b.2009)
Karl is the third grandchild for Princess Eleonore; her younger son Fabian (b.1973) also has a son by his wife Anemone, nee Miller.

Source: Descendants of Duke Carlo III of Parma
Diana von Nostitz-Wallwitz (b.1974) [only daughter together of the late Princess Felizitas of Prussia (1934-2009) & her second husband, Jorg-Hartwig von Nostitz-Wallwitz (b.1937)] & her husband, Baron Carl-Jan von der Goltz (b.1968) had their second child this year.

Names & sexes of both children, as well as date of birth of the first one are unknown to me.

Descendants of German Emperor Wilhelm I
Countess Jeanne-Marie de Marchant et d'Ansembourg (b.1976) [daughter of late Count Jean de Marchant et d'Ansembourg (1954-1988) & his former wife, Jonkvrouw Carine Dansette (b.1953)] & her husband Alexander Bogaerts had their first child, Georgia, this year.

Source: Descendants of Thodore Mosselman du Chenoy
Maximilian von Proff zu Irnich (b.1976) [son of Archduchess Marie Antoinette of Austria (b.1950) {herself youngest daughter of Gottfried I, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1902-1984) & his wife Dorothea, nee Princess of Bavaria (b.1920)} & her husband, Hans Walter Nattermann, adopted von Proff zu Irnich (b.1938)] & his wife Sidonia, nee Baroness von Ledebur (b.1978) had their first child, Cornelius, this year.

Source: Descendants of Duke Carlo III of Parma

Don Giovanni Paternò di Roccaromana (son of Don Antonio Paternò Duca di Roccamromano and of his wife, Paola Zalum) and his wife, née Joy Gardner Marzotto, had their third child and first son, Antonio Lucio, at Milan on 14 July.

A brother for Elisabetta Benedetta (16-1-2007) & Bianca Maria Benedetta (13-6-2008)

Source: Royal News of 2011, Section III
Lidia Matta Galitzin, first daughter and first child of Alberto Matta Maya and Xenia Galitzina (daughter of Piotr Galitzin and archduchess Maria Anna of Austria) was born at Milano on September 9th 2011.

source: Nobiliana BAG 2011
Marie Nathalie von Wasielewski (b.1981) [daughter of Duchess Marie Katharina of Mecklenburg (b.1949) {herself daughter of Archduchess Ilona of Austria, who recently died, & her former husband, Duke Georg Alexander of Mecklenburg (1921-1996)}& her husband, Thaddaus von Wasielewski (b.1951)] & her husband, Baron Constantin von Reitzenstein (b.1982) had their first child, Helena, this year.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Count Giovanni Battista Castelbarco Visconti (born on 2 October 1962, only son of the late count Alessandro Castelbarco Visconti and of his wife Elisabeth Castelbarco, née countess Ceschi a Santa Croce, herself daughter of Count Giovanni Ceschi a Santa Croce and of his wife Luise née Prinzessin zu Windisch-Grätz) and his wife Countess Tanja Castelbarco (born on 10 May 1970, née Baronin Nadherny von Borutin, daughter of the late Baron Christian Nadherny von Borutin and of his wife Ladislaja Maria nee Gräfin von Orsini und Rosenberg) had their fourth child, Countess Camilla Castelbarco Visconti on 1 September.

Source: Royal News of 2011, Section II
Comte Guillaume du Bessey de Contenson and his wife Henriette, née Princess von Altenburg had twins, a boy Tassilo and a girl Claire at Brussels on September 7th 2011.
They have already Camilla, Agnès and Karl Ludwig.
Daughter Marie was born in 2006 but died in 2009.

Source: Anuschka on Nobiliana BAN 2011
Original source: Le Figaro (1-10-2011)
Daughter Marie was born in 2006 but died in 2009.
What happened to Marie? Must have been horrible for the parents, but grats on the twins
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Comte Axel de Chavagnac and his wife Tatjana, née Duchess of Oldenburg had their first daughter and first child Alexandrine on September 30th 2011.

Source: Netty on Nobiliana BAN 2011
Le livre des Chavagnac
Comte Guillaume de Villelume and his wife Laetitia, née de Witt had their first son and second child Hélie on August 3rd 2011.
A brother for Tamara (2008)
Isabelle on Nobiliana BAN 2011
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The joy has come to Archduchess Theresa of Austria (b.1931) after recent death of her husband, Prince Rasso of Bavaria: she is a great-grandmother again!

Happy grandparents are: her oldest daughter, Princess Maria Theresa of Bavaria (b.1956) & her husband, Count Tamas Kornis de Goncz-Ruszka (b.1949)

Their son, Count Istvan Kornis de Goncz-Ruszka (b.1987) & his fiancee, Countess Christina Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden (b.1989) had their first child, a son, this year.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria

Count Alexander Douglas (b.1975) [son of Count Philip Douglas (b.1945) & his former wife Birgitta Blomstedt (b.1944)] & his wife Maria, nee Nilsson had their second daughter Gabrielle, this year.

A sister for Nathalie (b.2009)

Source: Descendants of Grand Duke Ludwig I of Baden

Jonkvrouw Gwendoline Francqui (b.1977) [daughter of Jonkvrouw Birgitte d'Udekem d'Acoz (b.1957) & her husband, Jonkheer Patrick Francqui (b.1951)] & her husband, Count Frederic von Oberndorff (b.1977) [son of Count Johannes von Oberndorff (b.1943) & his wife Anne, nee Baroness Jamblinne de Meux (b.1950)] had their first child, Lazare, this year.

Double joy of grandparenthood for new mother's parents: also their son Aymeric made them grandparents this year (see above)
Also parents of new father have reason to big joy: their older son, Alexander, got engaged this year (see Noble Engagements thread)

Sources: Descendants of Baron Albert d'Udekem d'Acoz
Descendants of John Jacob Astor and Sarah Todd

Count Benjamin von Hochberg (b.21 April 1978) [only son together of Count Friedrich Christian von Hochberg (b.1953) & his first wife, Countess Tatiana zu-Solms Laubach (b.1958)] & his wife Charly had their first child this year.

A new father has six half-brothers, four by his father and two by his mother.

Source: Descendants of Prince Christian Heinrich of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Countess Charlotte of Leiningen-Westerburg
Antoine Stevenson and his wife Kildine, née de Sambucy de Sorgue had their second son and fourth child Louis at Bordeaux on October 13th 2011.
A brother for Jean, Sarah and Eulalie.

Source: Chantal de Badt on Royauté 2 (13-10-2011)
Another joy (after wedding of Edward Phillips & Marina Wilson) has come to the Phillips family after the death of Lady Georginia Kennard:

Her granddaughter, Lady Edwina Grosvenor (b.1981) & her husband Daniel Robert Snow (b.1979) had their first child, Zia, this year.

Lady Edwina is a daughter of Lady Georginia's youngest daughter, Nathalia Ayesha Phillips (b.1959) by her husband, Sir Gerald Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster (b.1951)

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
Baroness Antoinette-Marie von und zu Waldgries und Liebenaich (b.1979) [daughter of Carl, Baron Eyrl von und zu Waldgries und Liebenaich (b.1935) {himself son of Princess Marie-Antoinette of Hohenzollern (1896-1965) & her husband Egon, Baron Eyrl von und zu Waldgries und Liebenaich (1892-1981)} & his wife Isabelle, nee Countess Ceschi e Santa Croce (b.1949)] & her husband Gerhard Kostka h.Dabrowa, Edler von Liebinsfeld (b.1977) had their third child this year.

A sibling for Leopold (b.2007) & Maximilian (b.2009)

Source: Descendants of King Louis Philippe I of the French (first part)
Bosco Ussia and his wife Alejandra de Borbon had twin sons: Santiago and Tristan Ussia y de Borbon were born at Madrid on October 31st 2011.
They are the first children of the couple.
Alejandra de Borbon is from the Sevilla-branch

Source: Lluis on Royaute 2
His source is Hola
Count Leopold Fugger von Babenhausen (b.14 May 1980) [son of Hubertus, Prince Fugger von Babehausen (b.1946) & his wife Alexandra, nee Princess of Oettingen-Oettingen and Oettingen-Spielberg (b.1948)] & his wife Annina nee Kammer (b.2 September 1978) had their first child, Josepha, sometime this year.
She was baptized on 24 July in Parish Church Maria Himmelfahrt at Markt Wald,Germany.

Source: Fugger

Netty's Royalty Page Genealogical News 2011
Jonkheer Adriaan Dedel and his wife Eléonore, née princess de Mérode had their first daughter and second child Florentine on November 12th 2011.
A sister for Samuel (31-3-2010)

Source: Le Carnet Mondain
CG on Nobiliana BAN 2011
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Lady Lorna Ramsay (b.1975) [firstborn daughter of Marlyn Davina Butter (b.1950) {herself daughter of Myra Alice Wernher (b.1925, sister of recently deceased Lady Georgina Kennard) & her late husband, Sir David Butter (1920-2010)}& her husband James Hubert Ramsay, Earl of Dalhousie (b.1948)] & her husband Fergus Lefebvre had their third son, Ned Fergus, this year.
A brother for Archie James (b.2007) & Henry Paul (b.2008)

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau

Baron Christian Ramel (b.1979) [second son of Otto, Baron Ramel (b.1950) {himself son of Countess Madeleine Douglas (b.1927) & her late husband Hans, Baron Ramel (1925-2009)}& his wife Eve, nee Ohlsson (b.1949)] & his wife Ulrika, nee Ronnholm (b.1980) had their second child, Beata, this year.
A sister for Walter (b.2009)

Beata is fifth grandchild of her grandparents; their oldest son, Baron Hans Ramel (b.1978) & his wife Johanna, nee Sjogren (b.1977) have three children: Otto (b.2003), Jakob (b.2005) & Olivia (b.2008)

Source: Descendants of Grand Duke Ludwig I of Baden

Tobias Astor (b.1980) [son of James Colonsay Langhorne Astor (b.1945) {himself son of Honourable Michael Langhorne Astor (1916-1979) & his first wife Barbara Mary, nee Colonsay McNeill (died 1980)}& his wife Jane, nee de Chazal] & his wife Catrin, nee Harrison had their second daughter, Margaret Myfawny, this year.

A sister for Violet (DOB unknown)

Source: Descendants of John Jacob Astor and Sarah Todd

Prince Axel Davout d'Auerstaedt (b.1 November 1982) [son of Prince Olivier Davout d'Auerstaedt (b.1952) & his wife Anne, nee Cambournac (b.1954)] & his wife Chloe, nee Jobard (b.1981) had their first child, Come, this year.


Baron Oliver von Cramm (b.1967) [firstborn son of Aschwin, Baron von Cramm (b.1943) & his first wife, Birgit Hebeler (b.1946)] & his wife Gaby had their third son, Moritz, this year.

A brother for Arne (DOB unknown) & Hanno (b.2007)

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Great joy has come to Princess Anna of Hohenberg (b.1958) after recent death of her mother, Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg; she became a grandmother!

Her second child and only daughter, Alix de la Poeze de Harambure (b.1981) & her husband, Francois Xavier Fraye (b.1979) had their first child, Armel, this year.

Happy grandfather is Princess Anna's first husband, Count Romee de la Poeze de Harambure (b.1949)

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
Great joy has come to the newly married Duchess of Alba: she became a great-grandmother!

Her grandson Javier Martinez de Irujo y Hohenlohe-Langenburg (b.January 1981) [younger of two sons of her second son, Alfonso Martinez de Irujo y Fitzjames-Stuart, Duke of Aliaga (b.1950) & his former wife, Princess Maria of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (b.1957)] & his wife Ines, nee Domecq Fernandez (b.1983) had their first child, Sol, this year.

Source: Berwick
Alfonso Tasso de Saxe-Coburgo e Bragança and his wife Charlotte, nee de Panafieu had their first son and second child Taddeo Augusto at Paris on November 5th 2011
A brother for Pia (3-9-2004)

Source: Anuschka on Nobiliana BAN 2011
Original source: Le Figaro (10-12-2011)
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