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Jacqueline de Ribes' father was Count Etienne de Beaumont. The Bonnin de La Bonniniere de Beaumont family is one of the grandest of France. For a man of such exalted patrimony, he was very avant-garde. He was a set designer for ballets and opera. He was a socialite and hosted some of the most famous balls of the Paris season. Amoung his artists' friends were Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Erik Satie, and Darius Milhaud. With his wife Édith, Étienne de Beaumont founded the Association Franco-Américaine, which funded works by Paul Morand, Maurice Sachs, Jean Cocteau, Marc Allégret, Bernard Faÿ, Léonide Massine, Lucien Daudet, René Crevel. The extremely talented and young Raymond Radiguet, at the time lover of Jean Cocteau , based the main character of his novel, Le Bal du comte d'Orgel, on Count Etienne de Beaumont. Their palatial town house on 2 Rue Duroc was built for Prince Masserano and is one of the most beautiful hotel particulier of Paris
Jean de Riquet de Caraman, Duke of Caraman, died on 29 March 2010, aged 93.
He was the son of the Count and Countess Ernest de Caraman, and succeeded as Duke of Caraman in 1960 at the death of his uncle, Duke Charles.
He married firstly in1939 to Nada Esmée Macklin, with whom he had a daughter Christina and a son, François Noël, Marquis de Caraman, who predeceased him; the marriage ended in a divorce in 1966. The following year the Duke married to Elga Helena Sophie Schroers, with whom he had another son, Philippe, the present Duke of Caraman.
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Countess de Ribes is a fascinating woman with an amazing sense of style.
Does anyone know more information about the Castelbajac family?
It's a French marchional family, known since XI century; their fiefdom was the village of Castelbajac, in Hautes-Pyrenees (south-west of France).
The current Marquis of Castelbajac is fashion designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac.

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85-years old Viscount a protagonist of misterious murder in France

A murder trial in the south of France reads like an Agatha Christie novel: the whimsical aristocrat, the rough and ready gardener and the wealthy husband who insists he is innocent.
85-year-old Viscount Amaury d'Harcourt, from a long line of nobility, is accused of disposing of the murder weapon, out of friendship for Mr Bissonnet. - Full article -- Sydney Morning Herald

Le Figaro
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Hey, does anyone have any information of the descendants of Henri Clarke, Comte d'Hunebourg, Duc de Feltre living today (especially anyone who holds the titles today)? Is the male line extinct and if so when did it become extinct in the male line. Thanks
Some information here : Henri Clarke

His eldest son Edgard succeeded him as Duc de Feltre and died in 1852. Nothing is said about potential children for Edgard or any of his brothers (Alphonse and Arthur).

The title probably reverted to the crown in 1852, because another family (related to the Bonapartes in female line) got the right to use the title in 1864. - Charles, conte de Goyon, duc de Feltre
Charles de Goyon was Henri Clarke's great-grandson, as grandson of his eldest daughter Henriette Clarke; he was given the title in 1864 by Emperor Napoleon III.
He married to Leonie de Cambacérès, herself the granddaughter of Charles Lucien Bonaparte, the Prince of Canino, and his wife-cousin Zenaide (nephew and niece of Napoleon I); they were the grandparents of the current Duke of Feltre, Michel de Goyon (b. 1935).
Michel married twice, and has two children (a son and a daughter) from his first marriage.
As any of you heard about an association of the nobility called Cilane? Read about it some time ago
Countess Diane de Castellane ex countess de Noailles, mother in law of Diane d'Orléans princesse de France died on December 11th 2010.
It appears from the death-announcement that her son Alexis and his wife Diane, née d'Orléans have three daughters.
Countess Céline de Noailles (2005), Countess Léontine de Noailles (2006) and Countess Victoire de Noailles.
The three children are great grandchildren of the late Count and Countess of Paris.

Source: Le Figaro death-announcements (18-12-2010)
Nobiliana BAG 2005 and 2006
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You can google Cilane. As for French nobilityblists try heraldic or cyndis list. You can also just google it and have multiple choices.

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Point de Vue came out with an issue a few years back about the French aristocracy where it listed all the noble families by when they were ennobled (Ancien Regime, 1st Empire, Restoration, etc.).
I was searching on web and found another French noble family the House of Beauharnais.I think Eugene de Beauharnais is the head and the heir is Prince Nicolas de Beauharnais.
can anyone tell me is De tallens family existed?
Does the de tallens family ever existed?

Richard de Tallens y Bourbon, isabeau de tallens y bourbon, bjorn de tallens y bourbon?
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Is it true that today's descendants of French royalty and aristocracy pay extra money to have their titles listed on Identity Cards?
Howard Hughes - Descendant of Marquis de La Fayette [1]?


this is my first visist to the Royal Forums and I have a question. A question about the American icon Howard Hughes. You might know him from the movie "Aviator".

Howard hughes' dad married Allene Gano, daughter of Jeannette de la Fayette Grissim [2]. Is de La Fayette Grissim a branch of the de La Fayette family?

I hope, You, the experts, can help me with this.

[1] Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[2] Howard R. Hughes, Sr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am very curious about the genealogy of the Baron Gerard de Waldner. All I know about him is that he has a beautiful hotel particulier on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore and that his mother was friends with QM Elizabeth of UK. His wife is Silva Amelia, a Brazilian that is always on the best dressed lists. Apparently the baron and baronne where invited to the religious cerimony, the luncheon and the reception of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Their, son Édouard de Waldner is currently living in Rio de Janeiro and is going to get married with Manuela Sève on October 22.
François, 14th Duke of La Rochefoucauld, of Liancourt and of Anville, passed away at the château de La Rochefoucauld on 29 November 2011, aged 90.

He was born in Paris on 12 December 1920, second child and oldest son of Jean, 13th Duke of La Rochefoucauld, of Liancourt and of Anville, and his wife, née Edmée Frisch de Fels.
He married three times: firstly from 1946 to 1948 to Jeanine Renée Petit, secondly from 1950 to 1961 to Sonia Marie Matossian and thirdly from 1967 to her death in 2004 to Jeanne Marie de Villiers-Terrage. He had four children (three daughters and a son) by his second wife. His son François Alexandre succeedes him in his titles.

He is survived by his children, their families, a sister-in-law and his younger sister Solange; his older sister Isabelle passed away on 10 September.

La Rochefoucauld
Lenora said:
Is it true that today's descendants of French royalty and aristocracy pay extra money to have their titles listed on Identity Cards?

Unless one lives in the US where they do not put titles on passports or Driving licrnses.
Is it true that today's descendants of French royalty and aristocracy pay extra money to have their titles listed on Identity Cards?

No it's not ...
Philippe, 22nd Prince de Chimay, Prince de Caraman, who will turn 64 in 19 days [son of late Elie, 21st Prince de Chimay, Prince de Caraman (1924-1980) & his wife Marie, nee Manset (b.1926)] married, as his third wife, Mrs. Francoise Bautier, nee Peter in Chimay on 21 September.

He was previously married to Anne-Noelle Ripert (b.1948, from 1973 to 1987) and Christine Goffinet (b.1952, from 1992 to 2010)
With his first wife unite him two sons: Charles-Joseph (12-8-1974) and Jean (26-1-1977) as well as five grandchildren: Louise (4-1-2004), Jeanne (18-2-2006), Paul (31-10-2007) [children of Jean & his wife Marie-Severine, nee Hoare (27-3-1976)], Henriette (11-2-2010) and Joseph (3-8-2011) [children of Carles-Joseph & his wife Amicie, nee Countess of Ursel (12-2-1978)].

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