Nicholas Medforth-Mills (formerly His Royal Highness Prince Nicholas of Romania)

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I suppose sme of these photos have already been put here on this thread but it is always beautiful to see the future King and the good photos/pages dedicated to the Royal Family on Mrs Mandache's blog .
This young man should watch his weight. I do not know if he inherited from a certain generic corpulence or if he regrettably suffered from the junk food love dear to all the teenagers in the UK, but in any case he presents certain «*fat puffinesses" as he could, without finding model's silhouette, losing. It would be only better for his health.

It does not matter, he seems nice and honest and I hope that he estimates this country which he knows still badly, the language and the culture, which he still has time to acquire, and which he will not be discouraged from having to inherit even virtually from a poor country with a dramatic history and with a mistreated and for a long time slave population and not of a pretty bank sorry state as Liechtenstein or Luxembourg, or of a country very quiet and prosperous as Norway.

I also wish him to like the Slavic civilization he who was educated in the Anglo-Saxon one with relatives who spend the overwhelming time of their life outside this country and often surrounded with many close relations who do not speak about a word of Rumanian or very badly.

He seems very in love with his girlfriend, the couple is touching and simple.:flowers:
"Slavic" civilization?Romanians are latin ( like italians, spanish, portuguese and french) not slavic !
"Slavic" civilization?Romanians are latin ( like italians, spanish, portuguese and french) not slavic !

No they belong to the Slavic civilization.
The Romanians are only all the Slavs (Roman Catholics and Orthodox Catholics together) those who were subjected to a bigger Latin influence (type of more direct occupation) the most striking inheritance of which is the language. The Rumanian language is indeed a Latin language as the alphabet.
Romanians belong to the latin peoples of Europe, they represent a latin "island" in the middle of the slavic/fino-ugric areas.
Read something fist about the history of the Romaniand and don't say strange things please.
The Romanians are mainly Slavic people (as descendants of mainly Slavic tribes, naturally with the existence ,before the arrival of Slavic tribes, of peoples as the Dacians, Thracians and the other classic peoples of the Med Sea and many Latins which remainedafter the fall of Empire, and in a more modern time the installation of certain Turkish ethnic groups etc.) and it is genetically proved.
They speak a Romanic language and because of the invasions also have a culture full of nuances where remains a strong Roman tradition. They can say thus perfectly that what makes their cultural peculiarity is the Latin element with regard to their neighbors.

But how you speak about Croats? They were too under domination of Roman Empire, then almost always, under domination or in free state, in the world of the Roman catholiscism, the Roman then Latin inheritance that here in Western Europe we say direct (Germanic Empire, Austrian Empire etc.) and the Czechs?
They are Slavic because they speak a Slavic language?
No these two peoples consider themself Slavic because their ancestors were Slavic after Slavic tribes became majority on their territories. And they are considered as Slavic in the Western Europe. Slavic with a Slavic language, and a culture at once marked by the Slavic culture of the Balkans and the Latin culture of Roman, Germanic empires etc....
And Poles, Slavic people outside Roman Empire but who were then lived after their conversion to the Roman catholicism, in a cultural area influenced by the catholic peoples of Western Europe.
Slavic being is not a defect and covers a multitude of cultures.
The Magyars because they speak a finno - ugric language, are they considered as Asians?
I’m sorry you should write at universities in Western Europe because the Romanians are considered as Slavic and member people of the Slavic civilization (which contains several cultures). Slavic people with a Romanic language and a strong Roman inheritance.
And you should also write at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj. During the European Meetings in 2006, Rumanian professors in a warm welcoming ceremony presented their country as a Slavic country but tell us not to panic because the language is from the Latin (they said to think of Latin speaking with a Polish or Russian accent) and thus we could find a way on panels easily!
Romanians have always been a latin people and not only because of their language.
All the serious historius have never doubted the latin identity of the romanians.Some extremist hungarians still doubt about the latin origin of the romanians because they try to explain their wild conquest of Transylvania at the end of the first millenium.
Not the religion profs the latin identity of a people.The catholics in Romania are only a minority ( both greek-catholics and roman-catholics) but even the orthodox and the protestants romanians declare themseves clearly latin (as language and cultural heritage and identity).
The Dacians had nothing to do with the slavic peoples.
Perhaps it is time to continue this discussion in the Member's corner , so we can leave this thread for prince Nicolae.
Rebecca is I suppose of Irish origins but the family lives in the UK.
I see Rebecca lost quite a bit of weight. Preparing for her future role? :)

I think the next best step for Nicholas is to enrol in the Romanian military as an officer. It would show Romanians his leadership and commitment to the country, as well as helping him get more acquainted with Romanians and the language.

If anyone can get in contact with Nicholas, please forward the sentiments.
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Prince Nicolae must finish his studies in England .
Well yes, of course. That's essential. I meant after his studies.
I see Rebecca lost quite a bit of weight. Preparing for her future role? :)

I think the next best step for Nicholas is to enrol in the Romanian military as an officer. It would show Romanians his leadership and commitment to the country, as well as helping him get more acquainted with Romanians and the language.

If anyone can get in contact with Nicholas, please forward the sentiments.

I strongly advise him to not do such a thing. We already laugh about Prince Radu who parade in a military suit and we don't know why. We like our military people to deal with military career not politics.
I would advise him to learn Romanian (language and customs), to finish his education and to excel in area wich interested him. After that Romanian people (like me) will take him serious.
I did not propose a military career but only to join the military for a short time as other immediate heirs do in other European countries which have a monarchy. Such as Prince William and Prince Harry.

A short stint as an officer in the military will give him a deeper knowledge and understanding of Romanians, the culture and the language. It will also give him the sense of discipline, organisation, duty and leadership.

This is of course after he finishes his studies. That is foremost the most important priority at the moment.

People laugh at Radu prouncing around in military suit not because he's in the military, but first because of the way of the way he became an officer and rose up to become colonel (there are many doubts whether he in fact is a soldier). And second, because he acts like he's the crown prince when in fact his wife will be become the next monarch.

However, an intellectual, statesman and soldier are three qualities of leader highly held by the people in any country. Ergo, Nicholas should join the military for a short while. He's still young and has a lot to learn.

Actually Claudia, you might in fact be right. On rethinking it, it makes more sense if a monarchy is already established and in power. But not in the current circumstances. For now, he should 'learn Romanian (language and customs), to finish his education' and to excel in becoming a statesman, ie not getting into politics but starting initiatives that helps Romania in some way.
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Does he speak Romanain a liitle?
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Not really. I think by now he can say some basic sentences. Nonetheless, he is apparently trying very hard to learn the language well as he plans to move here after his studies.
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The famous romanian historian Neagu Djuvara (descendent of a very ancient family) suggests only Prince Nicolae could bring back the enthusiasm of the Romanians for the Monarchy and he could be a good future King (if he learns very well Romanian) :

Neagu Djuvara: Prin

Neagu Djuvara:
Prince Nicolae was present at the Elisabeta Palace with the occasion of the visit of the hereditary princely couple of Liechtenstein:
Imagini de la vizita princiar

Prince Nicolae accompagnied his aunt,Crown Princess Margareta (she is the patron of this event), at "Tennis for People" event:
Familia Regala - Activitati curente
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This year it was for the first time Prince Nicolae accompagnied his aunt, Crown Princess margareta, at the celebration of the 4th of july at the residence of the american ambassador in Bucharest.

Photos of Prince Nicolae, of the Crown Princess (and of her husband) at the american embassy in Bucharest at the 4th of july:

Ziua de 4 iulie 2011 « Romania. Altfel
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Prince Nicolae spends more and more time in Romania but he is still not know by many Romanians.

Even if the sites of the Royal family and the Romanian Televisions speak about Prince Nicolae especially in the villages he is rather unknown.
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