Names For Future Infante/Infanta

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Girl: Doña Isabel Federica Paloma Sofia María de las Mercedes

Isabel - Queen Isabel II
Federica - Queen Sofia's mother, Queen Friederike
Paloma - Letizia's mother
Sofia - Queen Sofia
María de las Mercedes - Felipe's grandmother

Boy: Don Juan Pablo Alfonso Felipe de Todos los Santos

Juan - Juan Carlos I & his father
Pablo - Queen Sofia's father, King Pavlos
Alfonso - all the kings, plus it is a common middle name amongst the male royal Spaniards
Felipe - Felipe
de Todos los Santos - most of the grandkids (plus Elena, Cristina & Felipe) have this or some form of Saints in their name
Isabel Maria Sofia Paloma for a girl

Juan Felipe Carlos Pelayo for a boy
i vote for isabel if it's girl, nice and traditional name in spanish royals.. and fernando if it's a boy as the first catholic king.
i'm sure there would be some mention to letizia's grandmother menchu and her grandfather who recently passed away, i think his name was jose luis.
I belive that gona have 3 names:

Mercedes, Maria and Frederica.

Juan Carlos ...
I don't think they'll name him Juan. It is already the name of Cristina's eldest son, as well as one of the secondary names of Elena's son.

Maybe they will name him after Juan Carlos's brother who died accidentally or after Sofia's father? (Although Cristina's second son is named Pablo, the Spanish equivalent of Paul.)

I think Fernando or Alfonso are good choices, although I myself do not care for the names, I think Felipe and Letizia are very respectful of history and will honour Spain and the monarchy in the naming of their child.

For a girl I think Isabella is a beautiful Spanish name and probably Maria for the late Countess.
Boy: Pelayo Carlos Alfonso Felipe

Girl: Antonia Isabel Maria Victoria
Girl: Isabella Sophia Paloma Covadonga

Boy: Alfonso Juan pablo Pelayo des todos los santos
Ok, my question is maybe missplaced, but i really like the (female) name Ines - imo, it sounds so mysterious, even sensual, but so refreshing in the same time (even if i doubt that F and L will eventually call their girl that way, it doesnt sound much as a traditionnal name)
so, i wanted to ask some spanish people to tell me more about it: i suppose it.s a modern name (so, is it?), is it more caracteristic for south america than spain, etc etc?
thanks a lot ;)
If she is a girl, could take these names but not in which order:

Isabel: because the two queens who have had in Spain called thus

Sofía: her grandmother (in addition the Infant has left the name him free)

Maria: by the mother of King

Covadonga: because it is very Asturian

Cristina:es a traditional name in the Royal Family and also was the name of the aunt and godmother of Letizia.

If he is a boy he is more complicated:

Pelayo: it can that takes it but I do not believe that it is first.

Juan: a complicated subject, the father of the King never reigned but it is buried like Juan III, so there would be some problem if that is the first name.

Carlos: I like the name, the king is Juan Carlos and I believe that to remember that in family to the Prince they said to him that it looked myself like some Carlos who had been king.

Luis: very Borbón and by the grandfathers of Letizia.

Fernando I do not like, and Alfonso although does not displease the last Alfonsos to me of the family have had complicated histories...
i have no ides but it will be fun to see

will we know the name soon after the birth or will it be later

The choice of the name of the child that will be born in November is not a trivial subject. The baby shall occupy the second position in the succession line to the throne, and it shall be the twelfth Borbón king/queen.
PELAYO and SOFIA are written in capital letters, among the predilections of the Princes.

PELAYO. It was a very popular name, during the Middle Ages; a name that was synonymous of a certain prestige, but nowadays it is practically unused. If in 2003 Sofía occupied the 30th position in the ranking of the most frequent names, Pelayo does not appear in the 155th positions of the statistic provided by the Ine; not even in Asturias, where was born the legend of Don Pelayo.

Etymologically, Pelayo comes from the Greek pelagios and Latin pelagius, and both mean "sailor", "man of the sea". It’s spelled Pelai in Catalan, Pelaxio in Galician and Pelagi in Euskara. The French would call it Pèlage, and both the British and the German would call it Pelagius.

Among the personalities that were given the name of Pelayo, the pages of the Universal History stand out two Popes: Pelayo I (556-561), who was a member of the Roman nobility and a restless artistic man, and Pelayo II, whose papacy was inaugurated in 579, and who was son of a Godo and died in 590, victimized by am epidemic plague. After him, no other Pelayo returned to the cupola of the Catholic Church.

But little influence had these two popes in the Princes choice of Pelayo. The preference would rather be a tribute to Asturias, the land that gives the inheriting title to the Spanish Princes and that is, in addition, the home land of Letizia. There, in the battle of Covadonga, was forged the legend of Don Pelayo, king of Asturias. The son of Favila and cousin of king Don Rodrigo (the last of the Godos kings), was the initiator of the Spanish Re-conquest to the Muslims. He was born at the end of the VII century and died in 737. For those who love prophecies, there’s a legend circulating on the Internet saying that a certain Pelayo would unite Spain and another one would end up breaking it. The son of the Princes of Asturias would reign as Pelayo I.

However, Don Pelayo is not only tied to the Muslims, but also with St. Pelayo, who is celebrated on June 26th (two days after the onomástica of Don Juan Carlos). Born in Tuy, at the beginning of the X century, he was captured by the Muslims at the age of 10, and taken to Córdova. There, he was martyred for refusing to resign to his faith, and then woulf finally die at the age of 14 years old.

The manuals dedicated to adjudge people’s characteristics, based on the name they were given at their birth, say that Pelayos have a quite relaxed personality and that they are fond of mediating conflicts. They can have artistic or musical talents, but it’s hard for them to concentrate. They are, in addition, spontaneous, expansive and enjoy very much other people's happiness.

SOFIA. It's unnecessary to say that this choice would be a tribute of Princes ofAsturias to Doña Sofía. And, according to Ricardo Mateos (in La familia de la Reina Sofía), this name was imposed to her by popular acclamation. Queen Federica, mother of Doña Sofía, said, shortly after her baptism: "We wanted to call her Olga, but when she was born, the crowd approached the house shouting: Sofía!… and that was all". The girl was baptized as Sofía Margarita Victoria Federica.

Sofía, as the Queen of Spain, is a name of Greek origin, coming from the root sofos-, synonymous of wisdom. If the future child of the Princes was a girl and there was no constitutional impediment to her accessing to the throne, she would reign as Sofía I. It would be written Sofía in Castilian, Catalan, Galician and Italian, but it would be Sope in Euskara, Sophia in English and German, and Sophie in French.

In the statistical territory, Sofía appears on the top ten of the Spaniards' preferences to name their children. According to the INE, in 2002, the name was given to 1404 (of a total of 202851) children, and in the following year, the Sofías reached the number of 1547 (of a total of 213301) children.

Throughout the World History, Sofía has been the name of queens in Byzantium, Greece, Austria, the Netherlands, Prussia, Russia and Sweden. There are also five Saints named Sofía. On September 30th, the Catholics celebrate a martyr from the early times of the Christianity, who underwent the persecution of emperor Adrian. She had to attend the death of her three daughters, also martyrs: Faith, Hope and Charity.

Regarding their characteristics, the girls named Sofía are considered to be women of high ideals and principles, very sensible before beauty, great readers and students, but allergic to the heavy or monotonous work, and always in search of stability.
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I was counting our members' preferences, and it seems Sofia tops all the names for a girl... :)
For the little girl, it's hard for me to find another name than Sofia. It's really beautiful and the Queen would be certeinly "muy contenta". Maybe Isabell, like many Spanish queens from the past?
Anyway, I don't like Pelayo. Poor child! The Princes should remember, that their son will be not only a future king, but also a normal kid, who will go to school, play with other children, etc. It's surely not nice to have a name, that no other boy in school have!
LaChicaMadrilena said:
For the little girl, it's hard for me to find another name than Sofia. It's really beautiful and the Queen would be certeinly "muy contenta". Maybe Isabell, like many Spanish queens from the past?
Anyway, I don't like Pelayo. Poor child! The Princes should remember, that their son will be not only a future king, but also a normal kid, who will go to school, play with other children, etc. It's surely not nice to have a name, that no other boy in school have!
Yeah, I agree with you, ChicaMadrilena!
Isabel is a beautuful and traditional name, especially for a queen, and Sofia would be a touching tribute to a great beloved queen.
Pelayo and Covadonga may be quite Asturian names, but they're too odd! I can't see a future king/queen of Spain named Pelayo or Covadonga :D Perhaps as a second (or third, fourth, fifth...:p ) name, but not as the first one.
Name Suggestions

Guess please

for Letizia and Felipe's baby name
For little Infante: Juan Luis (Letizia's grandfather) Jesus Alfonso
absolutely not Pelayo!!!:eek:
For little Infanta: Sofia Isabella Maria Mercedes
absolutely not Covadonga!!!:eek:
Infanta: Juana or Carlota
Infante: Diego, Miguel, Alfonso
Boy: Juan Pelayo Covadonga Felipe

Girl: Isabel Sofia Paloma Mercedes
Girl: Victoria Theresa/Teresa (sp?) Sofia Anna
Boy: Carlos Alfonso Juan Luis
Baby Names

A few ideas after looking at the family tree and baby name websites. For some reason more boys names than girls.

Boy: Alejandro, Emilio, Jorge, Leonardo, Nicolas, Xavier, Fernando, Carlos
Girl: Beatriz, Carmen, Isabel, Teresa, Luisa, Lucia
(Most of the names have really lovely meanings)
Is it true that the new law in Spain says that a child can only take 2 names? Therefore, my guess is Juan Carlos II if it's a boy and Sofia "something" if it's a girl.
I hope that they have a baby girl named Sofia del Pilar and that she becomes the Queen of Spain... but maybe I'm dreaming too much.
I'd love Sofia Isabel for a girl! That sounds so nice and regal.
i can't wait to hear the actual name - wouldn't it be kind of funny if one of our forum members got the name exactly right?
Infanta: Victoria Eugenie Sofia Mercedes
Infante: Carlos-Felipe Juan Alfonso

Is it true that the new law in Spain says that a child can only take 2 names?

I think so but the royal family don't register with everyone else so they can have more than two names.

Even if Pelayo or Covadonga are not the child's first name they will probably still be called that. For example the child of Infanta Elena, his first name is Felipe but the press calls his Froilan witch is his third name.
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