My story of how Iam related to queen elizabeth

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How Iam related to Queen Elizabeth ll-hopefully my computer wont screw up this time!

So whoever read my thread entitled :MY story and how Iam related to Queen Elizabeth realized that I only said 5 words and the rest of the story isnt there!:bang:I wasnt trying to be a tease or anything but after I post this huge description of how I am related to her I submitted what I said and then it said I could not perform the function and made me do a relogin to the system and so everything got erased and when I did the message a second time it only submitted part of what I said!:bang: Then I could not enter the rest of the story after it was posted even though I hit EDIT and it still would not correct the error so I have 153 people that viewed that post and probably think Iam a fool!:whistling: So anyway this is the story:On my granmothers side of the family I find that Iam related to the Stuarts.Right before my ancestry crosses into the Stuart part I come to a guy named John Lyon 3rd Lord of Glamis,he marries a Stuart princess.So when I saw his name I looked him up on wikipedia.I found out that he is a common ancestor to none other than the Queen mother which was the mother to Queen Elizabeth.So that means since the Queen is related to John Lyon through one of his other children which would be a sibling to my ancestor (his other child) doesnt that mean that the Queen is a kind of Great Aunt to me? can anyone help me answer this question?
Hello My son is a Pagent King can he still marry a lady and call her his queen
we Have 2 cristal Crown and I want him to keep doing Pageants to stay pagent and State King can he get marry at age 21 and call his wife Queen or Do he marry now at Age 5 years old
Hello My son is a Pageant King

Hello and :welcome:
hello need to ask my son is doing Pageants and I need to know
now that my son keep winning the high title King at his Pageasnts
when can my son find him a queen what age do u think is best
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