Most fashionable maternity wardrobe?

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Which Crown Princess has the most fashionable maternity wardrobe

  • Letizia of Spain

    Votes: 64 24.4%
  • Mary of Denmark

    Votes: 123 46.9%
  • Mathilde of Belgium

    Votes: 29 11.1%
  • Maxima of the Netherlands

    Votes: 19 7.3%
  • Mette-Marit of Norway

    Votes: 27 10.3%

  • Total voters
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Mar 15, 2005
United States
Which pregnant crown princess do you think has the best and most fashionable maternity wardrobe?

Or Letizta?
So far, Letizia. Out of the pictures I've seen so far she has the biggest "bump" so it's got to be more difficult to find clothes that fit and look good and yet in every photograph she is absolutely captivating.
Princess Letizia
mette marit of course
Crown Princess Mary has the best fashionable maternity wardrobe. She has the best fashionable wardrobe to start with and probably to end with. Other crown princesses have numerous qualities but Mary, well for her it's fashion. Simple as that. Move away Marie-Chantal!
Princess Mary is my choise without any doubt!
Definately CP Mary. She's got clothes that shows off her bump subtly and elegantly. I love all the soft and pastel colours she's been using so much and she's simply been glowing! Her wardrobe is unique and feminine. I love it! :D
norwegianne said:
What about Mathilde of Belgium?

Mathilde is a lovely lady and will be a great Queen for Belgium but imo she's too much conservative in what concerns to cloth. I adore Mary's wardrobe: it's modern, stylish, well designed and well done, etc etc etc. I think she is just great! :)
i think mary sometimes dresses lovely, but someothers the accessories or the way she combines colours or clothes sometimes fails. letizia also dresses nicely, but maybe a some details (in clothes or accesories) would make her look better. i would say mathilde, maxima or sophie of liechtenstein are some of the best when talking about dressing, not loosing elegance even when pregnant. martha louise or infanta cristina also have a very lively way to dress: you can tell how happy they feels when pregnant with such vivid colours.
I vote for Mary - modern, stylish, a little sexy in the evenings.

And I vote for Maxima as second choice - her joie de vivre lifts her clothing choices into stylishness, even though in and of themselves the clothes are not as great as Mary's.
I've added a poll where you can choose from Letizia, Mary, Mathilde, Maxima and Mette-Mette as to whom has the most fashionable maternity wardrobe. The poll will close in 90 days.

If you wish to share examples of your favourite princess, please do so via links to images around the forums or through photobucket or similar account. Have fun!
ap3 said:
I vote for Mary - modern, stylish, a little sexy in the evenings.

Hi ap3

Yeah, I agree with you 100%. I vote for Mary too.

I am a huge fan of Letizta, I just love how casual she dresses and I think that I'd dress more like her. Still I pick Mary over all because I love her outfits, pregant or not she always seems to dress so stylish and classy and at night it's like she throws a bit of "spice" into her outfits.
They're all lovely, but I think Mary has been looking the best!
Maxima defnitely! she doesnt wear maternity clothes that are tight around the tummy-like some of the other princesses do sometimes-which is VULGAR.
pollyemma said:
Maxima defnitely! she doesnt wear maternity clothes that are tight around the tummy-like some of the other princesses do sometimes-which is VULGAR.

One would think that the one time most women would want to wear things that are tight around their bellies and to draw attention to that part of their body is when they're pregnant!

Like most people there are parts of my body that I am not thrilled with, especially drawing emphasis to such regions. So during the summer I wear a tankini rather than a bikini. But the one time in my life when I will wear a bikini is when I am pregnant -- to show off my pregnant belly and the joy that is to come in my life.

(Also, kind of hard for clothes not to be tight around the area -- when something is bulging a few inches out of you, unless you are just wearing a sheet, everything naturally clings to you. ;) )
My votes goes to Letizia, Mathilde and Mary! They make pregency look fashionable, how i wish i cld hve their looks when i was pregant - alas, i just look like a oversize beach ball!!
I'd have to say Mathilde of Belgium, with Mary and Letizia tying for a close second. :)
i vote CP Mary she looks great in her maternity clothes well done! and more lots of clothes of her maternity collection different

Sara Boyce
Well, my first post. Hi everyone.

My choice, without a doubt would have to be Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. I think very highly of my fellow ex-countrywoman, and her wardrobe just as much for that matter. Her choice in maternity wear has been splendid.

And Mary may be stunning in photo's, but its no competition to actually standing before her and engaging in a most lovely conversation. Her skin is like porcelain, and glows remarkably, her eyes are gorgeous and her smile...well, I dont recall ever seeing a smile so natural, warm and sincere in all my born days.

Frederik himself is also a stunner. Theres no doubt about that.

My very kind regards to you all,

Welcome to the Royal Forums Margrethe II! I hope that you will enjoy posting on more than one forum now that you taken your first step on this thread. Happy posting!
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