Most beautiful Jordanian Royal Ladies?

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Queen Rania Is Most Beautiful

No Doubt About It. Queen Rania Looks Most Beautiful Of All Royals. Beyond Looks, Her Charming Personality, Her Grace, Her Kind Heart, And Her Intellect Are All Part Of Her Uncontested Royal Beauty.
Here are a few pictures of Jordanian Royal Ladies, which might be useful to make up your mind! :flowers:
Unfortunately not all Royal Ladies are included. And note that I have chosen the pictures randomly, some of them are old and some simply can't show the true beauty of Ladies, depicted on them.

Queen Rania - 1 , 2
Queen Noor - 1 , 2
Queen Dina - 1
Queen Alia - 1
Princess Sarvath - 1 , 2 (unfortunately both pictures are quite small)
Princess Haya - 1 , 2
Princess Rym - 1
Princess Ghida - 1
Princess Badiya - 1 , 2
Princess Aisha - 1 , 2
Princess Raiyah - 1
Princess Noor - 1
Princess Iman - 1
Abeer Muhaisin - 1
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With heavy make up & fancy gowns:wacko: naaaah, not natural,
I would say:
1.Queen Noor
2.Princess noor
3.Princess Aisha
4.Princess Haya
we shouldn't count fake beauty ..

the most beauty royals in Jordan are:

Queen Alia # 1

Princess Haya # 2

princess Noor # 3
suria said:
we shouldn't count fake beauty ..

Totaly agree with you

To me:

1- Queen Alia
2- Queen Dina
3- Princess Noor
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Queen Rania
Princess Noor
Princess Haya
Princess Ghida
Queen Rania
Princess Haya
Queen Alia
Princess Noor
Queen Alia
Princess Haya
Princess Aisha
Queen Alia #1
princess Haya #2
princess Eman#3
prinsess Gaida#4
For me beauty is question of natural and glowing,my choice:

1-Queen Noor (she's just stunning and still at more than 50y,yet she doesn't changed a lot after being more than 20 years a Queen,she has standards of a Miss World or Miss Universe)

2-Princess Noor (just a cutie glowing natural beauty which shines)

3-Queen Alia (her beauty is in her eyes and smile)

IMO Haya has a very cute face but not a beautiful body,Ghaida is beautiful but has a bit strong features for my taste and Rania used to be beautiful when she was new queen
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Thank you to Avalon for updating your list above - royal watchers can now click on two pictures of the very pretty Princess Badiya IMO she looks like a beautiful lady from an Egyptian tomb, she has that classic face.
I think queen Rania is the most beautiful in the royal family of jordan!! queen Nor is aldo pretty! but Rania is the TOP:wub:
P.Haya (the most beautiful princess EVER, in all royal famil;ies after Maxima "if that's her name,lol")
I forgot to put Princesse Haya, she's also pretty!!
so the ordering for me is:
1.Queen Rania
2.Queen Noor
3.Princess Haya
and that's all!!
Except fron Queen Rania who is the best imo not only among other Jordanian ladies but among also among international stars and celebrities, also Abeer Muhaisin has objectively beautiful face as I see in her photo in 64 post by Avalon.:flowers:
1.Queen Rania
2.Princess Haya
3.Princess Noor
4.Queen Alia
5.Princess Badiya
without doubt, Queen Rania. but other Jordanian Royal ladies are amazingly beautiful...
Princess Salha the sister of princess Noor.
princessnoorhamzah said:
What about P. Fadah Al Hashim ?

Goed point. Sincerly I forget that she exist sometimes.:ohmy:. I think because we don't hear anything about her.
Fahdah appears very beautiful in the single photo we have of her, but perhaps people think just one photo is not enough to make a judgement?
Without any Hair done up right or make up or fancy clothes. Natural beauty,
Princess Haya
Queen Alia
Queen Rania
and so on... There are many......
Claudia Lisa Remy said:
Without any Hair done up right or make up or fancy clothes. Natural beauty,
:ROFLMAO: I really want to see that.
They all are Beautiful but I think that between Queen Noor and Queen Rania it is hard choose one. I do agree that natural beauty in general is what should matter.
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