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The site is getting very busy and the staff and the members are preoccupied with the imminent Royal Wedding - the former in last-minute planning and preparation, the latter in anticipation. However I'm sure everyone will do what they can to assist. :)
For fans of Prince Harry

Request for member assistance received from the Rare Day production company based in London.

. .. .

Calling Harry Fans!

I'm making a celebratory documentary about Prince Harry’s fans.

It will look at the public’s affectionate relationship with the third in line to the throne
and explore what it is about Harry that people find so endearing.

The documentary is being made by Rare Day for Channel Four’s critically acclaimed First Cut strand.

If you can help me with my research - with facts about Harry, or tips and advice, I'd love to hear from you!

With very best wishes,
T: +44 (0) 020 7749 0069
W: Rare Day


Request for assistance/opportunty for potential contestants
ITV1 show "May The Best House Win"

. .. .

"May The Best House Win"
ITV1 television show [UK]

My name is Rob Thoday and I'm an Assistant Producer working on the popular ITV1 show 'May The Best House Win'
link: May The Best House Win - ITV Lifestyle
The show is a massively successful programme that is very similar in format to Channel 4's 'Come Dine With Me'.

Instead of contestants going head to head in a battle of dinner parties our show sees each contestant viewing each others homes and giving it a mark out of ten.
At the end of the episode the person with the most points wins a £1000 prize.

We are currently in the process of developing a special Royal edition of the show and I am very keen to get in touch with anyone who may be interested in taking part.

I am looking for potential contestants residing in London, Surrey or the surrounding areas (although we are taking applications from further afield into consideration) that have a Royal connection or heritage that may enjoy taking part in a show such as ours.

The show is a great deal of fun for everyone taking part and gives contestants the chance to have a look around each others properties in the name of entertainment.

Rob Thoday

Assistant Producer 'May The Best House Win'

phone contact: 0161 952 1346
email contact:

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Request for assistance/opportunty for potential participants
ITV1 "Dickinson's Real Deal" Antiques show

. .. .

"Dickinson's Real Deal"

ITV1 television show [UK] presented by David Dickinson

[FONT=&quot]Dickinson’s Real Deal[/FONT] is currently the most popular daytime show on ITV and is regularly watched by over six million people a week. Back for an eighth series, David Dickinson and the dealers are traveling around the country looking for some more “bobby dazzlers” brought in by members of the public.

honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Dickinson’s Real Deal will be visiting three royal boroughs:

1. Windsor - Saturday 14th January
2. Leamington Spa – Saturday 21st January
3. Wootton Bassett – Saturday 28th January

As part of these celebratory shows we are keen to speak to all you ardent royalist collectors out there to feature in a
special section of the programme!

We would like to hear from anyone that has items relating to the birth and childhood of Queen Elizabeth II, her 1953 coronation,
the Silver and Golden Jubilee celebrations and other items associated with key birthdays, wedding anniversaries
and state visits during her reign, alongside any other collections relating to the Royal Family.

If you would be interested in taking part in the programme, then call us now!
We would love to hear from you.

[FONT=&quot]-> Contact[/FONT]

The Dickinson’s Real Deal Team
RDF Television West
Regent House
Regent Street

0117 970 7618


twitter: @ITVRealDeal[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] search for ITVRealDeal[/FONT]​

Dream of Queen Elizabeth II


I'm doing research for an art project which I would like to show during the celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee so I would like to ask if you ever dreamt of Queen Elizabeth II and if yes, can you please tell me your dream?


Yes, yes, I did, and recently.

I work in a major hospital in the south. The queen came for a visit, and one of the doctors I know made a point to introduce me to Her Majesty. I went off to do something and saw the queen a little later on and tried to strike up a conversation with her about horses or corgi's, but in my dream the only time she would ever talk to someone was just after she had been introduced to them. So, she wouldn't chat with me since time had passed since we had been introduced.
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Garden Party

Hi there,

I work for a TV production company that is looking for individuals who have attended a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and met and spoken to Queen Elizabeth II for a TV project.

If you fit the bill and would be interested in finding out more information please contact me at with the following information.

1. When and why you were invited to Garden Party and your feelings in the run up to the event.
2. How your experience of meeting the Queen was.
3. Your location.
4. Your contact details for me to get in touch and provide more information on this opportunity.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

'The Queen & I' documentary - request for assistance by ITV [UK]

- Request for assistance -
- ITV [UK] documentary celebrating the Diamond Jubilee -

°. ° .°


"The Queen & I"
ITV documentary

To celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee ITV is making a documentary using the public’s home movie footage and stories
to give a unique view of the Queen’s 60 year reign.

Do you have home movie footage that shows a Royal occasion that you will remember forever?

Perhaps you captured a Royal visit to your area, a place of work or school?

Maybe you, a friend, colleague or relative filmed a landmark moment in The Queen’s reign such as the
Silver or Golden Jubilee celebrations or events around the time of Diana’s death?

If so, we would love to hear from you!

Maybe YOUR moving footage and your story could be part of the Queen’s story as she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee.

Get in touch via email

or call
0113 222 7772

(standard network rates apply)

Rob Thoday
Assistant Producer, ITV Studios
Manchester, UK

Unseen Pictures of the Queen to mark her 60 years reign - help needed!

[FONT=&quot]Hi There,[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]To mark 60 years of The Queen's reign the Diamond Jubilee will take place in 2012. The celebrations will centre around an extended weekend in 2012 on 2, 3, 4 and 5 June.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]We are a worldwide Photo agency looking for unseen pictures of the Queen to publish in newspapers to celebrate the Queen's reign.[/FONT]
We are looking for unseen pictures of the Queen of England that any one might have on this site.

If anyone is interested in having their pictures published, please can they contact me on the email below.

Any questions please email me.

Thank you.

Tom Howell
Exclusive Pix
Exclusive Pix - Worldwide PR &amp Corporate Photo Agency[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
Personal Stories needed to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee

Hi There,

To mark 60 years of The Queen's reign the Diamond Jubilee will take place in 2012. The celebrations will centre around an extended weekend in 2012 on 2, 3, 4 and 5 June.

We are a worldwide photo and news agency looking for anyone that has met the queen and has a story to tell with pictures accompanying the story.

We are looking at publishing this story to celebrate the queens diamond Jubilee.

Please contact me by email if you have a story to tell.

Thank you.

Tom Howell
Exclusive Pix - Worldwide PR &amp Corporate Photo Agency
BBC Newsline in Northern Ireland


- A Message from the BBC -

Northern Ireland-based BBC Newsline news programme

Seeking all and any ‘local’ stories relating to the Diamond Jubilee

Have you met the Queen?
What are your memories of the Silver Jubilee?
Do you have any film or photographs you can share?
Are you planning a street party?
Is your company providing materials for the Queen’s official celebrations?

If you are able to assist in any way,
please contact Natasha Sayee at BBC Newsline.


:crown5:. . . . . :crown5:

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TV company looking for the biggest royal fan...

back2back Productions Ltd, Brighton, England

TV companylooking for the biggest royal fan
of Wills 'n' Kate, Harry, and Diana


We are currently working on a Documentary Series about the British Royal family, titled The Royals.

In this series we celebrate everything that makes the British Royal family unique. We will unveil the traditions and the history of one of the most influential institutions in the world. They are not just a British obsession but a global phenomenon.

We are looking for the most dedicated, knowledgeable fans of the royals, specifically a real admirer of William & Catherine, Prince Harry or the late Diana, Princess of Wales

> Please contact me

Thanks :)
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I am an academic, working at King's College, London and I'm doing some research on Royal Events in London, in particular the 1953 Coronation and the recent Jubilees, and the experiences enjoyed by people watching these events on big screens in London.

I would like to talk to people who watched any or all of:

the Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the big screens either along the river route or in London Parks;

the Golden Jubilee concert on the big screens in the Mall;

the 1953 Coronation on the cinema screen in the Royal Festival Hall.

If you are able to help me with this, of have friends, family or colleagues who you think might, do please get in touch.
Thank you so much, I very much look forward to hearing from you.

> You can find more details about me, my work, and my contact details here: King's College London - Dr Ruth Adams

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information about my project. If you are willing to act as a respondent, I can promise you confidentiality, and anonymity if you wish, and that I will not take up much of your time.

Many thanks and all best wishes
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To give you a clearer picture of my research project, here are the questions I would like to ask respondents...

Firstly, a few questions about yourself, please.

What is your age, and your occupation? Where do you live? (region/country)

Questions relating to the event and your experience of it:

Which Royal event(s) did you attend?

Why did you decide to attend in person, rather than watch it on the television?

From where did you view it?

Did you attend alone, or with family and friends?

Did you watch all, or just part of the event on the screens? If the latter, why was this?

Did you plan to watch the event on the screens, or was it more a question of comfort and necessity - i.e. issues of crowding or not being able to see the 'real life' action?

Did you feel you were missing out by watching the event on the screens rather than 'the real thing'?

What was the atmosphere like in the crowd?

Did people respond to the action on the screen? And if so, in what ways? Did their responses differ to those watching the real action?

Have you watched other live events on big screens in public places (sporting events, for example). If so, were there any notable differences between those and the Royal event you attended?

Any other information about your experience that you might like to add would also be most welcome.
English Radio in Germany (Oldenburg)

English Radio in Germany

I am the producer of a live radio programme broadcast in English in northern Germany
and would like to hear from a keen supporter of royalty in general.

You would be asked questions about royals in general, royal families in Europe
and, of-course, the British royal family.

We are not looking for experts - just ordinary people with a passion for royalty
and the ability to fight their corner.

Ideally you would be able to come to our studio in Oldenburg.
Since the chances of that are slim we would ask the next best thing: to join us via Skype.

Air date is Saturday 19th of January at 12.00 noon cet.

We are on FM in the area and on the internet (English Radio in Germany)

Could interested members please contact me:

Barrie Redfern

at email:

Thanks, Barrie.

Royalty Book

Hi guys,

I am currently in the (slow) process of writing a book on royalty called If You're a Princess, Where's Your Crown?

It's going to be a look at all of the royal families, as well as royal protocol, orders, tiaras, palaces, titles, succession, etc.

I'm in need of photos! I'm looking for photos of royalty that you have taken and would give me permission to use. I would prefer photos of all of the families except the British. We see them all of the time (at least in the Western media) so I'd like to limit them to just a few photos (I've got one of Elizabeth so far) and I'd prefer to focus on everyone else.

So if you've taken photos of the royals out on a visit/working or if you've seen them on the balcony or whatever, I'd really love to use the photos! I'd especially love if it you've got photos of someone curtseying/bowing to another royal.

Thank you guys!
From Maverick TV (London)

Maverick TV is looking for ardent fans of the Royal Family who have struggled to lose weight on a number of diets
and would like some help to kick start their weight loss journey.

Using research from Yale University, our series will look at using motivational techniques to aid someone's weight loss,
by working with a subject that is close to their heart.

Ideally, we're looking for someone who has a large collection of memorabilia that would be visual for TV
and can demonstrate a love for the UK Monarchy.

Successful applicants will have a history of trying numerous diets, not be dieting currently
and be willing to take part in a head to head weight loss challenge.

Please email for more information,
including your name, daytime telephone number
and some details about why you love the Royal Family.

From a show on 'France 2' television

This show is looking for passionate fans of the British Royal Family who could share their experiences or memories of major royal events

Here is the message that was received...

I am a French journalist working for a popular TV show on the channel "France 2", in France.
We are currently working on a program about the British Royal Family.

I am trying to get testimonies from real fans who can talk about their passion and who have memories of major events for the Royal Family, for example the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, the death and funeral of Diana in 1997, etc.

Is there anyone who is interested in sharing their experiences and memories of some of these major royal events, and perhaps be interviewed?
It would be really great to exchange information with you!

Please do not hesitate to contact me on my email

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Julie Le Minor


Queen Elizabeth Superfans Needed


I hope it's ok that I post this here - I thought your members might be interested in taking part or spreading the word.

We are casting directors based in London and we are currently looking for Queen Elizabeth superfans for an online film.

Please find all the information regarding the job below:


Kate and Lou Casting are searching for:

For an online commercial for a London tourism agency

We are looking for a WOMAN
Ideally the same age as the Queen – turning 90 in 2016 (we are also open to considering ladies who are 80 and over)

Interesting characters with lots of enthusiasm, pride and affinity for the Queen! Royal collectors perhaps or someone who has been following the Queen since young age.
We are after someone with a real passion for the Queen and the Royal Family.

Successful candidate will take part in the shoot where they will be given a unique, special Royal Family themed experience!
They will be taken to London, all expenses paid, where they will will stay in a 5* hotel during their time in the capital.
There will be a small film crew filming them at points as they undertake their special experience.

They would need be free and available to visit London between 18th January and 5th February 2016 for minimum of 5 days.
Our chosen lady can bring a friend or a relative.

If you would like to apply (or know someone who fits the brief) please send your

Many thanks
Kate and Lou Casting
Kate and Lou Casting
Looking for a British royal memorabilia collector for magazine supplement


I am a journalist at the Observer magazine. We're looking for someone who lives in the UK and has a collection of royal memorabilia - some nice plates, mugs, souvenirs, etc - to take part in a magazine feature.

It's for a regular slot in the magazine called 'What Does This Say About Me?' which appears both in print and online: What does this say about me? | Life and style | The Guardian

It doesn't have to be a huge collection, we're not looking for people who have dedicated their lives to finding royal memorabilia, just an interesting assortment that would look good on camera.

We're hoping to speak to someone as soon as possible!

If you are interested in taking part please send an email with a photo of your memorabilia (a phone snap is fine) to

Many thanks,

Are you getting married on 19th may 2018? Wedding tv documentary needs you!



If so, Keshet Productions (the makers of BBC drama The A Word and ITV2’s Celebrity Showmance) would love to speak to you about being involved in an exciting wedding documentary!

We’re looking for couples who are happy to have their wedding televised as part of an uplifting TV show that will feature a broad range of different ceremonies.

For more information, and to find out how to get involved, please contact our friendly Assistant Producer Jaime Brown on 020 3771 0037 or
Are You Distantly Related to the British Royals?


I'm a TV producer in the UK and I'm looking into a story about individuals who have discovered a family tree link with the British Royal family. Either modern members, or from back in history.

Has anyone here got Royal ancestry?

If so, I'd love to hear more...
Hi I'm an American descendant of Col. Nicholas Spencer, Cousin to George Washington , Lady Diana, Winston Churchill and through Nicholas's Mother Mary Gostwick , related to the Plantagenet Kings up through Norman Rollo , And to Charlemagne .
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I am also in the us with a documented descent from william i

are you considering anyone not living in the uk? if so, people living elsewhere should not respond any further

if the answer to the above is yes, how will any interview or gathering of stories be handled?
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Footage

Finestripe Productions in the UK is making a very special one-off film for ITV to celebrate the wedding day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, ahead of their 10th wedding anniversary in April.

The film will look back at that amazing day and talk to some of the people directly involved in the event itself.

We would also love to include some home movie/phone footage from people who were in the watching crowds and perhaps captured something special or unusual.

Were you there? Do you have some footage from the day you would like to share?

Please email me at

Thank you.

Is this project still active?

I am also an American with a family tree that is not typical for us. I currently have over 1200 Monarchs, Consorts and Regents tagged on my ancestry tree, many of whom I descend from repeatedly. The last one right now is James IV of Scotland. I descend from 3 of his children. Before him, I would share thousands of common ancestors with your Queen. I also share common ancestors with most of the other European monarchs.

My tree is only my ancestors. I know I have common ancestors with the Queen Mother and there is indication of the Spencer’s, too. They would not be too much closer, but maybe a bit.

One of my ancestors was James I/VI second tutor. Another was one of his favorites with hints that James was infatuated with the Duke. That is the last time that I have documentation of my ancestors around a king. It is possible there are some who knew the monarchs or royal family in the 1700’s.

I would like to see your program, if you produce one.
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