Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora and Emma Tallulah: discussion Part II

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That doesn't explain if she was kicked off or not. Although I'm not even aware of how the show works. Is the point just to come on and sing anonymously in costume?

Yes, and the panel has to guess who it is (they are given some clues as well). The best singers advance to the next round and the less impressive singers will not move on and have to reveal their identity.

Never seen the whole show but that's what I got from watching small parts of it from various countries (on YouTube).

Another song by 'Dandy' aka Maud:

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She reminds me of one of my favorite channels on YouTube.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Maud has seen this as well.
The tiara looks very much like the design of Sweden's Edwardian Ruby tiara (I can't remember the exact name of it!) ... except this one doesn't include rubies. Does anyone know if the Norwegian royal family owns this one or perhaps it was borrowed from a jeweler?

This tiara has never seen before on a norwegian Royal lady so propaply it was borrowed from a Jeweller. Interesting that she did not loan her mother's small diamond tiara.
Pretty sure it's a loan from jeweller or auction house as IIRC I've seen it before.

Edit: actually put up for auction in 2018. Anyway would be surprised if it's purchased.
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And who is he?

Leah Isadora's boyfriend appears in one of her instagram photos featured in this "Billed Bladet" news. But his name is not known, nor more information.
Leah Behn, the daughter of Princess Märtha Louise and the late Ari Behn, has received a lot of attention for the fashion series that can be found in the February issue of ELLE.
After she herself shared some of the photos on her own Instagram, the comments have not been long in coming. The post has had over 100 comments and among those who have commented are Märtha Louise and her fiancé Shaman Durek.
Leah Behn – Bildene av Leah i ELLE vekker stor oppmerksomhet
I fail to recognise Emma! She grows a lot.
Wearing a tiara for her 18th birthday.
When is her birthday? She's still only 14.
Se will turn 15 on September 29.
I do like the tradition (it seems) that alle women wear their 'confirmation clothes' as well on the day that a close family member has hers.
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