Mary is Pregnant

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ingenue said:
everyone is awaiting the big day!
Isn't that the truth? I was at a showing of a World Cup qualifying match (Norway-Moldova) earlier today, and suddenly a message came across the screen that there would be extra-ordinary news at half-time... Everybody was like: - "it's Mary - she's given birth... " as they usually just do those things around royal news and natural disasters - Turned out to be extra news about the earthquake. We were all a bit let down about it.
Will the big event be announced after Mary gave birth, or when she will be taken to the hospital?
I think it's going to be a boy, and I can't wait to find out!!!
I imagine we'll know when she's been taken to the hospital. The royal court will only announce that the baby's been born, not that she's been taken to the hospital. You can guarantee though, that reporters and TV cameras will be stationed at the hospital and outside Mary and Frederik's home to get the first dibs on the news.
This is how Denmark will welcome the new Heir to the Throne

Thousands of fires will be lighted through the country and 21 canon shots will be fired from the Castle where Hamlet took place, to announce the birth of Frederic and Mary's child


The first son of prince Federik and princess Mary will be received by the Danish citizens with a greeting of 21 canon shots from the old canons at the Kronborg Fortress, in Helsingor.

Allthough traditionally the 21 cannon shots would mean a boy 17 a girl, has been arranged, to this occasion, that, independently of the sex of the baby, there will be 21 shots. Thirty four professional artillerymen will be ready, as soon as the happy event takes place, to shoot from the Real Castle of Krongbor in Helsingor (Elsinore).

The fortress, constructed in 1547 to dominate the water Straits between Denmark and Sweden has an enormous symbolic value for the Danish and world-wide is known like the Castle of Elsinore, where Hamlet, the tragedy of Shakespeare, took place.

Besides, there is a legend, that in the deep caves of this castle a national hero resides - Holger the Danish - who wears an iron suit and knows, through his dreams, everything what happens in Denmark. For that reason, if at some moment the danger watched the nation, Holger would awake to return to the world and would beat so hard that their blows would be heard in all the Earth places.

With the aid of old military maps the good new will be celebrated, also, with the beginning of an ancient tradition that could go back at the age of Bronze. The idea was conceived by two astronomers become fond of of Aalborg, Helge Selchau and Ole Fastrup; and the project, has been elaborated jointly by the National Military service and the Jutlandés newspaper under the direction of Lisbeth Frost Jensen. The first bonfire will ignite in Copenhagen and, later, successively the rest of bonfires until arriving at the most recondite corners of the country - like a wave that will cross all Denmark quickly, says the director of the project – using thee old knolls that are indicated in ancient military maps.

:) (from
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Does she due anyday now , or will we have to wait a little bit ?:)

I'm going away for the weekend - I hope I'm near a computer or I won't know whats going on!
I'm not loving the sleeveless look for her portrait; seems too informal.
Emilia said:
Does she due anyday now , or will we have to wait a little bit ?:)

CP Mary will dues anyday but im not sure what she wanted to birth of her first child but i think someone says CP Mary would have her baby by end of October or before end of October but we have wait and see at her birth

Sara Boyce
I've heard that October 30th is the due date, but I'm not certain if that's true.
I think it will be before th end of October....let's hope that!
Princess Maxima said:
I think it will be before th end of October....let's hope that!
I had hoped that she would have had the baby today...but alas it won't happen today :( (today is my birthday....thats why I was hoping :)). Maybe she will have a Holloween baby.
This is really one of the most anticipated births since William in some respects. :)

I for one cannot wait. I have a feeling Frederik and Mary will be great hands-on parents.
This baby is going to be one celebrated baby. On one hand I want it to be a boy so there's more variety in the royal baby boom but then I really want a girl because can't you just imagine her being a total daddy's girl? I can't wait! I agree, they'll probably be very hands-on.
Lady Marmalade said:
This is really one of the most anticipated births since William in some respects. :)

I for one cannot wait. I have a feeling Frederik and Mary will be great hands-on parents.

Absolutely Lady Marmalade :)

In Denmark and here in Australia, I would have to agree that it is the most anticipated and talked about Royal birth since that of William. Their is much excitement building and when Her Royal Highness is delivered of their beautiful child there shall be much jubilation and celebration. Of this I am sure.

Personally, I hope for a happy and healthy baby first and foremost and that both child and mother are well and fine before, during and after the labour & brith. I do admitt though that I am hoping for a girl. I have wished for a Pricness since learning of the Crown Princely pregnancy and if infact Denmark is blessed with a future Lady Monarch, I shall be most excited and overjoyed.

I have bought a rather expensive bottle of fine French Champagne to mark the occasion, so I hope to pop its cork very soon.

My kind regards,

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Someone has, in anticipation of the big day, created a web-game, in which Frederik has to drive to meet Mary at the hospital and pick up flowers, etc. on the way, but avoid colliding with the meeting cars.

In Danish, but quite fun:
that is sooooo funny. i'm going to get addicted to that game.

Special report from Denmark
With the birth of her first child due to happen at any moment, palace insiders reveal that Crown Princess Mary has been hiding her secret sadness. Holed up behind castle walls, Mary has been suffering bouts of intense loneliness and longing. Forced to pull out of all public engagements as a result of early contractions, Mary has been left with nothing to do but sit and wait for her baby to come.
That magazine is known for not being credible. Maybe it it true, but i wouldnt beleive anything that magazine says.
Its Womans Day Australian of course its credible :rolleyes: (joke to let everyone know, unfortunatly for me my sarcasm dosen't work particuarly well on the internet)

Thanks for the game link norwegianne it was really fun, but I kept losing :(
As Frederik have been there with her, I doubt she's very lonely. We have seen pictures of them out on town with friends - so it isn't like the Danish royal family have put her in a dungeon somewhere until the birth. ;)

Is this month that Princess Mary is going to give birth? We hope yes!
biboquinhas said:
Is this month that Princess Mary is going to give birth? We hope yes!

Yes biboquinhas,

October is indeed the month when Their Royal Highinesses the Crown Prince & Crown Princess are expected to deliver their first child. As to when exactly, our guess is as good as any outside the Crown Princely circle.

I read that she might have the birth started by the midwife (you get a pill and it makes you go into labour (and this is rather uncomfortable, I've heard, because the birth happens so quickly). The article says that people who have experienced contractions prematurely, might go past the due date. Just what happened to CP Mary in September.

The magazine I read this in isn't known for its quality and correctness, but still you have the what if...
I can't wait to see CP Mary and her baby. I vote for a boy.

I hate leaving the house because I'm sooo worried I'm going to miss it! And British TV and Radio won't exactly make a big announcement. :mad:
Well i guess it doesnt matter where I go in Australia, they will announce it everywhere here! We wont be able to escape it lol.
Hmm there is a break in Frederik's calendar from October 17 to October 25... Dare we hope ;)
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