Mary as Patron for the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe: 2006-22

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As patron of the WHO's office for the European region, Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess today visited the Regional Director Dr. Hans Kluge. At the meeting, the Crown Princess received a briefing on and a status for the fight against COVID-19 in the region and worldwide.
The Crown Princess and Dr. Kluge also discussed other health challenges in the region and the importance of ensuring that our health systems adapts to the post-pandemic time.
I wonder if we are going to see Mary wear glasses on a day to day basis from now on?
Not that it matters. She looks good with glasses.
All hairdressers have been closed in Denmark for months now and wauw Mary has got long 'corona' hair during this lockdown - but the long hair suits her so well ?
Back to topic: Already now, but especially after the pandemic, there will be an extra need for focus on mental well-being and dissatisfaction, which CP Mary and the Mary Foundation fortunately already puts great focus on.
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CP Mary today:

"Ukraine is in everyone's minds at the moment, and I, like many others, follow the development of the war with the greatest concern.
This afternoon, as patron of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, I received a briefing on the organization's current work in Ukraine.
The WHO is working hard to save lives, secure medical supplies and enable healthcare professionals to carry out their work in and around Ukraine in the current crisis. It is an enormous and challenging job, which has my deepest respect"
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