Mary as Patron for the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe: 2006-22

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Thanks, Iceflower. :flowers:

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #16, 2018.
Written by Trine Larsen.

Yes, Mary did indeed visit the photo exhibition Transformation.

The photographer is the fashion-photographer, Signe Vilstrup, who went the worst slum neighborhood in Kenya, Kibera in Nairobi. Here she photographed thirteen girls and young women. They live a hard life!

Worldwide one in three of all girls have or will at some point be subjected to rape or other forms of abuse.

Wearing a blouse from Prada Mary looked at the photos for an hour and after having been presented with a framed portrait of one of the young women, she told our reporter: "It's an incredibly strong and fantastic exhibition with strong photos. But it's the stories, the women behind the portraits that are even stronger. They are the ones we should notice, lend a voice and help. They deserve attention because they live dreadful life with violence, oppression and violations.
The photographer has succeeded in portraying the persons who are behind the terrible figures we have to fight to bring down. Violence against girls and women are one of the worst crimes against human rights in the world today."

Notice the third scan of the article (C, which you will find in the QMII b-day thread). Two fans are looking in the window at Mary.

This week (April 23 - April 29) the WHO European Region celebrates the European Immunization Week, an annual initiative to raise awareness of the importance of immunization. On this occasion a statement by Crown Princess Mary has been released:

** European Immunization Week 2018 **
This morning Crown Princess Mary participates in “The 68th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe” in Rome, Italy

Live it here

WHO/Europe | Live from Rome
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She's right!

Way too often antibiotics are used indiscriminately, so the bacteria are slowly getting the upper hand. If we are not more careful we can for periods in the future be bombed back to pre-WWII in regards to a number of infections and that's pretty serious!
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Crown Princess Mary attends as patron of Healthcare DENMARK at a reception in connection with Healthcare DENMARK Ambassador Summit 2019, Kennedy Center.

Not as patron of WHO :flowers:
"Since 2005, the Crown Princess Mary has been the patron of the WHO's Office for the European Region, which is headquartered in the UN city in Copenhagen. Today, Her Royal Highness participated in an online briefing: “As patron of the WHO Office for the Region of Europe, I was pleased today to have the opportunity to participate in an online briefing for the diplomatic corps in Denmark on the latest status of the development and handling of COVID-19. In addition to gaining a better understanding of some of the many dilemmas and challenges of the severe crisis we face, I also had the opportunity to thank WHO staff and all healthcare professionals throughout the region for the tremendous effort they make for us all."

Great to see Mary. More and more opens after the corona virus and that means we see Frederik and Mary more and more than just at online work and online meetings.
She looks lovely, I always like the long hair to her.
This morning, Crown Princess Mary attends as patron of WHO Regional Committee for Europe, 70th session (RC70). The UN City, Copenhagen.

H.R.H. The Crown Princess participates as patron in the 70th edition of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe (RC70), which this year is being held virtually due to COVID-19.

Screen shot pictures of Mary holding the opening speech:

I work in the Danish healthcare and I took the time to follow the live streaming this morning as I anxiously await a vaccine against Covid-19.
Crown Princess Mary really is a great speaker to listen to. Calm, easy to understand and has natural alluring facial expressions.

Also because Mary has a very pleasant voice!
If a speech of hers is posted on the DRF’s social media you can be sure to see comments that ‘if she wasn’t a Crown Princess she really should record audiobooks’ ;)
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CP Mary share a message about the pandemic:

"Today, as a patron of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, I attended a briefing for ambassadors from the region.
Here I got a status on the COVID-19 situation and including a status for vaccinations.⁣ ⁣ What I took with me from the briefing was that even though there is still a long way to go, there is reason to be optimistic - infection rates are falling in several places, we are constantly building up new important knowledge… and then we now have the vaccine. I can feel in myself and others around me that it feels heavy right now and that our patience is being put to the test. Therefore, it is good to hear that we can be hopeful - it can give us energy to persevere and hold on.

⁣ Instead of a screenshot, I have chosen one of my own images, which should signal that with each passing day, we are moving towards brighter times.⁣"
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I like these personal and reflective post from CP Mary. There is depth, you can feel her. I am moved by the thought and reflection behind Mary's photo (it gives a personal feeling than just another photo in front of the computer we already get many of from royals these times. Although I also enjoy them a lot.)


Here a picture of CP Mary during the virtual meeting from WHO’s Twitter:
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I appreciate both pictures. Lovely image Mary shares.
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