Mary Admitted to Hospital: January 8, 2011

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Frederik vil face the press in a few minuttes!
tv2 says the CP will come to speak to the press in couple of minutes
This is so exciting! She has given birth! :D

Rosapru: It is cold, but actually 1 degree celcius, so not bad. It is raining a bit, but there is still PLENTY of snow. :)
I had planned to do exorcise for 1½ hours today. I guess I'm just gonna ride my bike in front of the tv instead of running. ;)

I only managed 25 minutes on the treadmill today (couldn't be bothered) and now I'm chowing down on shortbread cookies and a glass of red :D

from 2 grandchildren to 7 in 6 years isn't bad at all for Margrethe and Henrik. How lovely for them.
Wonderful that she's giving birth at a weekend so that a lot of people can follow :D
I guess a boy and a girl, let's see...
I was wondering that too, but maybe they are already born. Guess we will find out soon.
Fred must be very happy to share the great news with us. Plus we have waited for too long. :p
WOW!! That was fast. I can't wait to hear from Frederik:flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers:
If they have had to do a csection it would be this quick because they only take about an hour to get them out and stitch you up again
You can watch tv2 news on the front page of just a bit delayed.

All I can find is the little box in the upper right hand corner of the screen and that one plays a tiny clip, nothing more. I was so hoping for a live coverage but well...
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