Marriages Between French and English Royalty

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Dec 7, 2003
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by Avalon

Throughout history from the Norman Conquest to the late 17th century, France rather than Germany was the focus of English foreign policy. In order to avoid wars and cement alliances, albeit temporary, many marriages were contracted between English and French royalty during that time. This article chronicles the experiences and fates of the French princesses who married into the English royal family, from Eleanor of Aquitaine in 1152 to Henrietta Maria of France in 1625.

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its a gud idea of the inter country marriage.the idea behind that was really very good.keep going on...
Very interesting and informative. I enjoyed it very much. Amazing what kind of influence some of these women had on the monarchy and how young they were. :flowers:
I'm happy you liked liked the article, LadyGabrielle and shaun. :)
Before King Henry III married Eleanor of Provence, he had previously been engaged to Joan, the heiress to the county of Ponthieu in France. The French court had objected to the prospect of an an English sovereign marrying into a county on the northern French coast. The marriage alliance fell apart.
Isabella of Angoulême married king John in 1200
Eleanor of Provence married Henry III in 1236
Margaret of France married Edward I in 1299
Isabella of France married King Edward II in 1308
Isabella of Valois married Richard II in 1306
Catherine of Valois married Henry V in 1420
Henry V of England married Henry V in 1445
Henrietta Maria of France married Charles I in 1625.
Isabella of France married King Edward II after years of negotiation.
King Edward I attempted to break the engagement of Prince Edward and Isabella several times for political advantage.
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