March 2008 Newsletter: Places named for royals

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Nov 26, 2003

When Virginia was named for the Virgin Queen, Queen Elizabeth I of England, it might have been seen as one way to curry favour with the Queen. Over the centuries, it hasn’t been unusual to name towns, rivers, lakes, islands or states after the head of state or other people in the royal family, when the explorers discovered something unidentified by their people. It might also be something happening in the old country, a town named for a royal is not unheard of.

As long as the country stayed a monarchy, the town might still keep its old name – but the feelings of the people towards their royal family might also have the effect of a town changing name whenever the feelings changed. Examples of this can be found in former monarchies, such as Russia or Greece, but even in Norway – still a monarchy, you can see it in the town of Narvik. It changed name in 1902, a period when the Norwegians wanted to be separate from Sweden. It went from being called Victoriahavn, or Victoria Port in English, to Narvik. Victoriahavn was inspired by the, at the time, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Norway, née Viktoria of Baden.

Other places have retained their royal connections. This month's TRF newsletter touch down on some of the many places that are still named for royals. We have chosen to focus on the non-European continents.

We hope you enjoy,
Norwegianne, Zonk & Avalon.

Thanks to kwanfan and Lady Jennifer for helping out with this newsletter. :flowers:
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Contact one of the following administrators (Norwegianne, Elspeth or Mandy) if you want to volunteer for one (or more) of the forums. Please detail which forum, and, roughly the amount of time you have available.


The Royal Articles is happy to announce that we are starting a new series of articles about the Life and Lifestyle of Royals. The last week several moderators and members placed an announcement in the subforums where this concept has been explained and and where we are asking for authors.

Though we have received some messages from people who want to write about a royal, we are still looking for more authors. Each article has a coordinator who you should contact if you want to contibute too.

The articles and coordinators are the following:
Life & Lifestyle of Crown Princess Letizia (Anna_R)
Life & Lifestyle of Princess Lalla Salma (dazzling)
Life & Lifestyle of Crown Princess Mary (GlitteringTiaras)
Life & Lifestyle of Crown Princess Masako (kimebear)
Life & Lifestyle of Crown Princess Mathilde (LadyK)
Life & Lifestyle of Crown Princess Maxima (Empress)
Life & Lifestyle of Crown Princess Mette-Marit (Her_Majesty)

We hope that we find coordinators for articles on Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Queen Rania of Jordan and Princess Caroline of Hannover in the next week, so if you want to write about them just wait for the announcement that will be posted in their subforums.


The picture of the Month polls are also looking for volunteers. Please contact Empress for more details.
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Birthday Anniversaries

01.02.1965 - Birthday of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco.
01.02.2007 - Birthday of Duchess Anna of Wurttemberg
03.02.1968 - Birthday of Princess Angela of Liechtenstein
04.02.1970 - Birthday of Princess Marilène of Orange Nassau, van Vollenhoven
05.02.1972 - Birthday of Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark
05.02.1999 - Birthday of Arthur Chatto
06.02.2004 - Birthday of Princess Louise of Belgium
06.02.1951 - Birthday of Princess Marie-Christine of Belgium
07.02.1995 - Birthday of Count Frederik of Ortenburg
09.02.1986 - Birthday of Princess Raiyah of Jordan
11.02.1946 - Birthday of Prince Katsura of Japan
11.02.1990 - Birthday of Princess Ayah of Jordan
12.02.1981 - Birthday of Prince Hussein Mirza of Jordan
13.02.1956 - Birthday of Princess Alia of Jordan
14.02.1945 - Birthday of Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein
16.02.1991 - Birthday of Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg
17.02.1954 - Birthday of Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg
17.02.1974 - Birthday of Crown Prince Al-Muhtabee Billah of Brunei
18.02.1951 - Birthday of Queen Komal of Nepal
18.02.1947 - Birthday of Princess Christina of the Netherlands
19.02.1960 - Birthday of Prince Andrew, The Duke of York
20.02.1978 - Birthday of Princess Prerana Rajya Laxmi Devi Singh of Nepal
21.02.1980 - Birthday of Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk, the Dragon King of Bhutan
21.02.1986 - Birthday of Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Prince Imperial and Archduke of Austria-Este, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia
21.02.1937 - Birthday of King Harald of Norway
21.02.1992 - Birthday of Count Carl Theodor of Ortenburgh
22.02.1933 - Birthday of Katharine, The Duchess of Kent
23.02.1960 - Birthday of Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan
24.02.1963 - Birthday of Prince Carlo, Duke of Calabria
24.02.2002 - Birthday of Arrietta Morales y de Grecia
25.02.1883 - Birthday of Princess Alice of Albany
26.02.1954 - Birthday of Ernst August, Prince of Hanover
28.02.2007 - Birthday of Lalla Khadija of Morocco

Wedding Anniversaries

02.02.2002 - Wedding Anniversary of Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Maxima Zorreguieta
03.02.1968 - Wedding Anniversary of Princess Benedikte of Denmark & Prince Richard zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
06.02.1982 - Wedding Anniversary of Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria and Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg
10.02.1840 - Wedding Anniversary of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
11.02.2006 - Wedding Anniversary of Archduke Philipp of Austria and Heather Maria Plain
11.02.2006 - Wedding Anniversary of Prince Karl-Wilhelm of Baden and Stephanie Anne Kaul
12.02.2002 - Wedding Anniversary of Stephanie, Countess von Bismarck-Schoenhausen and Karl-Theodor, Reichsfreiherr von und zu Guttenberg
14.02.1981 - Wedding Anniversary of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Maria Teresa Mestre y Batista

Death Anniversaries

01.02.2002 - Death of Count Sigvard Bernadotte of Sweden
06.02.1952 - Death of King George VI of Great Britain
07.02.1999 - Death of King Hussein I of Jordan
09.02.1977 - Death of Queen Alia of Jordan
09.02.2002 - Death of Princess Margaret, The Countess of Snowdon

Other Anniversaries

06.02.1952 - Accession to the Throne of Queen Elizabeth II
24.02.1981 - Announcement of the engagement of Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer

Other Events

4-6: State Visit from Spain to Egypt

6-15 Prince Andrew's visit to the Unites States

10: Dutch photosession in Lech

18-23:Queen Sofia of Spain visited Cambodia.

19: The engagement of Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parme to Tjalling ten Cate was announced.

19-21: State Visit to Mexico from Denmark, February 2008

27-29: Official visit from Mozambique to the Netherlands.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway debuts as a record producer - a CD with hymns and singers chosen by the Crown Princess was released in the end of February.

The call came out for nominations for the 2008 Prince of Asturias award:

Birthday Celebrations of Queen Beatrix and Princess Margriet

It was prematurely revealed that Prince Harry of Wales had spent time on a tour in Afghanistan:
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March 1 - Timothy Laurence (Husband of Princess Royal)
March 1 - Lady Rose Windsor (1980)
March 2 - Takako Shimazu, formerly her Imperial Highness Princess Takako of Japan (1939)
March 2 - Eloise Taylor (2003)
March 3 - Infanta Maria Francisca, the daughter of Duke and Duchess of Braganza (1996)
March 4 – Jazmin Grace Grimaldi (1992)
March 5 - Eugenia de Bourbon (2007)
March 6 - Infanta Margarita de Borbon (1939)
March 7 - Atsuko Ikeda, formerly Her Imperial Highness Princess Atsuko of Japan (1931)
March 10 – The Earl of Wessex (1964)
March 12 - Xan Richard Anders Windsor, Baron Culloden (2007)
March 12 - Princess Farahnaz Pahlavi (1963)
March 12 - Gabriel de Nassau (2006)
March 13 – Grand Duke Georgiy Mikhailovich (1981)
March 14 – Prince Albert II of Monaco (1958)
March 14 - Simeon Hassan Muñoz (2007)
March 15 - Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein (1972)
March 17 - Prince Abdul Muntaqim of Brunei (2007)
March 19 - Prince Abdullah bin Ali of Jordan (2007)
March 20 - Prince Hassan of Jordan (1947)
March 21 - Duchess Maria Assunta of Oldenburg (2007)
March 21 – Count Claus Casimir van Oranje-Nassau (2004)
March 22 – Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg (1956)
March 22 - Prince Pieter Christiaan of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven (1972)
March 23 - Prince Beltran of Bulgaria (1999)
March 23 – Princess Eugenie of York (1990)
March 25 - Philipp von Lattorf (1968)
March 25 - Infante Alfonso, Prince of Beira (1996)
March 26 – Crown Prince Leka of Albania (1982)
March 26 – Princess Margarita of Romania (1949)
March 26 – Countess Luana van Oranje-Nassau (2005)
March 27 - Princess Sara and Princess Aisha of Jordan (1997)
March 28 - Princess Badiya of Jordan (1974)
March 29 - Prince Hamzah of Jordan (1980)

Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries
March 3 -
March 10:
March 18 -
March 20 -

Other events

1-4: The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, pays an official visit to Norway. He will have lunch with the King on the 4th.
8: Holmenkollen Ski Festival. The Norwegian royals are usually a presence at this traditional winter event.
11-12: Statevisit to Sweden from Romania.
16-23: Easter Week
26-27: Statevisit from France to the United Kingdom.
29: Rose Ball in Monaco: The theme of the ball is the Spanish cultural movement, Movida.
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Queen Victoria was a woman who left her print on the world in more than one way. In Africa, the reminders of her existence (and the British empire) are many. The capital of the Seychelles is named for Queen Victoria. David Livingstone named the falls that the natives call Mosi-oa-Tunya in her honour in 1855. Victoria Falls lies between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and is currently an UNESCO World Heritage site, even though that is under reconsideration. The native name is covering the sound and look of the waterfalls: translated the name means smoke that thunders. Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Another gigant named for Queen Victoria is Lake Victoria, a lake between Kenya and Uganda. Named for his Queen by the explorer John Speke in 1858, Lake Victoria is the largest lake on the African continent, and the second largest freshwater lake in the world.

Other lakes in Africa that also are named for members of the British royal family: Lake Edward, Lake George and Lake Albert, all lie in the same area as Lake Victoria, and are named, respectively, for Edward VII, George V and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

However, the British are not the only royal family with a presence in Africa. The country of Mauritius was named by Dutch sailors in 1598, for their Stadtholder, Prince Maurits of Nassau. Prince Maurits was the son of Willem the Silent and Anna of Saxony. The French would later occupy the island of Mauritius, and, consequently, the capital of the country today is named Port Louis, for King Louis XV of France.

The French royal family can also be found in Senegal, where Saint-Louis is named for Louis XV's great grandfather, Louis XIV - the Sun King. Saint-Louis is the capital of the Saint-Louis region, and is located in the north of the country. The island of Saint-Louis, on which the old centre of town is located, is also an UNESCO World Heritage site, because of its history, architecture, location and culture.

Another island with connections to French history, Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, the location of Napoleon Bonaparte's exile. The island was discovered by the Portugese, who named it for Saint Helena of Constantinople - the mother of Constantine I, a ruler of the Roman empire.

Alexandria, probably home to one of the most famous libraries ever, as well as the new and fancy Bibliotheca Alexandrina, was founded by Alexander the Great, and is one of several towns he named after himself. It was the capital of Egypt for many years. The famous Lighthouse of Alexandria was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Another Egyptian town, Port Fouad, located by the Suez channel, is named for King Fuad I of Egypt. He was the first king of Egypt in modern times.

Antarctica may not have any people, but that does not stop it from having a strong royal presence. Antarctica has areas named after British Royals, Russian Royals, many places named for Norwegian Royals, and let's not forget the Belgian Princess Elisabeth zero-emission research station being built there.

Britain claimed the island of South Georgia in 1775. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands were joined together to form a territory in 1985. South Georgia is named for King George III of the United Kingdom who reigned from 1760 to 1820. Here is the thread on George III and his consort Queen Charlotte-

Two territories in Antarctica are named for Russian Royals. Alexander Island, the largest island of Antarctica, is named for Tsar Alexander the I of Russia, who ruled when the island was discovered by a Russian expedition in 1821. Another Antarctica Island named for a Russian Tsar was discovered in 1821. Peter I Island was named for Tsar Peter the Great. Peter I Island is currently claimed by Norway. For more information on Russian royals:

One territory named for a Norwegian royal is divided into many smaller sections, which are also named for Norwegian Royals. The full territory is Queen Maud land, named for the first queen of independent Norway. The territory is divided into six sections. These are: Crown Princess Martha Coast, Princess Astrid Coast, Princess Ragnhild Coast, Prince Harald Coast, Prince Olav Coast, and Haakon VII's Plateau. You can learn about these royals by browsing the Norwegian Royal History forum Queen Maud land has served as inspiration for a Norwegian band, who has taken the name Dronning Mauds Land after the area.


The place named for a royal that is sure to be on everybody's mind in August 2008 is China. The country of China, when spoken from a Western tongue, is said to be somewhat named for Qin Shi Huang. Qin Shi Huang is noted for being the person who unified the country of China. A somewhat controversial figure, he is the one who ordered the beginning of the precursor to the Great Wall, as well as the originator his own mausoleum, with a terracotta army guarding him in his afterlife..

Another country named for a king, is the Philippines. The country was named after Philip II of Spain by Ruy López de Villalobos, a Spanish explorer. The Philippines has been both Spanish and American colonies. Another reminder of the Spanish connection, is Isabela City. Named for Queen Isabella II of Spain, the city grew up around the fort Fuerte de Isabela Segunda, when settlers arrived to the colony.

Queen Victoria has also left her mark on Asia. In the former British colony of Hong King, there are many reminders. Some of the reminders are Victoria Harbour, Victoria Park and Victoria Peak.

The Northern Mariana Islands, a group of islands in the Pacific ocean, are currently in a political union with the United States. Originally called Islas de los Ladrones by the original Spanish discoverers, the islands were renamed by Padre Diego Luis de Sanvitores. He called them the Marianas after Maria-Anna of Austria, who was married to the Spanish King Philip IV. Maria-Anna was a regent of Spain, after Philip IV’s death, as their son, Charles II was only a toddler at the time.
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Charlotte, North Carolina- Named after the consort of King George III of the United Kingdom, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Charlotte, NC was first settled in 1755. Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina- Mecklenburg County, NC was formed in 1762 & named after Queen Charlotte's family. The county seat for Mecklenburg is the city of Charlotte (TRF thread on Queen Charlotte & King George).

Georgia- The U.S. state of Georgia was named in honor of King George II of the United Kingdom. It was the last of the thirteen colonies to be established in 1733. The first European to explore Georgia was Hernando de Soto, a Spanish explorer in 1540. England and Spain fought for control over Georgia over many decades. On July 7, 1742, English and Spanish forces skirmished on St. Simons Island in an encounter later known as the Battle of Bloody Marsh. This event was the only Spanish attempt to invade Georgia during the War of JenkinsEar which resulted in a significant English victory.

Louisiana- The U.S. state of Louisiana was named in honor of Louis XIV, King of France. In 1682 René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle canoed down the Mississippi River and named the Mississippi Basin La Louisiana which means "Land of Louis". Louisiana was once part of the larger Louisiana Territory which stretched from the Canadian boarder down to New Orleans. In 1803 Louisiana was acquired by the United States through.the Louisiana Purchase.

Prince Edward Island- Named after Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent, the father of Queen Victoria and fourth son of King George III. The island was originally called Abegweit meaning "Land Cradled on the Waves" and originally inhabited by the Mi'kmaq. Before being acquired by the British, Prince Edward Island was apart of the French colony of Acadia. While it was apart of Acadia it was known as Île Saint-Jean. In 1763 the British acquired Île Saint-Jean in the Treaty of Paris. Prince Edward Island is the setting of most of L. M. Montgomery's literary works.

New Brunswick, Canada- Named after the ancestral home of King George III of the United Kingdom (Braunschweig). Prior to New Brunswick being a British territory it was under French control. The first exploration of New Brunswick was done by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534. New Brunswick remained under French control until the end of the Seven Year's War.

Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands- Named after Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Cassel, consort to King Christian V of Denmark. Charlotte Amalie, on the island of St. Thomas, is the capital and the largest city in the US Virgin Islands.

Louisville, Kentucky- The settlement that would become the city of Louisville was founded in 1778 by George Rogers Clark. At the time of the Louisville's founding, French troops were aiding the Americans in the Revolutionary War and the city was named in honor of Louis XVI of France.

Christiana, Delaware- Takes its name from the Christina River in the state of Delaware. The Christina River in turn is named after Queen Christina of Sweden. The community was founded by the Swedes in the early 17th century and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Christina of Sweden was the only only surviving legitimate child of King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden and his wife Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg and reigned from 1632 to 1654.

Christianshåb (also known as Qasigiannguit), Greenland- Named after King Christian VI of Denmark. Christianshåb was founded in 1734 and is home to Greenland's oldest wooden home.

Frederikshåb (also known as Paamiut), Greenland- Named after King Frederik V of Denmark. Frederikshåb was established in 1742.

New Orleans, Louisiana- Named after Philippe, Duc d'Orléans, Regent of France. The city was founded in 1718 by the French Mississippi Company. In 1763, under the Treaty of Paris, the Spanish gained control over New Orleans. In 1801 France regained control of New Orleans only to turn around two years later and sell it to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase.

Lake George- Named in honor of King George II of the United Kingdom. In 1646, the missionary Isaac Jogues named it Lac du Saint-Sacrement, but the name was changed in 1755 by Sir William Johnson. Sir William Johnson led British colonial forces into the area during the French and Indian War. Lake George is located at the southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York. Its nickname is Queen of the American Lakes.
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With some of the countries there being former British colonies, as well as currently part of the Commonwealth, it is no strange revelation that there exist places in Oceania that has been named for the British royals. Here are some of the places, and some of the royals.

Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen was the consort of William IV of the United Kingdom. The Australian town of Adelaide in South Australia is named for her. Her husband gave name to Williamstown in Victoria, Australia. The couple had no children, and the throne went to William’s niece, Victoria.

Queen Victoria seems to be one of the royals whose name has been used in many places. Both of the Australian states of Queensland and Victoria were named for her. Queen Victoria has also given name to Lake Alexandrina in South Australia; Alexandrina was her first name. Her husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha gave name to the New Zealand town of Albert town.

Also in New Zealand, a bit further south than Albert town the gold-rush town of Alexandra was named for Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s daughter-in-law, Alexandra of Denmark. The Danish princess was the oldest daughter of Christian IX and Queen Louise of Denmark, and a sister to Czarina Marie Feodorovna of Russia


Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. After a history of French, Dutch and British colonization, the city received its current name in 1812. It was named for George III of the United Kingdom.

São Luís is the capital of Maranhão, a Brazilian state. It is located on the São Luís island, and is one of three Brazilian state capitals located on islands. The first Europeans in the area to see the native village that was there before, were the French, who, in 1612, named it for Louis IX of France. King Louis IX is also known as St. Louis, and was the only French king to be canonized.

Petrópolis in Brazil was named for Pedro I, the first emperor of Brazil. Prior to becoming an emperor of Brazil, Pedro was the King of Portugal.

The town of Teresina in Piauí, Brazil, the first planned city of Brazil, was named for Empress Tereza Christina of Brazil. Born Teresa Cristina Maria of the Two Sicilies, she was the wife of Pedro II
of Brazil.
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