Madeleine de Valois

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Madeleine de Valois -Born August 10th,1520

Madeleine de Valois/de France was the third daughter of Francois I and Claude de France.In January 1537 she married James V of Scotland,she arrived in Scotland in May that year and died on July 7th.

One of the many sad young brides Royal history seems to be littered with.
It seems to me she was so nice and fragile creature...
David Lyndsay's -Deploration of Deith of Quene Magdalene

'O Paris! Of all citeis principall!
Quhilk did resave our prince with laud and glorie,
Solempnitlie, throw arkis triumphall.

Thou mycht have sene the preparatioun
Maid be the Thre Estaitis of Scotland
In everilk ciete, castell, toure, and town

Thow saw makand rycht costlie scaffalding
Depaynted weill with gold and asure fyne

Disagysit folkis, lyke creaturis devyne,
On ilk scaffold to play ane syndrie storie
Bot all in greiting turnit thow that glorie'

Poor Madeleine was just short of her 17 birthday,within a year James V remarried French noblewoman,Marie de Guise.
She died from tuberculosis barely six months after her wedding. On her deathbed, she apparently cried "Alas, I wanted to be Queen..." ("Hélas, j'ai voulu être Reine...")
One of the conditions of the Princess' marriage contract signed at Blois was that Madeleine renounce her claim and any of her heirs claim to the French throne.
Under the rules of the Salic Law which the French Monarchy maintained,females were debarred from the line of succession as was succession by a male through the female line.
The "Summer Queen" as she was better known,she had ben married to James by Proxy at Notre Dame de Paris on January 1st but only arrived in May 1537 and died in July that year aged just 16.
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