Märtha Louise as an author

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it's good to see new photos of Martha Louise and family :)
I cannot believe how much Leah has grown! She looks so much like LilleMa. :)
I'm so glad to see that she has darkened her hair! She looks so much better as a brunette! And the boots are just fantastic!
Thank you for this link.
I really like her current hairstyle. I am also a huge fan of her make-up!
Hello published an online-article about Märtha presenting her new childrenbook "Why Kings and Queens don't wear Crowns".
Read the whole article here.
Thanks for the pictures! Märtha looks great! I like her blue jewels.:)
Pics 18.10.2007

Princess Martha Louise is the royal editor for "Eventyr fra jordens hjerte" ("Adventures from the
Heart of the Earth") that was presented at the House of Literature in Oslo, Norway, Thursday
evening, 18 Oct 2007:

Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3
Thank you for posting these. I didn't see Pincess Martha Louise's pics as often as I should wish. But she looks wonderful, and as jolly than ever,

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