Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family, Current Events 4: October 2006 - September 2017

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it sounds like all propositions in the luxembourg referendum were rejected by its citizens...
She's recently had knee surgery and is apparently not completely healed.
:previous: I think a hard long weekend of Reception Lines wouldn't have done it much good.

Let's hope she and Henri managed a few romantic turns on the floor.
I think all the husbands in the LRF...Henri, Guillaume, Felix and Louis are proud men. As well they should be.;)
Mr Ladmacher brings largly the bacon at home so happy his daughter is a Royal Highness.
House , vineyard in the South of France , rubies earrings and necklace were more important than the Grand Duchess jewels .
:previous:I disagree. The Grand Duchess wore historic jewelry with important ties to Luxembourg and the Bourbon-Parma dynasty.

Claire wore flashy, obviously very expensive new jewels that were perhaps purchased for her by her family so that she could keep up with her Royal in-laws.

More expensive does not always =more important.:cool:
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I tend to believe that the family portrait was planned well in advance, and that this planning probably included discussions on what to wear. The grand duke and duchess must have known in advance which lady was going to wear which jewels. And if they thought that Claire’s rubies were inappropriate for the portrait, they would have asked her to wear something else. So I assume that Henri and MT were perfectly ok with everybody’s look; and if they are, so am I.
I made no comment on the appropriateness of Claire's bling. I was reacting to the opinion that it was "more important" than what her mother-in-law was wearing.
How do we know that Claire's father bought these jewels, it could be a parure that we haven't seen yet.Personally I'd be a bit surprised if he bought them.
Another Board devoted to Royal jewels did an article on the entire Grand Ducal collection. In fact several boards have showcased the Luxembourg collection over the years and those particular rubies have never been a part of any of them.

Of course I don't know for sure, but my strong hunch is that they were indeed a gift to Claire from the ultra wealthy Lademacher family.
I read about this elsewhere. I am not sure what she could come up with that anyone outside Luxembourg would find scandalous...this is the most low-key of all the European RF's, they seem almost staid in comparison to the others.:cool:

I guess we will have to wait and see.
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On July 7 Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Princess Alexandra attended the Giorgio Armani Prive show as part of Paris Fashion Week Haute-Couture Fall/Winter in Paris:

** Pic ** gettyimages gallery **
It's lovely to see Amalia. Claire looks like she has an evening on the couch instead of going out IMO.
Yes it's great to seem all together . Especially for the pride grandfather an great-grand father Grand Duke Jean.

I'm sooo agree with you.
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Gui and Stephanie are missing. I know that Stephanie's father Count Philippe celebrates his birthday next week. He is moving closer to his 100th birthday and has been in very precarious health for years.

And of course August also marks the anniversary of the death of Alix de Lannoy. I remember reading on a private board that Guillaume and Stephanie spend a large part of their summer holidays in Belgium at Anvaing Castle since their wedding...I wonder is that why they are not in the group photo?
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