Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family, Current Events 4: October 2006 - September 2017

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GDS looks nice in that green lace dress, any chance we can get a close up of her in the dress. The sleeves look like it's a pretty green lace which I find attractive on her.
HGD Stéphanie looks very nice, in a very elegant outfit.
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie looked lovely. It is nice that Grand Duchess Maria Teresa recovered after the surgery.
Very nice Princess Stéphanie, nice outfit, nice hairstyle, bravo !
Lovely photos. It is great to see that grand duke Jean is feeling so well.
Lovely photos. It is great to see that grand duke Jean is feeling so well.

That it is. He also looks to have put some weight on since I last saw him, which was Queen Fabiola's Funeral, and more colour in his face as well. Fantastic to see.

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Thanks. It seems like a great event for the boys. I love the color of Tessy's coat.
Always haapy to see them.... what a beautiful family !
I was wondering when we would next see little Amalia. She's grown up a lot, and has so much hair! Her little pink dress is sweet.

It's nice to see all the family, of course apart from Prince Sebastien as he was graduating today. It's a bit of a shame that no one could turn up for his graduation ceremony, but I can imagine that the anniversary of the end of WWII is an important event for Luxembourg, as IIRC, they were occupied.
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