Luis Alfonso de Borbón and Family (Duke and Duchess of Anjou) 1: Sept 2003-Nov 2008

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What nationality?

In other times, she would have been Madame Eugenie, Fille de France, but she comes more than 200 years after the fact...

More seriously, and more importantly, does anybody know what nationality the baby belongs to? Is she a US citizen (by birth), a spaniard, a french or venezuelian?

As for her father, has he decided to completely stop his activities as (contested and not well-known) head of the royal House of France?
According to the article they divide their time up between Venezuela and Florida. There are a lot of Venezuelen investments here in Florida (especially in Miami) for the obvious economic issues in Venezuela right now. Being born in the USA the baby can have dual citizenship -- US and the citizenship of which parent they choose)
Oh, I so am glad! I hope, the future Louis XXI will be born by 2010!!! I hope, the future Louis XXI will be born already in the French royal family already to 2010 - to 2015.
On another board some poster prayed already that the second child should be a boy next time...
It seems to be a problem: Spain, Italy and now France start with girls and in all three royal houses there is so far only one male heir to the throne...Clothilde already becomes 40 this year as far as I know, if Leti will have another c-section she might not get a third child (she looks sooo fragile and always seems not to feel quite good during her pregnancies) and hopefully everthing goes well both with Luis Alfonso´s marriage and with his life (in contrast to his father and brother...) so that Margarita will have many more children...
As for the c-section: Maybe she wanted it this way, like they said in case of "Posh" Spice: "No press for Posh" or something like that. Nowadays if you in no case want to give natural birth most doctors allow a c-section.
What is the little baby's title? Is she HRH Princess Eugenia de Borbón/of France, or Doña Eugenia de Borbón y de Vargas?
morhange said:
What is the little baby's title? Is she HRH Princess Eugenia de Borbón/of France, or Doña Eugenia de Borbón y de Vargas?
A vexed question! Luis Alfonso himself was at one time an HRH courtesy of Spain, until he was somewhat unceremoniously "de-royaled" to 'Excellency' in 1987. However, he is recognised as an HRH in France. By rights his children should also be Princes and Princesses of Bourbon, with the style of Royal Highness; some will recognise them as such, and some won't. Most definitely the royal court of Spain will not.
It seems that Carmen has gone to Miami to visit her new grandchild. The article is in Hola! Magazine.
Lots of dark hair on the little one!:wub: :flowers: Hopefully before too long there will be some nice shots of Eugenia-she's sure to be a very pretty child!
Margarita doesn't look very happy with her daugther! In the pictures she doesn't even look at her!! To me she doesn't look happy, maybe because she is too fat, she didn't go out these nine months because she doesn't want to take any photos of her so fat!To me that is crazy, she isn't natural, IMO she only thinks of her apperance. IMO she is making is husband head agains his mother!She doesn't like her at all for sure!We haven't seen any pictures of them together!
It looks like she was looking at the little boy that is kneeling( he is partialy blocked by the other woman). It is only one picture and she must be tired from giving birth. Just because a parent or relative is not looking, making faces or talking to a baby 24/7 does not mean they feel no love for that child.
New photos of the couple with their daugther on! She looks happy now and she needs to lost weight, but of course is too early to think about that!
TRH The Duke and Duchess of Anjou & daughter Eugenia

Pic 1

Pic 2
She is adorbale! I love the little dress she is wearing. Her mother looks so young! Is it just me or does she bear a resemblance to the Borbon side of the family?
Margarita looks lovely, gosh she has a very beautiful face!
I'm in raptures over these pictures: a lovely lovely family. Margarita looks radiant. Thanks.:flowers:
How nice little girl! She is beatiful in her white ruffled dress...:wub: :flowers:

Eugenia's coat of arms

As a tribute. Hope you will enjoy it.


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What a happy family! I like them very much!

The people of Venezuela what think about them?

I am curious to know....
Yes Emmeleia I'am also curious to know! In my opinion Venezuela don't have an opinion about them!They are just on more rich young couple!
Just another couple of selfish socialites probably, they don't seem to involved in charities anyway. Did they sell those pictures to the boulevard magazines or did they pose for free btw?
Little Eugenia (Madame Royale to some staunch legetimists probably) looks very cute...
The baby is very pretty. Congratulations to the family.
I have tried to read up on the history of the House of Borbon but I am finding it very confusing. (Wikipeadia) :wacko:
Are there any sites that make it easier to understand??
Thanks in advance.
The baptism of Eugenia/Eugénie will take place this saturday (2nd June) in Paris. This will be a private event. A reception will be given in honour of the little girl sunday.
The child grandmother and her husband are invited?
Hmmm...I was wondering about that too. I read somewhere that Duke of Anjou Luis Alfonso de Borbón was having some troubles with his mother, Carmen Martínez Bordiú. I don't know how his personal relationships are with the new husband of his mother...:neutral:

I look at the family photos and I still get the feeling that he married her for her money. There seems to be something lacking in the photos (al ook of love perhaps) that appears in other royal family photos (such as Crown Prince & Princess of Denmark with their babies).
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