Louis, Pauline and Camille Current Events Part 5: June 2007 - December 2016

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Hmmm...Pau's boyfriend is handsome, but he looks older.:ermm:
Yes, its her boyfriend and yes he is older...but not to much...early twenties!! :)

Take care^^
What is his name? Anyone knows?
Paul-Noël Ettori...he is the son of the former goalkeeper of france football team Jean Luc Ettori!
such a pretty girl and so independent her parents have done a great job! She seems really focussed.

A really great shot. And nice to see that she already has such a long and stable relationship at her age.
I wonder how she feels now that her relationship is public... she's such a private young girl and was so protected by her mother. Anyways, they make a very cute and fashionable couple ;).

I hope to see them more often x)
It looks like Pauline is taking over for Charlotte in the publicity department. I wonder if Pauline is still diving?
No she's not. She said she didn't have the time to combine college and diving so she choosed college :p
What college does she attend and where, anyone know?
She attends a fashion school in Paris

I think that is whate her mum who planned to do when she was at her age, but further to the acciden she did a training to Christian Dior.
She is lovely.
Nice Balenciaga bag.
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Louis and Pauline's paternal half-brother (son of Daniel Ducruet and Martine Malbouvier).
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