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Apr 23, 2008
Elsa M, hi there.

Do you think the admin of this fórum would mind if I/we put a couple of links here?

One to SAR Don Duarte Pio's site, Casa Real Portuguesa and one to the Real Associação de Lisboa.

I have not been able to see if these links are already within this fórum as I have only just joined but I thought I would ask, hope you do not mind.

All the best,

Welcome abord, Phil! :flowers:

I'm sure the links will be very welcome!
I believe they're posted somewhere, but it's a good idea to put them here ;)

See you
On another thread I was directed to this site.

It has amazing photos, many of them I've never seen before.

There is a comprehensive coverage of D.Duarte and D.Isabel's wedding with most of the guests, as well as the less mediatized wedding of D.Duarte Nuno and D.Maria Francisca.

Also covers the christenings of the Infantes and many more .

I was stunned with a picture of G.D.Maria of Russia when she was just 16.


Casa Real de Portugal e Imperial de Brasil ::
There is a comprehensive coverage of D.Duarte and D.Isabel's wedding with most of the guests
Most of which were taken from our forum :cool:

Anyway, I read there that D. Miguel is a worldwide expert in OVNI/UFO!! I never heard about that! :eek:
I visited the Ajuda National Palace and really enjoyed it. I recommend everyone to visit.
Monarchic Incursions in 1911, recording of the time
apologies if this is not the place to put this news - María Teresa de Borbón y Parma, great-granddaughter of King Miguel I of Portugal, died yesterday (26 March) in Paris of Covid-19, aged 86.
An excerpt from a Portuguese television news about the engagement of D.Duarte and D.Isabel, the Dukes of Bragança:

Video about the history of the Portuguese monarchy:

Videos of the Consecration of the Prince of Beira, D.Afonso, to Nossa Senhora da Lapa in 2015:

Video of the 18th birthday Mass of D. Afonso, Prince of Beira in 2014:

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