Liechtenstein Princely Family current events 2: Jan 2004 - May 2007

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Dec 21, 2003
I am wondering if there are any recent photos of Princess Nora and her daughter Maria-Teresa? The last pics I remember were the ones at her husband's funeral.

Also, has there been a photo thread about her yet?
It seems to me that the Princely Family of Liechtenstein is somewhat isolated from the noble families that we usually see at events in Western Europe. The family has never really married into the current reigning royal families and their history is more intertwined with the Habsburgs and the aristocracy throughout the former Habsburg empire, Bavaria, etc. Would anyone agree? They may also be too busy to attend, too - unlike their counterparts throughout Europe, the Liechtenstein family rule as well as reign!
They attend the vast majority of events....However the majority of Liechtenstein Prince(ss) live privately, they hold jobs for example. So that may hold priority.
Part of the reason may be
- they're a small family, with - due to a lot of wealth - a very powerful prince
- money
- have the ability to keep things quiet, seeing they probably control the press
- because they're a small family, there is less scandal.

Its not to say there isn't scandal, its just a matter that money talks

here's a few links for this family
link 1
link 2
link 3
maybe here

link 4
link 5
Liechtenstein's monarch to abdicate on Sunday

12 AUGUST 2004

Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein has announced that he will abdicate this weekend. As of Sunday morning all the sovereign's powers will pass to his son, Prince Alois. There will be no public ceremony to mark the transferral of power, but the new leader is expected to give a public address once he has acceded to the throne.

Hans-Adam's decision comes after a controversial 15-year reign. He first took control of the country back in 1989 when his father, Franz Josef, passed away. Since then he has worked hard to modernise Liechtenstein's economy and win admission to the United Nations.

More recently the monarch sparked a furious political row by threatening to abdicate if the nation's 33,000 residents did not support a referendum giving him sweeping constitutional powers. He even joked that he would sell the royal palace to Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates if the vote did not go his way.

But despite criticisms from other European leaders, Hans-Adam emerged victorious in the referendum. For the past 18 months he has been slowly devolving executive powers on his 36-year-old son. And Prince Alois seems to share his father's headstrong character. Last year he suggested that Liechtenstein should leave the Council of Europe if it carried out its threat to monitor the country's democratic processes.


OK, color me stupid :) I've never really paid that much attention to Liechtenstein's royal family.

Does this mean that the Liechtenstein is moving away from a monarchy to a democratic government? Or has it been a constitutional monarchy all along and Prince Hans-Adam is trying to get more power for the monarchy? Or am I completely lost? :)

First off, I thought Liechtenstein(erg that is a word to spell...) was absolute. Didn't the people grant Hans-Adam absolute power in the small country? I don't really follow the Liechtenstinians(I cant spell it) but I think it is aweful when any royal abdicates. Succession should go naturally, without abdication. I think it almost points to the end of a royal family when this happens. It worked out well in Luxembourg. (Though I think the abdicatees should leave the country. If they aren't dedicated enough to rule. I include Henri of Luxembourg's father) I think it is aweful. I am thankful Edward abdicated for Wallis Simpson--otherwise we would not have EIIR right now. But he left England. Just my thoughts.

Dawn of a new era in Liechtenstein

"I wish the Hereditary Prince that he’ll have the trust of the population”, said Prince Hans-Adam II with a view to handing over the sovereign powers of the head of state to Hereditary Prince Alois on 15 August, Liechtenstein’s National Day.

Article 13 of the Constitution specifies: "The Prince Regnant may entrust the next Heir Apparent of his House who has attained majority with the exercise of the sovereign powers held by him as his representative should he be temporarily prevented or in preparation of succession”. In the year 1984, Prince Franz Josef II had made use of this option, when he instated Hereditary Prince Hans-Adam II as his permanent representative. And now, twenty years later, Prince Hans-Adam II has entrusted his son, Hereditary Prince Alois, with exercising the sovereign powers of the head of state.

Have you ever seen The princely family wear their decoraions, orders, gala uniform/dress?
I have seen just once at wedding of Alois & Sophie.

I think very glittering.
Pls help me.
This family definitely seems to be a little more private than others. I am really interested in knowing more about Maximillian and Angela, but it seems these two are the least photographed.
sommone said:
This family definitely seems to be a little more private than others. I am really interested in knowing more about Maximillian and Angela, but it seems these two are the least photographed.
I think that they are photographed less because their lifestyle seems to be very quiet and private. Large family gatherings appear to be the only time that we get to see them.

I remember reading that they lived between Hamburg and London for Maxmillian's business purposes. I am not sure if that is still the case.

Does anyone know what Angela does now. I remember that she was a designer in New York prior to her marriage. Does anyone know if she is still working in the fashion industry or doing something different now?
Latest Order

The President of Austria paid an official visit to Liechtenstein yesterday (Aug. 30th). Here are a few photos:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3:)
The family wealth is estimated to be arount 3-5 billion USD. They use to be alot wealthier, however because of lost land in the post WWII their wealth has substantially decreased. Their wealth today comes from land, the family's many famous paintings(Rubens,Da Vinci...etc.),investments, and the family owned bank LGT.

But with 3-5 billion they aren't bad off;)
Prince Hans-Adam and his family are worth a couple billion dollars. The family has a large art collection that is a large source of their wealth.
Maximilian and Angela

Prince Maximilian and Angela Brown

In what some are considering a modern-day Cinderella story, former New York fashion designer, Angela Brown, wed Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein in a fairy tale Manhattan wedding on January 29, 2000.

Angela Brown, the daughter of Mr. Javier Francisco Brown and Mrs. Silvia Maritza Brown, was born in Bocas del Toro / Panama on February 3rd, 1958. She attended high school in New York and studied fashion at the Parson’s School of Design. For three years, she sold her designs under the name A. Brown and also was employed until September 1999 by fashion designer Adrienne Vittadini.

Prince Maximilian, born on May 16, 1969. He attended school in Liechtenstein and earned a degree from the European Business School in Frankfurt in 1993. He currently works for Industri Kapital, a leading European private equity firm, in Hamburg.

The couple met while Prince Maximilian was working for Chase Capital Partners in New York City in 1997. They became friends and began a courtship in the summer of 1999.

The were wed at Saint Vincent Ferrer Church in Manhattan at 11:00 a.m. on January 29, 2000. The couple was joined by a few hundred friends and family members for the ceremony.
I am so surprised that a Prince would marry a black women....and basically have no problems....What a pleasant surprise and Oh my God, Why aren't there other interracial couples in the royal families.

Bravo to them
More information and pictures about Max and Angela's wedding can be found here:

And here are a couple of pictures of Maximillian, Angela and their sons from last month when Maximillian's father Hans-Adam abdicated in favour of his elder brother Alois.

Photos: Seegerpress


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This may seem like a stupid question, but why don't any of Hans' children live in Liechtenstein? Obviously, they have jobs, but is the country that small where they have to work outside of their home country?

Also, does Liechtenstein have "glittering" royal events ala Denmark and England or are they more "down to earth" in their royal ceremonies?

Thanks :)
Athena said:
This may seem like a stupid question, but why don't any of Hans' children live in Liechtenstein? Obviously, they have jobs, but is the country that small where they have to work outside of their home country?

Also, does Liechtenstein have "glittering" royal events ala Denmark and England or are they more "down to earth" in their royal ceremonies?

Thanks :)
It is just customary for members of the Princely family to live outside of Liechtenstein. Until a few generations ago, the sovereign Prince didn't even live in Liechtenstein. Perhaps it's size has something to do with it.

The Princely family does occasionally have "glittering" royal parties (mainly in Vienna) but they are also private family parties...No press.:)
Liechtenstein does not have a royal family. They have a princely family. Also, the family is enourmou. Over 100 people with the title of Prinz/Prinzessin von und zu Liechtenstein.
What's the difference between a Royal family and a Princely family? I thought that they were the same except for a Princely monarchy doesn't not have a King/Queen, but rather a Prince or Grand Duke as the head of (in this case regarding Liechtenstein) state.

If I'm wrong please tell me...

New portrait of Alois and Sophie. I'm glad to see Sophie so healthy and beautifull :)


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hillary_nugent said:
I just read that the Liechtenstein Royal Family are the wealthiest there any particular reason for this? i'm surprised at this as Liechtenstein is very small...
As I know so far Liechtenstein Royal Family is the wealthiest royal family in Europe (refer to: but not in the world..the wealthiest royal in the world is Brunei Sultan (royal family) refer to Brunei sultanat also has quiet small size but rich in Oil and gas sources.
Photos of prince Maximillian and his wife Angela Brown with their son Alfonso.


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Liechtenstein royals at the beatrification ceremony in Rome



The Princely Pair:)

The Princely Couple and the Prince Nikolaus (brother of Prince Hans-Adam)
Prince Nikolaus and his lovely family...

His wife Princess Margaretha (born Princess of Luxembourg) their beautiful daughters Princess Marie-Astrid and Princess Maria Anunciata..and their hansome son Prince Josef-Emanuel.:)

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