Letizia, Princess of Asturias, Accessories 2: September 2008 - November 2008

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I like these shoes. Yes, they have the platform look in the front, but I really like the rounded shape.
They are among her better platforms ;)
Oh I sooo agree with you, Duke! They are much more feminine and in keeping with her tiny ankles. Guess I just don't like her in those clunky platforms. They look somehow out of proportion, imho.
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those last shoes are awful - i hope she never wears them again
These shoes are almost cartoonish - they are dreadful - she needs to have the soles dyed black - these shoes look really cheap -
These shoes are almost cartoonish

Jessica Rabbit comes to my mind... or a drag queen.

Letizia is not the average young girl going to a party and have fun, she's a future Queen. Those double platforms might be a desperate attempt to make up 30 cm but they look ridiculous and cheap on a Princess.
She really should relax about the difference in height between Felipe and her. Those ridiculous shoes just make it more obvious that she is trying to look taller. Wear a pair of flats!!
Seems Letizia has a problem with being the shortest member of the SRF, feeling dwarfed or overshadowed by her tall husband and sisters-in-law. These shoes might make her a few centimetres taller but do not add any "greatness" to her appearance in terms of charisma, rather the opposite, she looks like an insecure little mouse in far too big shoes which I fear does also have a metaphoric sense when looking at her statuesque mother in law, charismatic Queen Sofia.
I understand the height issue (I am 5'2 and my husband is 6'1), but I do not understand her preference for these platforms. They look terrible on her. It is possible to wear lovely heels that add height. There are so many stiletto-styles available. I guess she prefers the chunky look in her shoes.
I am shocked!!!! I wonder if her feet were hurting, or if she knew that there would be no tall people in attendance?:lol:
Good grief!!! What is her problem? Doesn't she have mirrors? Between the black 'horror's' and now these brown ones....she really needs some serious help in the shoe department in my very humble opinion.
Letizia´s shoes yesterday:

Brown platforms (worn yesterday)



You know, I actually think that if you chopped the platforms of, these would both be great shoes... :bang: :bang: :bang:

She goes from one extreme to another...
Well after walking around in those mile high heels and platforms she needs to give her poor feet a rest!! Not to mention her back...
Yes, but there are nice flat boots - I for one happen to own 2 pairs!
These look like Nice boots...shiny and all. I wouldn't mind having a pair.
Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I wonder how tall Letizia is?

I wouldn't dare wearing shoes with that kind of heels...I'm really afraid I would get hurt and the thought of tripping myself in front of people....that would be embarrassing...
Letizia wearing some kind of black Mary Janes platforms


In my opinion...they are just really ugly.

We all knew what was coming, according to Letizia's motto "buy one get one free":

After the black version last Sunday yesterday it was time to present the gold version of the ugly double-platforms (national award dinner for the young businessmen in Alicante, 06/11).


I wonder what other colours will be around the corner in the next days :eek:
I guess I must tag along on all of your coat tails. The dress is really stunning, Why would you wear your stripper shoes? I guess there can only be one explanation for this.....the Prince!!!!!;)
I have to agree about Letizia's shoes. While one or two pairs of platform shoes are OK (they are in fashion) it seems that every single pair she owns are now platforms. They certainly don't give an elegant image.

She will probably go down in history as the princess with the highest shoes!
hate the recent shoes - ie the black and gold versions of the platforms i never want to see them again
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