Letizia, Princess of Asturias, Accessories 2: September 2008 - November 2008

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Great news!!!!
Letizia has finally repeated a pair of the lovely dainty pointed shoes rather..

LOL...I wouldn't call those snake skin shoes dainty. Those spikes aren't called "killer heels" for nothing.:lol:
They're dainty compared with some of the monsters she's worn this year (Sorry I really hate them)
To be honest I'm almost a bit surprised that she finally changes style and its to a pair as old as that. But I'm not complaining, I quite like them, and I think they matche the dress well enough.
imho she did a grat job .like her heels and the rest of the outfit very much..looks classy elegant..thanx for sharing
I love Princess Letizia's lovely daisy belt but I don't like the outfit that much. (Sorry). :)
Fantastic shoes. They look like they are Christian Louboutin. I would give anything for a pair of those fabulous red-soled shoes!
Well they're still a bit too 'platform' for me, but they have a great heal.
I like the black purse and shoes. They looks quite lovely. :)
Well, I'm sick of belts, but I like this one from the arrival in Mexico
Aside from the bag, I really like the rest of the outfit. I am surprised by the overall casualness of the outfit for a foreign visit.
from the official dinner in Mexico
shoes wonderful, amazing colour :flowers:
(picture from hola)
LOVE the bows in the back!!! Ultra feminine...
She didn't wear those pink heels while in Mexico....
Wherever she wore them I Still stand by my comment!! (Where did she wear them, by the way?)
Fantastic shoes. They look like they are Christian Louboutin. I would give anything for a pair of those fabulous red-soled shoes!

I don't think they are from Louboutin! They are too bold! Loubitin's shoes are also a form of platform but are sophisticated!

LOVE the bows in the back!!! Ultra feminine...

On the contrary, I do not like them at all! I hate the heels! They are too bold!

The shoes that she chooses to wear don't suit her at all! I mean they all have a platform style and are very bold and her feet are thin and small and the result is just awful! :bang: :bang: :bang:
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I don't mind the platforms but the bows are another matter. They are too "cutesy" for a grown woman at a formal dinner. I wonder if Letizia's preference for platforms have anything to do with the height difference with her husband.:whistling:
The soles are not "red Louboutin", the shoes are of Sara Navarro a Spanish designer of shoes, the soles of her shoes have a deep red.

Sara Navarro

No they are not and thanks for pointing this out. I usually get slandered when I claim that Letizia's red sole shoes are not Louboutins. None of her models are in his catalogues and his and not as clumsy. By the way, many designers started to do red soles on their no names to enable the average woman to wear something fashionable without paying 800$ and much more per pair. Letizia could easily afford but choses not to, it suits her self-emposed policy not to wear foreigns designer. Getting them for free / advertising a la Varela is not an option as there are lots of celebrities like Posh out there who queue up for wearing for the latest model. I would not be surprised if Elena had a pair or more in her closet but Letizia - very unlikely.
Princess Letizia´s shoes at a gala dinner in honour of Malaysian King tonight
ANP Beeldbank
No platforms or peeptoes.
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