Letizia Ortiz and Alonso Guerrero's Marriage

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"A Madrid court has been given a 600 kilogram steel safe to ensure the
divorce papers of Spain's would-be Queen don't fall into the wrong

The El Mundo newspaper says the Justice Department of the Madrid
regional government has purchased the safe for £1,300 after a judge
in Arganda del Rey complained there was no secure place to store the
divorce papers of Letizia Ortiz.

She is the fiancee of crown heir Prince Felipe.

Ortiz, a former anchorwoman for Spanish national television, was
married to schoolteacher and author Alonso Guerrero in 1998. A year
later, the couple got divorced and the papers detailing the
separation were filed in a court in Arganda del Rey.

The judge feared the papers might be stolen or details of the
separation leaked to the media, possibly embarrassing Ortiz and the
royal family, reports El Mundo.

Ortiz and the prince are due to be married on May 22.

Polls conducted when they announced their engagement in November
suggest most Spaniards are thrilled with the prince's choice of bride."

This really makes you wonder what is in those divorce papers... The divorce itself is no news.
I cannot see how it is relevant to her life, especially since no children were involved to "keep them in touch". It would have the same meaning as remembering a first kiss, first intimate act, etc. Has no true significance to the person now. I doubt Letizia even thinks about him, why in the world should she?

She shared her life with him for 7 years (counting a divorce/separation in 1999; apparently, formally they were married for 3 more years); and because their marriage produced no children, it was irrelevant? I hope you are not trying to imply that marriages only count if people are willing and able to have children.

I hope she does think about her life previous to her current one once in a while. It would be healthy to not completely ignore 7 years of your life. She had been together longer with Alfonso (7 years) than she had been with Felipe when Infanta Sofía was born (4 1/2 years)...
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