Lech Photo Sessions: 2005-2013

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Wonderful family pictures. I always love the dutch photoshoots, so full of life and happiness. I wish more royals would opt for this instead of pre-released airbrushed pictures with not much more personality than a grey Volvo

Got to love Amalias expressions, and her little hello kitty mittens are so cute http://img164.imageshack.us/my.php?image=569412474zk.jpg

Is there any video available of this?
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I think Amalia looks just like Queen Beatrix, just blonder ;) Same round face and smile.
And hopefully Alexia will look more like Máxima.
Well, the Queen had years in which she looked very pretty, especially in the early days of her pregnancy, so i wouldn't mind the resemblance myself.
I like this great family!!!!
How times they stay in Lech?
I don't know, but Maxima has to be in Olso this saturday (without husband). Maybe Willem-Alexander and the children will stay in Lech and she will join them afterwards?
Lovely pictures of happy family. Amalia and Alexia are so cute.
The public information service did not release a statement that she is in Lech, neither was it reported in the media. I assume she is at the Palace, still recovering from her knee-surgery and preparing the Argentinian state-visit (hopefully ordering some outragous hats).
Those pictures are so great, thanks to all who posted them! I always love the Lech photoshoot! The children are so cute (I especially are a big fan of Amalia, but I think Alexia will be as bubbly when she gets older!) :)
OMG the girls are soo sweet!! and I love when Amalia kisess Alexia so cute!:p
Amalia and Alexia are so adorable! I especially love Amalia's experssion in lots of those pictures.

...and those mittens! too cute for words.
agisele said:
Amalia and Alexia are so adorable! I especially love Amalia's experssion in lots of those pictures.

...and those mittens! too cute for words.
Yes, Amalia and Alexia are adorable. It's a beautiful family:) :)
Many thousand thanks for all this cute and funny pictures! It's always great that they do such a photosession for the press and then they can stay calm.
I watched it serveral times on TV today and everytime Amalia makes me laugh :D My favorite pics:

http://www.theroyalforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=230256&d=1140957011 *no words*
also from uk press

ps. the snow is so so white... it kinda blend in with the post background, isn't it?
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Alexia has beautiful eyes. She's bound to be a heartbreaker when she gets older.
Toddler Princess Enjoy Some Snowy Fun in Austria
................At two, Amalia, who was togged out in a kitted cap with pink bobbles and a pair of cute kitty mittens, was clearly old enough to be excited by her sledding experience as well as hang on tight to her younger sibling, who looked a little bemused by the strange cold flakes falling from the sky...............

Photos from Hello magazine
Thanks for the video! Amalia is really such a cute and alert little girl! Funny how she says Jaaaaa every time the photographers call her name. Like saying "what do you want now?" :)

I'm a huge fan of this adorable family - the two little Princesses are so cute and Amalia always makes me want to smile when I see pictures of her. As I don't speak Dutch, however, I was wondering if anyone could possibly kindly translate what Maxima and WA said in the video? Many thanks!
Loosely translated :

Maxima is telling that Amalia is still to young to ski, but their playing with her plastic skies to learn it whilst playing. And playing with other children...

W-A ads that she has to get used to the cold also!
Thanks! I can imagine her having lots of fun playing at skiing. She seems to have enjoyed the snoe during this photo session too!
is it correct that on the video, they said that the familiy will spend two weeks their in Lech????
I hope some dutch anyone has heard it.. :D
What an adorable family! Thank you for sharing the video link. I don't understand Dutch, but it was great to hear Amalia shout "Ja!" whenever her name was called.
All of them are lovely pictures. It seems they are all photogenic people. I wonder how CP Maxima manages to have a light tan even during the winter?
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