Least Favourite Royal Wedding Dress

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Danielle said:
It reminds me of Mary Poppins. The veil and the hat make it look really bad, but it's not the worst wedding dress I have seen.
bwuhahahaha good point...she does remind me alot like Mary Poppins!!! hahaha
suturegeisha said:
I just found this and thought I'd post it.
It's a photo of Prince Alexander of Liechtenstein and his wife Princess Astrid [nee Kohl].
What was she thinking?
I think the hat makes the attire looks awful.... if she wore a tiara it will look better;).
I hate to saythis but I think Princess Kalina needs help.
Laura Ponte's dress isn't to bad I think its her veil that has everyone shocked
I actually like camilla outfit alot,it was very tasteful for a second wedding,congrats to her

Did anybody see the outfit that camilla wore????it was good,wasnt it!!!
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hania said:
please post the pics if u have of astrid and her husband.thank you
this is princess astrid's wedding


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I think that is the different princess astrid,the other one is married to Prince Alexander of Liechtenstein, but both are badly dressed,i wonder if it is the era to blamed for their fashion sense.

i think that astrid and diana and fergie could be forgiven for dressing the way they did becos it was the 80's but otherwise mabel and the others have no excuse

I cant believe she wore a dress like this,masako went a bit to overboard with this creation.i love her but her dress was not good

and davina windsor looks like a garden nymph!

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Oh my, Princess Masako's dress was truly - I hate to say this, but horrifying!
I though Lady Davina's dress looked nice but now that you mentioned garden nymph I do see what you mean.
The important thing is that they loved their dresses! I hope!
princess masako's gown looks like a stuff marshmallow while lady davina's dress looks very plain for a wedding gown.
im shock at the fact that these people have a lot of money but can't seem to pick out a nice, classey wedding gown

Dom Duke of Portugal, Braganza and Dona Isabel married 1995
I can't stand this dress!


Prince Ernst and Princess Chantal of Hannover married 1981
This dress is not very nice

Prince Henriech and princess Thyra
Her dress seems like its from a nunnery


Wedding of Count Thierry of Limburg-Stirum (*1959) and Katia della Faille de Leverghen (*1969) 1990

I think the bride is beautiful, but I don't like her dress.
I'm not sure I like what he's wearing.


Princess Elena of Roumania (*1950) with her father King Michael I. at her first wedding with Robin Medforth-Mills - married in 1983 divorced in 1991
This dress is ill fitted and very drab. I wonder if she's pregnant?


I think CP Marie-Chantal tried to pull a Princess Grace and it didn't quite work.
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Sorry, but I cannot see the pictures of the 6 last posts...I only see "image hosted by angelfire"!!

Am I the only one?:confused:
on that same page,lashinka , i must say that maria theresa of orleans looks lovely,know whta u mean about dona isabel!!![/QUOTE]

Maria theresa of orleans does look lovely, almost timeless
Kalina, I think, is wearing a moroccan inspired dress. The belt, the neck are very similar to caftans.

Someone can confirm?


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Kalina likes everything Bulgarian and that's why she wore this dress. Believe me, nobody in Bulgaria wears wedding dress like hers.
I see nothing wrong with her dress..I think that her husband is worst than her dress...hehehe....joking!
hania said:
I actually like camilla outfit alot,it was very tasteful for a second wedding,congrats to her
I agree, especially the second outfit she wore for the Service of Blessing - I thought she looked stunning.
Nathalian said:
I see nothing wrong with her dress..I think that her husband is worst than her dress...hehehe....joking!
I agree and I'm not joking :D
Camilla dress shocked everyone i guess,it looked great for a second wedding dress

i didnt see the dress that sayako wore for the engagement, where is it???
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what is that in her hair anyway

and her dress was long and so was masako,like a bridal dress

i think that masako wedding dress wasnt that grand
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It is not a Japanese traditional dress then I think something on her head is a (kind of) hat....Japanese royal family seem like to wear a kind of Jacky O's hat (bottle pils shape).
I actually really the delicate emboidery on the skirt of Marie-Chantal's dress. But the illusion bodice with the flowers? blossoms? and the veil were a bit much.
People... this thread is by far the meanest thread ever :cool: .
I dont really participate in this forum , but I visit everyday for over a year now... and it rocks ! This must be every royal's nightmare.... do you think they talk about it ?:D
the fashionablely challange

i would like to think that we are helping some of the fashionable challange with their dress. we all mean well,with our free advice but some just dont want to listen. so that is why this thread is still up and working. its hard work giving advice on how not to dress.:rolleyes:
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some of those frowning girls :eek: should be reminded that her smile could been most important accessory too, more than a headpiece or shoes or those flowers -- especially with so many cameras. When the dress is just weird (i couldn't care if the dress is 'inspired' by what) those brides need to do herself as much a favor as possible.

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but that's my own silly little opinion... :rolleyes:
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I think that maybe, just maybe,these brides are not well advised prior to their nuptials or maybe they have their own preconceived ideas of what they want.not sure???
I didn't think much of Rania's dress, but then I always find it strange that so many Arab women will insist on wearing a white dress.
Mary's dress was quite bland as was Mette-Marit's and Sophie wessex.
Letizia hd a lovely dress and Camilla looked spectacular when you factor in her age and stuff.
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