Late Princess Diana's Eveningwear

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This burgundy velvet & lace dress is the only design by Valentino which Princess Diana ever wore in public.
This dress is definitely new for me - the Princess looks very dignified and makes me think of a Hollywood star. Thank you ZUBIAUR for your irreplacable picts! :flowers:

Diana in a fur
Thanks monic for appreciating my work.She looks stunning in mink fur
She had an amazing style. And quoting monic, thank you for your unquestionable contribution to the thread :) :flowers:
She looked good even in yellow, which I consider a hard colour to wear. But her tanned skin helped her too. Thanks for the pics Zubiaur. :)
Wow. I have never seen the 3rd picture from the bottom. With the pearls in a knot. She was beautiful.
She looks so elegant and sophisticated in the last three pics! Definitely one of my favourite dresses of her!
Wonderful pictures Zubiaur and Maryamj.

Tank you Monic for explanation:flowers:
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