Late Princess Diana's Eveningwear

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I was never a fan of that one shouldered evening gown that P Diana wore, but I do like the powder blue evening gown posted in the last picture. Thanks for posting Zubiaur!
I like the blue dress better without sleeves, but the one with sleeves looks more royal you could say. I know she wore it with sleeves when she was touring Saudi Arabia I think it was, since she was supposed to be covered up. I don't know if the dress was orginally made with sleeves- I thought it was.
I love the princess in the pink dress- love the pattern of the fabric. I would love to see it as a strapless sillouette!
Who was the designer of the latest dress you posted (pink skirt with beaded top)????
Who was the designer of the latest dress you posted (pink skirt with beaded top)????
Catherine Walker.
Later re-made; the beaded top was turned into a bolero over a figure-hugging, full-length lilac shift dress.
Thank´s Zubiar I always like the last dress.

Indeed a wonderful dress. I adore the colour and material. Plus this lovely jewelry it just looked classy. :flowers:
A truly aristocratic clothing, A beautiful dress, A sumptuous dress. I like her sideview photo (fifth Photo)
Thanks :flowers: ZUBIAUR :flowers: for your post
Does anyone have a date for Diana wearing this dress? I notice Charles is in the picture also so it is probably in 1985-1987 time period? Please!!!!!!! I want to know it is driving me crazy.
This dress was worn in summer 1987, for a dinner at the German embassy in London in preparation of the official visit to Germany in the autumn of the same year.
A very sophisticated dress, kept very simple in the front with quite a big surprise in the back, as seen in the pic. It was worn only this one time in public and was designed by Victor Edelstein.
Diana: A Celebration at The National Constitution Center

Diana: A Celebration. Presented at the National Constitution Center in Philidelphia, Pa. Nine galleries celebrating Diana's life, from her childhood, engagement to HRH Charles, marriage, charity work, etc. The Event is from Oct 2nd - Dec 31st, 2009.

National Constitution Center - Diana: A Celebration
Who gets the money from the Diana: A Celebration Exhibit?
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