Late Princess Diana's Eveningwear

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Thanks for the pics maryamj! Lovely, great pics.
Let's see, i liked: (all but favourite) 1st, 4th, 11th, 12th and the last 2 ones.

Those videos are really good. It is easy to forget how beautiful Diana looked in those dresses, as one woman said, on a hanger they didn´t look so good but when she put them on they were transformed into gorgeous fashionable garments, even now, so many years later, they look fabulous.
It makes me sad to think of someone so young and beautiful ending so tragically although I was never a Diana fan, it is nice to remember her as a beautiful young woman, and of course that is what she will be forever.
Does anyone have any info on the black and green dress she wears in the second to last pic? I had never seen that photo, although I believe I've seen the dress somewhere before, maybe photos of the Christie's auction dresses?

I've been looking for some more information on this dress but unfortunately unsuccessfully...:nonono:
I've got only the link to where I took the picture from. If I find something I'll let you know.

Diana's Diamond and Gemstone Necklaces
She is radiant, specially in the fourth pic,so original dress.Thanks ,dear maryamj:angel:
I agree with Zubiaur, in the 4th pic she looks so radiant and elegant and the dress is very original. She was so beautiful. Thanks for the pics maryamj!
I admired all the pix. but i like more last four photos .diana is besides
candles very amorously.
thanx monic for your pix.
Princess Diana looks gorgeous, especially in the first three evening outfits!:)

Her deep blue dress is so beautiful!:previous::rolleyes:

Diana's wedding dress - a beautiful creation
Flickr Photo Download: Hochzeit prinz Charles Lady Diana
Flickr Photo Download: Princess Diana's Wedding Dress
Flickr Photo Download: Princess Diana's Wedding Dress
Flickr Photo Download: Charles_Diana_wedding
Flickr Photo Download: af38scd
Flickr Photo Download: 69a3scd
Flickr Photo Download: 5f4ascd
Flickr Photo Download: 3fddscd,21,1.jpg
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