Lady Frances Armstrong Jones and Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal: Dec 2006

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Jun 26, 2005
United Kingdom
on saturday 4th december lady frances armstrong jones got married
there are pictures of the linleys and children and lady sarah with her children

does anyone have access to the isifa website as they are only tiny pictures
there are loads. any help would be greatfully appreciated

actually wedding was on 2nd december
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Here's what you do when you're on the isifa website.
Click on the tiny picture. This opens up a window with just text.
At the top, click on 'kalkulace/objednavka' (don't know what this means)
the window changes to show the small picture again. Click on this picture and you'll get a bigger size photo - of course it still has the isifa watermark but you can get more detail.

There's one photo with the bride wearing a diamond tiara although it faces toward the back and downward.

Here's some photos with the Linleys and their kids:

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Thank you so much for the links, Ayvee! These are wonderful photos. Little Margarita is adorable! The boys are getting so big. Does anyone know the ages of the kids? Did Lord Snowden only have the one daughter in his 2nd marriage? Also, the resemblence between Lord Linley and his father is really striking. Thanks again!
Thank you Ayvee for the pics! Margarita is adorable...she looks just like Serena. Would have loved to see a full picture of Frances's dress...but I LOVE LOVE her shoes.

And yes, Frances is the only child from Lord Snowdon's 2nd marriage...but he does have a younger son...who I think is around the same age as Charles.
He also has a son named Jasper who was born in 1998.

Is Daniel Chatto the guy standing beside the groom ? and does anyone know who she married ?
Lord Linley's velvet suit

I have a feeling that in the above pics of the Frances Armstrong-Jones wedding, Linley is wearing the green velvet Sheriff of Caernarvon suit designed by Lord Snowdon for himself for the Investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969. Can anyone validate this?
iceflower said:
Here are the newest pics from yesterday evening:
Caption:"David and Serina Linley attend a private viewing of "David Hockney: Portraits" at the National Portrait Gallery on October 11, 2006 in London, England."(Photos by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)
Is that Christopher Bailey talking to Lord Linley?
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Okay, I would like to know? Frances is from Lord Snowden's second marriage. Who is her mother ? Who is Jaspar's mother and was Lord Snowden ever married to her? Or is this son out of wedlock?

Linda 85
Who was Frances' groom|?
...Frances' mother is Lucy Mary Davies (I mean she divorced from Armstrong-Jones shortly after the birth of Frances:ermm: ).
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prinses said:
...Frances' mother is Lucy Mary Davies (I mean she divorced from Armstrong-Jones shortly after the birth of Frances:ermm: ).
No she didn't, Lord Snowdon and Lucy, Countess of Snowden didn't divorce until after 1998. Their marriage broke down when it came out that Lord Snowden had had an affair that produced his youngest son Jasper. Jasper's mother is called Melanie ( double barrelled surname, which escapes me at the moment) she's a lot younger than Lord Snowdon, she was in her 30's he was in his late 60's when they had their affair. They're not together although he does have contact with his youngest son.
a long way down but thank you ayvee for putting the pictures of the linleys on and explaining how to do them i very much appreciate this. (i am not a computer whizzkid)

once again thanks
Thanks for all your answers but I'm still a bit confused. Let me get this straight (please be patient): Lord Snowden has 2 children from his marriage to Pss. Margaret ~ David & Sarah, 1 child from his second marriage ~ Frances, and a young son from an affair, Jasper? So he has a total of 4 children? (And four grandchildren). Will someone just clarify this for me? Thank you in advance.
Yup Bella that is right. Jasper has his mother's last name as well.

No she didn't, Lord Snowdon and Lucy, Countess of Snowden didn't divorce until after 1998.

According to the Telegraph article, they never divorced they just seperated.
margarita and charles are so so beautifl, margarita is a royal beauty! in the royal photo are the chatto children too?
a nice tiara, I would like to see it worn normally? Any information about this jewel? Armstrong-Jones or von Hofmannsthal history?
Lady Linley pregnant again?

I might be wrong but she looks pregnant.
You're right, Stefanie. (I hadn't noticed before.)

I'm not too keen on the length of her dress (I would have preferred it to be floor-length, as was her train). She's more photogenic than Lady Sarah, isn't she?
It's a pretty dress, but it makes her look matronly and old-fashioned. And it's too short.
Serena also looks to be pregnant (either that or its a horribly cut coat).
Frances made a beautiful bride. Her neice and nephews are very cute.
The wedding took place at St. George's church (Hanover Square), after which the guests repaired to the Dorchester.

Royalsa said:
The URL address has changed... I'm putting here the actual links:
(I can't believe that Mr Caspar and Mr Octavian von Hofmannsthal - and also the best men of the groom - went to the church wearing a smoking/tuxedo!... So tacky!!...:ohmy: )
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How interesting that she wore brown shoes instead of white. I thought most brides wore entirely white. I did think it looked a bit odd.
I agree that Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah don't look dressed like they are going to a wedding..but I assume its the bohemian nature of the wedding?

I may in the minority...but I think Lady Frances looks great! I love her dress. Does anyone know any information about the tiara that she is wearing?
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