Kings of Jerusalem

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According to my research... there were/are issues as to who is "The King of Jerusalem" in the present day. For a time... it was claimed that Otto von Haspsburg, claimed the Descendant Title of "The King of Jerusalem" and The Royal House of Spain-Portugal, had quietly challenged it. When Otto von Haspburg died in 2011... The Symbolic Acquisition of Claim, was made by Carlos VI. of Spain and is now in the critera of Phillipe VI.
In spite the fact that Otto von Hapsburg, has A Son... the silent argument of Descendant Claim, is mixed.
According to the decree of Fulk V., King of Jerusalem... All Direct Descendants can make claim to be 'Descendant Princes of Jerusalem', but as far as the symbolic title as King... most descendants have conceded to Phillipe VI., but it could be Symbolically challenged by Peerage and DNA verification?

There is no Spanish king Carlos VI

The courts always accepted Isabel II and her descendants as legitimate queen, and that branch is extinct. The "Carlism", returned to the main branch with Alfonso XIII, so the rest are the desire to be able to keep titles that only belong to the crown of Spain and that no one in their right mind, except for some family interests, would recognize.
King Felipe VI is the recipient as the Spanish monarch of the title of King of Jerusalem. Can others claim it? Well, there are many who claim all hahaha ... For power, they can, but Felipe VI is reconocodio as such even Israel itself, albeit an honorary degree as many others.

In the historical line of powers, there is no DNA line to claim anything, much less when most of the titles were obtained by "right of conquest"
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I would agree to a certain point... King Fulk's decree seems to validate All Claims, but realistically... the nod seems to be in Fillipes favor... :eek:
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