Kingdom of the Algarves

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May 1, 2008
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Portuguese History

I had posted the following in the Royal Library forum under the thread Books on Portuguese History, but thought I would start another thread here in this forum to get others' comments and observations about Portuguese history.

"I just finished reading Portugal: A Companion History. I found it very helpful, providing a good, quick overview of the history of Portugal. I had one observation about Portugal's history. It seems that when Portugal experienced instability and turmoil, it was because it was attempting to negotiate its way through the conflicts between Spain, France, England and/or the Dutch, or these powers were attempting to pit Portugal against their enemies. No wonder Portugal had such difficult times."

There may be those who will disagree with me on this point, but I have to have some sympathies with even the "unpoplular" monarchs during those times since it would have been no easy feat to maintain the sovereignty and integrity of the Portuguese nation. Just the fact that Portugal maintained its integrity and sovereignty while being subjected to great forces that could have pulled it apart, should make the Portuguese people very proud of their history and themselves as a people.

What about a little discussion on the Kingdom of the Algarves?
What do you know about the Kingdom of the Algarve?
The Kings of Portugal were later kings of the Algarve.
What about a little discussion on the Kingdom of the Algarves?

There's no such thing as the Kingdom of Algarve since the XIII century. Algarve was, by that time, under muslim domain and was finally conquered from the Moors in 1249 by the portuguese king Alphonse III. It's portuguese territory since then. In fact Algarve is the southest region in Portugal facing the Atlantic ocean and close to North Africa... :lol:
I should know, i'm portuguese after all...
King Sancho I of Portugal never used the title of King of Portugal and the Algarve. It was adopted by his grandson King Afonso III of Portugal as part of the titles and honours of the Portuguese Crown.
They also used the 1815 title Kings of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves, making the Kingdom of Brazil a separated entity before it was declared an independent empire in 1822.

Footnote. The Portuguese language version on the above link has more information than the English version. Just right click and have your browser auto translate the page so you can read details not available in the default English language section:,_Brasil_e_Algarves
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The Kingdom of the Algarve, after 1471 Kingdom of the Algarves, was a nominal kingdom within the Kingdom of Portugal, located in the southernmost region of continental Portugal.

It was a dominion of the Portuguese Crown and supposedly a kingdom apart from Portugal, though in fact the "Algarvian kingdom" had no institutions, special privileges, or autonomy.
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