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Princess Senate seems to be a lovely and confident young lady. It's wonderful to see her taking up such roles already.
King Letsie III was received by Pope Francis for an audience at the Vatican today, October 18:

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Kingdom of Lesotho marks Moshoeshoe day 2024 at Thaba Bosiu led by King Letsie III.

King Moshoeshoe I was the first King of the Basotho nation.


King Letsie III of Lesotho was received by King Frederik at Christiansborg Castle this morning, June 24.

"The King of Lesotho is on a series of working visits to the Nordic region to gain an insight into Scandinavian green solutions"

King Letsie III of Lesotho continued his journey in the Nordic region and was received by King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon today, June 25:

Alexander Stubb, the President of Finland, welcomed today King Letsie III to the Presidential Palace
"In the afternoon I had Lesotho's King Letsie III as my guest. We discussed, among other things, food security, clean energy and the effects of Russia's war of aggression on different continents."
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Will the King of Lesotho also visit Sweden?
Queen Masenate dancing:

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