King Vermudo II of León and Wives

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Jan 9, 2013
Bermudo (or Vermudo) II (c. 953 – September 999), called the Gouty (Spanish: el Gotoso), was first a rival king in Galicia (982–984) and then king of the entire Kingdom of León (984–999). His reign is summed up by Justo Pérez de Urbel's description of him as "the poor king tormented in life by the sword of Almanzor and in death by the vengeful pen of a bishop," Pelagius of Oviedo (died 1153), half of whose Chronicon covers the reign of Bermudo and is highly critical of the king. He accuses Bermudo of imprisoning Bishop Gudesteus of Oviedo in the 990s and blames the attacks of Almanzor on Bermudo's sins.

King of León:
Reign: 984–999
Predecessor: Ramiro III
Successor: Alfonso V
King of Galicia:
Reign: 982–999
Predecessor: Ramiro III
Successor: Alfonso V
Born: c. 953
Died: c. 999
Burial: Monastery of Carracedo
later Basilica of San Isidoro
Consort: Velasquita Ramírez
Elvira García
Issue: Alfonso V
Dynasty: Astur-Leonese dynasty
Father: Ordoño III of León
Mother: Urraca Fernández (?)
Religion: Roman Catholicismón

Velasquita Ramírez:

Elvira García:
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