King Simeon II and Queen Margarita current events

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King Simeon II took part in the solemn celebration of the 110th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Albania.

King Simeon received in the "Vrana" Palace the newly appointed Ambassador of Georgia in Sofia S.E. Mr. Otar Berdzenishvili.

King Simeon met with the famous Turkish historian Prof. Ilber Ortayl.
King Simeon II attended the official presentation of the Bulgarian edition of the book "The Tsar's Travels" (Diary of the journey of Tsar Ferdinand I from Bulgaria to South America, December 1927 - April 1928) with the author Ernst Roselius.

King Simeon II received Spanish football legend Emilio Butragueño and a delegation from the "Real Madrid" Foundation in Vrana.

King Simeon II received the General Secretary and founder of the Slovak NGO "Servare et Manere" at the Vrana Palace.
Message from the Secretariat of King Simeon II
Their Majesties King Simeon II and Queen Margarita express their sincere thanks for the many Christmas and New Year congratulations they received, as well as those on the Queen's birthday.

Unfortunately, due to their advanced age, they will not be able to respond personally to each card, as they have done for years following the tradition of the Royal Family.

Their Majesties wish everyone a prosperous and successful 2024!
Yesterday, King Simeon II attended the funeral in memory of King Ferdinand and Queen Giovanna at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cathedral.

At the invitation of H.E. Ghazi Hamed Alfadli, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait in Sofia, the King Simeon attended the reception for their national holiday.
The reception took place at the Marinela Hotel in the presence of many diplomats and politicians.

King Simeon II attended the "Happy Birthday, Mozart" concert on the occasion of the genius composer's birthday.

King Simeon participated in the celebrations on the occasion of Bulgarian National Day on March 3.

King Simeon II visited the capital's gallery "Arosita" and saw the exhibition by Gabriela von Habsburg.

King Simeon attended the opening of the exhibition "The Shores of Time" by Vladimir Penev.
King Simeon at the funeral of Neophytus, Patriarch of Bulgaria and Metropolitan of Sofia.
King Simeón and Queen Margarita met with Bulgarian-speaking representatives from the Ambassadors Club.
I was just reading about the early years of the tsarina. Her parents and maternal grandmother were murdered by the Spanish regime in 1936 when she was only 1 years old. Afterwards she and her brother were taken in by various close friends of their parents family members until their respective deaths:

1 - Initially (until May 1937) by their father's close friend, the marquess of Casa Pissaro
2 - Next by their paternal grandmother in France (which was quite a complicated journey due to the war) - Doña Margarita Marta Modet y Almagro, until her death in 1940.
3 - Next by their paternal uncle, Don Juan Gómez-Acebo y Modet, Marquess of Zurgena, and his family until his death.
4 - Finally by another paternal uncle, Don Jaime Gómez-Acebo y Modet, and his wife, Doña Isabel Duque de Estrada y Vereterra, 9th Marchioness of Deleitosa (parents of Luis, later husband of Infanta Pilar).

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King Simeon II participated in the international conference "Eurozone in Bulgaria - when?".
King Simeon II visited the primary school "Neofit Rilski" in the town of Samokov and opened the memorial plaque restored on the occasion of the construction of the school during the reign of Tsar Boris III.
This year, the Tsar will not be in Bulgaria for his birthday on June 16, because he and the Queen have a long-confirmed engagement in Madrid at the same time.
It is His Majesty's wish that the funds for the traditional flowers and gifts he receives each year be used for charity.
The 87th birthday of King Simeon II was celebrated with the traditional fencing tournament for young talents “Valor and Nobility”.

King Simeon participated in the reception of the Embassy of the Order of Malta.
King Simeon II attended the reception on the occasion of the inauguration of the Chinese Ambassador Mrs. Dai Qinli.
King Simeon II met His Holiness the Bulgarian Patriarch and Metropolitan Daniil of Sofia.
King Simeon greeted Ambassador Joel Meyer and his wife on the occasion of the National Day of the French Republic.
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