King Ramiro I of Asturias and Wives (Urraca and Paterna)

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Jan 9, 2013
Ramiro I (c. 790 – 1 February 850) was king of Asturias (modern-day Spain) from 842 until his death in 850. Son of King Bermudo I, he became king following a succession struggle after his predecessor, Alfonso II, died without children. During his turbulent reign, he fended off attacks from both Vikings and Moors. Architecturally, his recreational palace Santa María del Naranco and other buildings used the ramirense style that prefigured Romanesque architecture.

He was a contemporary of Abd ar-Rahman II, Umayyad Emir of Córdoba.

Ramiro I, King of Asturias:
Reign: 842–850
Predecessor: Alfonso II
Successor: Ordoño I
Born: c. 790, Oviedo
Died: 1 February 850, Oviedo
Burial: Cathedral of San Salvador, Oviedo
Consort: Urraca and Paterna
Issue: Ordoño I
Dynasty: Astur-Leonese dynasty
Father: Bermudo I of Asturias
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Ramiro I de Asturias | Real Academia de la Historia

18th-century Statue in the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Queen Paterna:
Paterna | Real Academia de la Historia
Queen Urraca of Asturias was the daughter of Diego of Castile (768-800) and Paterna of Castile (772-825).
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