King Ordoño I of Asturias and Queen Nuña

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Imperial Majesty
Jan 9, 2013
Ordoño I (c. 821 – 27 May 866) was King of Asturias from 850 until his death.

He was born in Oviedo, where he spent his early life in the court of Alfonso II. He was probably associated with the crown from an early age. He was probably raised in Lugo, capital of the province of Galicia, of which his father, Ramiro, had been named governor. There he was educated, including in the military arts.

Ordoño married Muniadona. He had six children, including his successor, Alfonso III.

Ordoño died in Oviedo and was succeeded by his eldest son.

Ordoño I King of Asturias:
Reign: 850–866
Predecessor: Ramiro I
Successor: Alfonso III
Born: c. 821, Oviedo
Died: 27 May 866. Oviedo
Burial: Cathedral of San Salvador, Oviedo
Consort: Muniadona or Nuña
Issue: Alfonso III of Asturias
Dynasty: Astur-Leonese dynasty
Father: Ramiro I of Asturias
Religion: Roman Catholicismño_I_of_Asturias

Ordoño I | Real Academia de la Historia
From his marriage to Nuña, from whom his family origins are unknown, at least six children were born:
  • Alfonso III of Asturias (c. 848-910).
  • Bermudo Ordóñez
  • Nuño Ordóñez
  • Fruela Ordóñez
  • Odoario Ordóñez
  • Leodegundia Ordóñez
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