King Mohammed VI Current Events 2: December 2007-May 2011

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U.S. praises Morocco's 'comprehensive counter- terrorism approach',
....The report notes that Mohammed VI "has promoted significant efforts to reduce extremism and dissuade individuals from becoming radicalized."...

Kaine’s Trip to Morocco Adds Strength to an Old Alliance
...Morocco's transformation under King Mohamed VI is visible and undeniable. It is visible in the massive construction projects that populate the country from Tangier in the North to Dakhla in the South. It is visible in the vast infrastructure and capital investment projects that the country has accomplished in the past few years: a world-class interstate system linking all of the country, a state-of-the-art major regional port in the North, TangerMed, and a multi-billion dollar project for a high-speed train system....
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King chairs Council of Ministers in Fez
Fez - King Mohammed VI presided, Wednesday in the Royal Palace of Fez, over a Council of Ministers, which examined and approved a number of draft laws and decrees and international agreements.
In the beginning, King Mohammed VI enquired about the latest developments in the measures taken to prevent H1N1 flu, a press release of the king's office said.
Assuring that no case has been documented in Morocco so far, the Health Minister, Yasmina Baddou, said all the concerned medical bodies and authorities are mobilized, as part of a permanent coordination at local, regional and international levels.....MAP

King Mohammed VI, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan chair signing of $ 1.2 bln agreement....MAP
Fez - King Mohammed VI, along with Prince Moulay Rachid, and Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abou Dhabi, Deputy supreme commander of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Armed Forces, chaired, here Tuesday, the signing ceremony of an agreement to build two additional electric units in Jorf Lasfar station, with a capacity of 350 megawatts each, for a total cost of 10 billion dirhams (1.2 billion dollars).....MAP
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Bravely honoring the truth
Morocco's king bucked a trend in acknowledging the Holocaust's horror.
The leader of an Arab Muslim nation recently made some remarkable statements about the Holocaust - remarkable for their courage and respect for historical truth. In a largely unreported speech at the Royal Palace in Fez, Morocco's King Mohammed VI called the Holocaust "one of the blots, one of the most tragic chapters in modern history." The king added, "Amnesia has no bearing on my perception of the Holocaust, or on that of my people." Article
King's renewal of trust in PM & Gov't. puts new life into their mission
Rabat - The renewal by King Mohammed VI of trust in the Prime Minister and the government has put a new life into their mission, speaker of the House of Representatives, Mustapha Mansouri, and Communication Minister, spokesman for the Government, Khalid Naciri affirmed....MAP

King receives phone call from Palestinian president
Rabat - King Mohammed VI of Morocco, chairman of Al-Quds Committee, received on Sunday a phone call from Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas....MAP
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Arab king calls Holocaust ‘wound to the collective memory of mankind
It’s not every day that leader of a Muslim country stands up and draws attention to the horror of the Holocaust—particularly when it is not simply being compared to Israeli treatment of Palestinians. But King Mohammed VI of Morocco said in March at the launch of a Muslim-Jewish dialogue in Fez that:
“We perceive [Yom HaShoah] as a wound to the collective memory, which we know is engraved in one of the most painful chapters in the collective history of mankind. … In its depth as much as in its tragic specificity, this duty of remembrance strongly imposes ethical, moral and political standards which will, tomorrow, be the true guarantors of peace.“
This speech was picked up by Warren L. Miller, chairman of the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, in an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer....Link
Can Morocco Save the Middle East?
King Mohammed VI, at only 46, represents the kind of moderate and progressive world views on which Obama and the Western world should capitalize and promote as a formidable and open-minded new brand of Islam. Under Mohammed VI, Morocco has become increasingly more democratic. It is a safe haven for religious freedom, the likes of which most Arab countries have never seen. In 2000 he was awarded an honorary degree by George Washington University for his promotion of democracy in Morocco.....
King Congratulates Future Movement leader, Saad Hariri on elections
Rabat - King Mohammed VI congratulated Future Movement bloc leader, Saad Hariri on winning the parliamentary elections held on June 7.
During a phone call, on Thursday, with the Lebanese political leader, the sovereign hailed the climate in which the elections took place in full participation of all the components of the country to take up the democratic challenge toward stability, freedom and progress of Lebanon....MAP
Morocco elections to mark another step for women
....The 12 percent quota was imposed with little fanfare or opposition -- unlike some earlier measures promoted by King Mohammed VI to end inequities towards women in this constitutional monarchy.
A moderniser who took over in 1999, the king has encouraged social and economic reforms while distancing Morocco -- a NATO ally with aspirations to join the European Union -- from human rights abuses associated with the reign of his late father, Hassan II...
King appoints new CDG Director General
Rabat - King Mohammed VI appointed, on Saturday, Anas Alami as the new Director General of Morocco's state fund (CDG, Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion), the king's office announced in a statement....MAP
Rabat - King Mohammed VI received, Monday in Rabat, the Chief Executive Officer of the Renault Group, Carlos Ghosn.

King launches Tangier-Med II port works
Tangier - King Mohammed VI launched, Wednesday, the works to build the Tangier-Med II port, an expansion of the Tangier-Med port complex and inaugurated the new 393-Mn US dollar rail linking the Tangier-Med port to the national railway network.
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King Of Rock
Most royals may have to be a bit thriftier this year as fortunes plummet, but it's not so for the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, whose 12 palaces reportedly cost $1 million a day to operate. His net worth is up $1 billion this year to $2.5 billion, making him the only one of the world's 15 richest royals to have added to his....Link

Moroccan king opens huge port project
TANGIERS - Morocco's King Mohammed VI on Wednesday attended a ceremony to mark the start of a project to create one of the biggest ports in Africa and the Mediterranean.
The 825-million-euro (9.25 billion dirhams) Tangier Med 2 port, in the north of the country, has financial support from a host of countries, including France and Italy....Link

A Muslim Nation's Successful Election
...The meticulously planned and executed election marked an important step in King Mohammed VI's reform plans to decentralize governance and empower local communities. With 6% economic growth, large investment in education and development, $21.11 billion in foreign debt and $27.29 billion in reserve, Morocco has weathered the global economic storm better than most. In introducing a new form of governance, the king's reforms are designed to increase the participation of all citizens in political and economic systems....Link

Moroccoís Move to Democracy Serves as Example But Also Offers Lessons About Pitfalls of Change
...Hassan died in 1999 and his son, Mohammed VI, assumed the throne, proving in the next few years to be one of the most progressive monarchs in the Middle East and North Africa. In one of his first speeches as king, Mohammed laid out strengthening democracy and improving gender equality and human rights as priorities for his reign....Link
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King calls for mobilisation to develop tourist industry
Saidia - King Mohammed VI called, on Friday, for all-out moblisation to develop Morocco's tourist industry, "which holds great promise in terms of job opportunities for our youth."
"I urge the government, local authorities and professionals to remain mobilized and work in a concerted way in order to develop our tourist industry which has priority status in our economic policy," the king said in a message to the participants in the ninth National Tourism Forum, held in the Mediterranean town of Saïdia.

King inaugurates "Lalla Khadija Mosque" in Oujda

Oujda - King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Prince Moulay Rachid, on Friday inaugurated the "Lalla Khadija Mosque" in the eastern city of Oujda.

Morocco launches $1.5bln Mediterrania Saidia resort
Saidia - A grandiose seaside resort worth 12 billion dirhams (1.5 billion dollars) was launched on Friday in Morocco's Mediterranean coast, part of the country's Azur plan to boost tourism.
The resort, inaugurated by king Mohammed VI, covers 696 hectares. It will ultimately have a capacity of 30,000 beds, and generate 8,000 direct jobs and 40,000 indirect ones by 2013.

King inaugurates second phase of 'Marina Saidia'
Saidia - King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Prince Moulay Rachid and Prince Moulay Ismail, inaugurated the second phase of "Marina Saidia", the third largest marina in the Mediterranean.
King enquires about development projects east of Morocco
Oujda - King Mohammed VI enquired, Monday in the eastern city of Oujda, about the 2006-2009 rehabilitation and development program, which provides for carrying out 175 project, worth some 3.78 billion dirhams. (1 Moroccan dirham = 0.12 U.S. dollars)
A total of 128 projects were carried out in 2006-2008 under the city upgrade program, for a global investment of 2.48 billion dirhams. These projects cover urban development (52 projects), basic infrastructure (13), as well as cultural, sports and environment infrastructure....MAP

Construction works of second phase of 'Riyad Isly' program launched east
Oujda (east of Morocco) - King Mohammed VI launched, here Monday, the second phase of the 'Riyad Isly' housing program, worth 168 million dirhams (20.6 million dollars).
This program is meant to promote middle-class housing and diversify the accommodation offer to fight unhealthy housing. Some 189 low-cost villas will be built, part of this phase, on a 21-ha site, under the supervision of Morocco's Al-Omrane Holding....MAP
Inside the Revolution by Joel C. Rosenberg
The second section of the book is Reformers. This section is devoted to prominent Muslim leaders who are seeking to reform their national governments into a Muslim version of Jeffersonian democracy. The Reformer section includes several profiles of national leaders such as Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai, Iraq’s Nouri Al-Maliki and Jalal Talibani, Morrocan King Mohammed VI, and the late Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan. Many interviews are included as well.
Rosenberg also discusses the differences in theology of the Reformers from that of the Radicals. Many of the Koranic passages used by the Radicals are interpreted as figurative or out of context by the Reformers.
Rosenberg also points to some areas where the Reformers are making headway against the Radicals. Morocco is probably the best example. King Mohammed VI has taken strong steps to prevent the growth of radical Islam in his country. He does this by making sure that mosques and madrassas are teaching the peaceful version of Islam rather than inciting violence, empowering women, fighting poverty, and reaching out to both east and west. He also reaches out to Christians and members of Morocco’s Jewish community.....Article
King chairs signing ceremony of Oujda Technopolis project
Oujda, east of Morocco - King Mohammed VI chaired, on Tuesday, the signing ceremony of the Oujda technopolis agreement.
The 600-million dirham (74.5 million dollars) project is expected to draw investments amounting to 5 billion dirhams (624 million dollars).

Morocco to upgrade eastern city
Oujda - A 441-million Dirham (54.7 million dollars) partnership agreement was signed Wednesday to upgrade several neighborhoods in the outskirts of Morocco's eastern city of Oujda.
In accordance with the agreement, signed under the chairmanship of King Mohammed VI, 22 under-equipped neighborhoods will be overhauled, benefiting a total of 6,249 households.

King inaugurates socio-cultural complex, enquires about INDH action program in Oujda
Oujda - King Mohammed VI on Wednesday inaugurated a socio-cultural complex and enquired about the 2005-2009 INDH action program in the eastern city of Oujda.
Built on 5-ha area, the 995,000 dollar "Annasr" socio-cultural complex has a capacity of 500 people and offers activities for women and youth. It is part of the efforts to fight social exclusion in urban areas.
The sovereign was also briefed on the "Annasr" center for disabled children. The 620,000 dollar center is built on 5,000 square meters and offers various services.

King inaugurates wholesale fish market east of Morocco
Oujda, east of Morocco - King Mohammed VI inaugurated, Wednesday in Village toba in Oujda, a 51.2 million dirham (about 6.3 million dollars) wholesale fish market.
The facility, spanning over 1.14 hectares, includes a sales area, a cold storage room, social dependencies and offices as well as a parking lot. An ice production unit will also be set up by private operators.
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Morocco to bring Islamic imams up to date
RABAT (AFP) — Morocco's Islamic affairs ministry on Thursday launched a nationwide programme to train Muslim imams, or community leaders, as part of a reform campaign announced by King Mohammed VI in 2008.
"Imams are an essential part of the reform of the religious sphere," Minister of Islamic Affairs Ahmed Tawfiq told a news conference. "They are responsible for taking care of believers and work in the towns and in the remote countryside...Link
King inaugurates female student house east
Isly (east) - King Mohammed VI inaugurated on Friday a female student house (Dar Attaliba) in the rural commune of Isly in the eastern city of Oujda for a sum amounting to 1.5 million dirhams (186,000 dollars).

King enquires about infrastructure projects east
Sidi Moussa rural commune (east) - King Mohammed VI enquired, here Friday, about development programs in the eastern Oriental region.
The Sovereign enquired about the second national rural roads program (PNRR2) in the prefecture of Oujda-Angad as well as in the province of Berkane, the National Program for Rural Water Supply (PAGER) and the Global Rural Electrification Program (PERG).

Friday prayers:
King inaugurates socio-cultural complex east
Oujda - King Mohammed VI inaugurated, on Monday in the easten city of Oujda, a social, cultural and sports complex, worth 16.5 million dirhams (over 2 million dollars).
The complex includes a 5,000-sqm social services center (8 million dirhams), a center dedicated to disabled children (5 million dirhams) and a vocational training center, worth 3.5 million dirhams....MAP

King lays foundation stone of psychiatric hospital, inaugurates orthopedic center east
Oujda - King Mohammed VI laid, Monday in Oujda, the foundation stone of a psychiatric hospital and inaugurated an orthopedic and physiotherapy center, worth 32 million dirhams (1 dollar = 7.9 dirhams).
Spanning over 6,953 square meters, the regional psychiatric hospital will be built in two phases at a global cost of 24 million dirhams....MAP
:previous: actually he did met them when he was in holiday last month in Paris:flowers:

King inquires about development projects in Saidia
Saidia - King Mohammed VI inquired, Tuesday in the eastern city of Saidia, about the 2007-2009 rehabilitation and development program, worth some 393 million dirhams ( 49 million dollars) and launched several social projects.

King lays foundation stone of local hospital east
Saidia, East of Morocco - King Mohammed VI laid, Tuesday in Saidia, the foundation stone of a local hospital, worth 60.57 million dirhams (1 dollar = 7.9 dirhams)
In Morocco, an Alternative to Iran
...Welcome to the kingdom of Morocco, a place which, in the light of the past two week's events in Iran, merits a few minutes of reflection. Unlike Turkey, Morocco is not a secular state: The king claims direct descent from the prophet Mohammed. Nor does Morocco aspire to be European: Though French is still the language of business and higher education, the country is linguistically and culturally part of the Arabic-speaking world. But unlike most of its Arab neighbors, the country has over the past decade undergone a slow but profound transformation from traditional monarchy to constitutional monarchy, acquiring along the way real political parties, a relatively free press, new political leaders...Link

King inaugurates train stations, new rail line east
Nador (north-east) - King Mohammed VI inaugurated on Wednesday two new train stations in the Mediterranean city of Nador, and a new rail line linking the city to Taourirt, southward...MAP
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Morocco cushioned fallouts of global crunch, C. bank
Nador - Governor of Bank Al Maghrib, Morocco's Central Bank, Abdellatif Jouahri said on Thursday the north African country managed to weather the effects of the global financial crisis in 2008, while maintaining the national and international balance.
Jouahri's remarks were given in an address while presenting the bank's annual report on the economic, monetary and financial situation for 2008 to king Mohammed VI in the northeastern town of Nador.

King chairs working session on planning port development
Nador, northeast - A working session on the planning of Morocco's port development and the maritime space of the Nador region was held Tuesday in the Mediterranean city under the chairmanship of King Mohammed VI.
During the meeting, the king enquired about the first results of the national port master plan (PDNP) intended to guarantee balance in national port development, while exploiting the country's geographic and strategic location.

King appoints director of investment promotion agency
Nador, Northeast - King Mohammed VI, on Thursday, appointed Fathallah Sijilmassi, former ambassador to France, as Director of the Moroccan investment promotion agency (AMDI).
Sijilmassi, 43, holds a PhD in political sciences, and had served as ambassador to the European Community from 2003 to 2004, before working as ambassador in Paris till his appointment.

King receives Palestinian ambassador at end of mission

Morocco to upgrade five new cities in northeast
Farkhana, northeast - King Mohammed VI chaired, on Friday, the signing ceremony of five cooperation agreements, worth 850 million dirhams (about $105.8 Mln), to upgrade five cities in the northeastern province of Nador.
The agreements, which cover the period 2009-2012, define the provisions and the funds allocated to the urban upgrade program of the cities of Zaio, Driouch, Midar, Ben Tayeb and Farkhana.
is that Lalla Salma father next to King's cousin?

Obama says Morocco can be 'leader' in solving Arab-Israeli conflict
Rabat - U.S. President Barrack Obama voiced hope Morocco can play a leading role in bringing Arabs and Israelis together in order to solve the conflict in the Mid-East.
"I hope Morocco will be a leader in bridging gaps between Israel and the Arab world," said Obama in a message sent to king Mohammed VI.
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is that Lalla Salma father next to King's cousin?
no he is not Lalla salma father,Mr Bennani don't attend that kind of event with the the king.

King condoles Algerian president on death of mother...MAP

King to pay expenses of transfer, burial of Moroccan victims of Italy accident
Rabat - King Mohammed VI decided to pay expenses of bringing back home and burying the remains of the seven Moroccan nationals who died in an accident in Italy....MAP

Morocco renews resolve to work with USA to establish peace, stability in world
Nador, northeast - King Mohammed VI of Morocco reiterated the kingdom's keen desire to work with the United States towards establishing peace, security and stability in the world....MAP
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