King Mohammed VI Current Events 1: September 2003 - December 2007

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French President Jacques Chirac (R) welcomes King Mohamed VI of Morocco (L) prior to a meeting, 13 December 2005 at the Elysee Palace in Paris

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  1. King met Minister of France
  2. King with George Bush (Senior)
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Polfoto 06-01-2006 In this photo provided by the Royal Palace, Morocco's King Mohammed VI, addresses the nation on Friday, Jan. 6, 2006, to mark the end of the works of the The Equity and Reconciliation Commission, set up early 2004 to probe and seek out-of-court settlement of past human rights violations in Morocco, at the King Palace in Rabat. The monarch said on behalf of the youth: "Enough selfishness; enough isolation and waste of valuable opportunities; enough squandering of resources and energies in false struggles.".


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King appoints several new ambassadors

Rabat, Jan. 10- King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Prince Moulay Rachid, received here Tuesday several newly appointed ambassadors to whom he handed their credentials.

Id Al Adha, opportunity to remind Moslems of their solidarity religious duty

Rabat, Jan. 10 - Id Al Adha is the opportunity to remind Moslems of their religious duty to be in solidarity and to uphold fraternity, tolerance and moderation values, while rejecting extremism, ostracism and terrorism, said King Mohammed VI in a congratulation message sent on this occasion to heads of States of Moslem countries.

King, commander of the faithful, performs Id Al Adha prayer

Rabat, Jan 11 - King Mohammed VI, Amir Al-Muminine (commander of the faithful), accompanied by prince Moulay Rachid and prince Moulay Ismail, performed on Wednesday morning in Ahl Fes Mosque of Rabat, the prayer marking Id Al Adha, celebrating the Moslem feast of the ram sacrifice.
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King Mohammed VI is pictured during a Friday prayer 20 January 2006 at Mohamed V mosque in Tangier

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1 - US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (L) is welcomed by Morocco's king Mohammed VI (R) at the royal palace in Ifrane, 13 February 2006. Rumsfeld meet king Mohammed VI at the close of a three-day tour of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. AFP PHOTO / STR

2 - British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw (L) is welcomed by Morocco's king Mohammed VI (R) at the royal palace in Ifrane, 13 February 2006. Straw's was the first official visit by a serving foreign secretary to the country in 23 years, the Foreign Office said. AFP PHOTO / STR


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1.- Image from getty

2.- King Mohammed VI of Morocco (R) talks with Chakib Benmoussa (L) 15 February 2006 after naming him as Interior Minister, replacing Moustaph sahel in Ifrane

3.- King Mohammed VI of Morocco (R) talks with Driss Benhima (L) , former director of the northern provinces development agency, 15 February 2006 after naming him as President of Royal Air Maroc (RAM) replacing Mohammed Berrada in Ifrane.

4.- King Mohammed VI, right, welcomes Israeli Labor Party leader Amir Peretz prior to a meeting in Fes, Morocco, Friday Feb.17, 2006 in this picture provided by the royal palace


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Moroccan King Mohammed VI (L) is welcomed by Gambian President Yahya Jammehlors (R) at his arrival at Yundum's airport, 19 February 2006 in Banjul

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  1. President Denis Sassou Nguesso (R) and chairman of the African Union (AU) greets King Mohammed VI of Morocco before convening at a dinner in Brazzavile, 22 February 2006. AFP/PHOTO/STR
  2. Morocco's King Mohammed VI (L) and Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou-Nguesso attend an opening ceremony for a medical facility set up by Morocco in Brazzaville, February 23, 2006. Morocco's King is on a three-day visit to Brazzaville and will travel next to neighbouring Republic of Congo. REUTERS via yahoo/Jiro Ose


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1. Brazzaville, CONGO: Moroccain King Mohammed VI vacinates a young Congolese child 23 February 2006 at a county hospital construcuted by the Royal Armed Forces of Morocco with-in the framework of the "sud-sud" cooperation initiative. At least 20,000 children will be imunised against polio and measles

2-4. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo: Moroccan King Mohammed VI (L) stands next to Democratic Republic President of Congo 'President Joseph Kabila shortly after his arrival, 27 February 2006, in Kinshasa, as part of his four-nation tour in western and central Africa

5.Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo: Morocco King Mohammed VI (L) shakes hands 28 February 2006 with the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Joseph Kabila during their meeting in Kinshasa

6. Agadir, MOROCCO: Moroccan King Mohammed VI (L) visits Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz at his residence in Agadir 04 March 2006

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The Sahara. - Mohamed VI arrives at the Aaiún without previous warning to give beginning to its visit to the Sahara

The king of Morocco, Mohamed VI, today arrived Monday at the administrative capital from the Sahara, the Aaiún, without previous warning on the part of the alauí Real Palace to give beginning at which third official visit to the old Spanish colony is his since it arrived at the throne in 1999, according to informed official agency MAP.
The monarch arrived at the airport Hassan I from the Aaiún and reviewed to a detachment of the Moroccan Real Guard, after which he was saluted by the minister of the Interior, Chakib Benmussa, the walí or governor of the region, Charki Drais, and the walí before the Department of the Interior, Mulay Mamoum Boufares.
Morocco's King Mohammed VI, right, greets residents in Laayoune, Western Sahara, 1,200 kilometers south of the Moroccan city of Rabat, Monday March 20, 2006. Morocco's King Mohammed VI launched a five-day trip to Western Sahara on Monday, as Moroccan diplomats worked on a plan that would offer the disputed territory some autonomy. It was his fourth visit to Western Sahara, and the first since 2002.
Polfoto, ANP
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King arrives in southern city of Laayoune

Laayoune, Mar. 20 - King Mohammed VI arrived on Monday afternoon in the southern city of Laayoune.

King Mohammed VI appointes three ambassadors-at-large

Agadir, Mar.20 - King Mohammed VI appointed, here on Monday, Mrs Assia Ben Saleh Alaoui, Mr. Hassan Abouyoub and Mr. Serge Berdugo as ambassadors-at-large to contribute in promoting Morocco's image abroad.
Source : map
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The king of Morocco advances his visit to the Sahara and arrives without previous warning at A the Aaíun

The king had predicted to arrive at this administrative capital from the Western Sahara the last week, but the visit was postponed for today Tuesday and before the surprise worldwide Monday was carried out yesterday. Some observers in the Sahara explain this change of agenda to avoid possible supporting protests of saharauis of the Polisario Front, although the police and military presence in the streets is very remarkable and makes any protest impossible.


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Morocco's King Mohammed VI waves to the crowd 21 March 2006 after embarking yesterday on a five-day visit to the Western Sahara, his third trip to the contested desert region claimed by rebels as a separatist state. The United Nations has sought to settle the dispute over Western Sahara, a resource-rich former Spanish colony on Africa's northwestern coast, which was annexed by Morocco in 1976. Rabat's claim is contested by the Polisario Front, an Algerian-backed independence movement.

King Mohammed VI gives a speech 25 March 2006 in the city of El Ayoun, the capital of western Sahara. The king said he had asked a will consult the Consultative Council for Saharan Affairs on a plan to give the territory greater autonomy, which it is to be submitted to the United Nations soon. Rabat, which annexed the largely desert but phosphate-rich territory after colonial rulers Spain pulled out in 1975, is proposing wider autonomy but rejects UN demands for self-determination by a referendum.

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Dubai Holding chairman Mohamed Al Guerguawi (L) shakes hands with Morocco's King Mohammed VI prior signing eight investment agreements for 7,5 billion-euro 29 March 2006, in Casablanca. Dubai Holding and Emirates real estate company Emaar will be in charge of developping touristic projects in Rabat, Marrakech, Casablanca an Tangiers in the next ten yea

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Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas (L) arrives with King Mohammed VI of Morocco (R) at the Casablanca presidential palace, 12 April 2006 before meeting for talks at the start of a two-day visit.

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It is the king a warm person?he looks very cold man sometimes:cool:
No Florecita he is said to be a very warm person. I believe he is. It's just the pictures that don't let you see that.
King Mohamed VI grants to an amnesty to all the political prisoners saharauis

King Mohamed VI of Morocco has granted today to an amnesty to all the political prisoners sahauris, who will be set free today same, informed to Europe Press Moroccan official sources.
According to these sources, the alauí king has responded thus positively to a request conducted by the self-proclaimed Arab Republic Democratic Saharaui (RASD). In particular, I pardon affects 48 prisoners, among them to the well-known activist saharaui Ali Salem Tamek.
King receives Mauritanian premier

Meknès, Apr. 26 - King Mohammed VI received, here Wednesday, visiting Mauritanian Prime Minister, Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubakeur.

SIAGRIM contest: King hands trophies to winners

Meknès, Apr. 26 - King Mohammed VI handed, on Wednesday, trophies and certificates to winners of contests organized part of the first international Agriculture fair in Morocco (SIAGRIM), held in the central city of Meknès.

Meknès: King dedicates food control body

Meknès, Apr. 27 - King Mohammed VI kicked off on Thursday the construction, in the north-central town of Meknès, of the regional offshoot of the Autonomous Establishment for Food Exports Control and Coordination (EACCE) and its laboratory.
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King Mohammed VI (R) and Prince Naouaf Ben Faycal Ben Fahd Ibn Abdelaziz Al Saoud, vice president of the Arab League of Football and tyhe Arab League of Sports, exchange ceremonial gifts at their meeting 04 May 2006 in Casablanca.

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fanletizia said:
King Mohammed VI (R) and Prince Naouaf Ben Faycal Ben Fahd Ibn Abdelaziz Al Saoud, vice president of the Arab League of Football and tyhe Arab League of Sports, exchange ceremonial gifts at their meeting 04 May 2006 in Casablanca.

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The meeting between His majesty mohamed VI and the saudi arabian prince actually was in Ifran not casa and on friday 5th of Mai :)
Thanks for the pic..its cool

lots of luv
Egyptian president to pay official visit to Morocco

Rabat, May 06 - Egyptian president Mohamed Hosni Moubarak and his spouse are expected in Morocco for an official visit on May 11 through 13 within the framework of the 6th Moroccan-Egyptian high joint commission.

Morocco commemorates death of late Hassan II

Rabat, May 8 - The Moroccan people commemorated on Sunday the 7th anniversary of the death of late king Hassan II.

On this occasion, King Mohammed VI, accompanied by his younger brother, Prince Moulay Rachid...

King's address at 1st session of Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology

Agadir, May 18 - King Mohammed VI addressed a message, here Thursday, to the first session of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology.

King launches social projects in Agadir

Agadir, May 24 - King Mohammed VI launched on Wednesday in Agadir (600km south of Rabat) two social projects, part of the National Initiative for Human development.

King Mohammed VI condoles Indonesian president on quake victims
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Rabat, June 7 - King Mohammed VI dedicated here Wednesday a center for integrated circuits of the STMicroelectronics world group, which specializes in the fabrication of semiconductors.

King Mohammed VI, accompanied by his younger brother Prince Moulay Rachid, launched, here Monday, the TV-assisted program for preaching, orientation and training in mosques in the presence of 600 imams representing the kingdom's regions and provinces.

HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, accompanied by HRH Prince Moulay Rachid, launched, on Monday in the mosque “Ahl Fes of Mechouar Assaid” in Rabat, the TV-assisted programme for preaching, orientation and training in the mosques, in the presence of 600 Imams representing all Kingdom's regions and provinces. On this occasion, the King was briefed on the programme, which cost an estimated MAD 11 million. It is initiated by the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs and the Mohammed VI TV of the Qu'ran.

King Mohammed VI Started on Monday a few day visit to the eastern town of Oujda

king chairs signing ceremony of oujda upgrading program:
Oujda, June 26 - King Mohammed VI presided, here on Monday, over the signing ceremony of the program convention on the upgrading of the eastern town of Oujda that is to cost MAD 1.27Bn, about USD 141Mn.

king launches liquid sanitation program in eastern morocco :
Oujda, June 27 - King Mohammed VI launched on Tuesday a liquid sanitation program and was briefed on several environmental projects in Oujda (541km east of Rabat), worth USD 60Mn.
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