King Mauregato of Asturias and Queen Creusa

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Imperial Majesty
Jan 9, 2013
Mauregato the Usurper (Spanish: Mauregato) was the king of Asturias from 783 to 788 or 789. He was an illegitimate son of Alfonso I, supposedly by a Moorish serf. He usurped the throne on the death of Silo, his brother-in-law (the husband of his half sister Adosinda). The nobility had elected Alfonso II at Adosinda's insistence, but Mauregato assembled a large army of supporters and forced Alfonso into Álava.

Title: King of Asturias
Reign: 783-789
Coronation: 783
Predecessor: Silo
Successor: Bermudo I
Born: Asturias
Died: 789
Pravia, Asturias
Burial: Church of San Juan Apóstol y Evangelista, Santianes de Pravia
Consort: Creusa
Issue: Hermenegildo
Dynasty: Astur-Leonese dynasty
Father: Alfonso I of Asturias
Mother: Sisalda
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Mauregato | Real Academia de la Historia
Creusa (died 789) was a queen consort of Asturias for her marriage to King Mauregato of Asturias, illegitimate son of King Alfonso I of Asturias.
Queen Creusa was buried in the church of San Pedro de Trubia (present-day Saint Peter of Nora), according to a document dated October 30, 863, mentioning that Mauregato's wife, and Hermenegildo's mother, had been buried in that church.
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